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Overall, this is a fun TD to play, with the exception of units that are impossible to kill. For example, I had a TD Overlord with the following:

  • 18,274 HP total
  • +50% HP
  • -50% Damage Reduction
  • +5% HP/second
  • -75% Damage Reduction
  • Retribution Aura
  • Aura of Corruption

One can assume that the 75% reduction would overwrite the 50%, so this creep should receive a total of 35% of all incoming damage. However it manages to regenerate 913.7 HP/second, assuming that it bases its regeneration value off of its total health rather its base. Just passing it along to the map developer.
Stuck on wave 37. Bug? Hes health and shields aren't even going down. He is stuck due to stuns and my towers are doing over 500 dmg plus like 10 times a second. WTH?
I have updated Rage TD on all servers.
So is there going to be an update soon? Also if you dont mind gump, i'd like to take it and add some of my own features and stuff.
guys you want to win just get an early 400% buy one!!!! spread your towers for first few waves.. photon 2 or 3 particles and an slicer to take care of fast helions. once you get a couple of items and do you math right you can afford a 400 speed at around $720 this is if your luck is really bad, with items and selling all redundant towers then buy a focus beam and put tranfer the 400speed to it this takes care of everything up to seekers where you buy a lighting and put speed 400 on that!!!! btw if you do it right and keep selling items buy another speed 400 or a scope 20 and then add a death ray. stuns and fungles for late game are ok as long as you have 1` photon (400speed,scope 20) 1 focusbeam (400speed,scope 20) and a lightning tower (400speed,scope 20) hint place towers with good positioning somewhere central, and wait for the money to pile up!!!! btw this is strat for easy mode.... does not work for medium.
I'm interested in continuing this map, fixing some items, add etc. I'm trying to find an unlocked version. If KorvinGump or Rage(ZA) are around, can I get the map ?
how do you sell items ? i cant place them in sop to sell. The only map that the sell function works is rage td zero
12/03/2015 09:30 AMPosted by CyberPeach
how do you sell items ? i cant place them in sop to sell. The only map that the sell function works is rage td zero

How do u sell/salvage in Rage TD Zero ? I can't seem to find it anywhere
Could use some help . Playing Rage TD Zero. My builder seems to be stuck ay level 0 for last couple of games w/o any level movement. means I am missing out on the builder buffs.

Battlenet is up to date, shut down pc, restarted, no effect.

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