The Aftermath

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The Second Great War has ended with the defeat of Sarah Kerrigan, the infamous Queen of Blades, once the Xel'naga artifact discharged its primal energies. Although subjugating Char will be a long and hard campaign, without the leadership of Infested Kerrigan, the Terran Dominion believed that the fighting in Char will get easier since the Zergs are nothing but feral animals without an entity controlling them.

In the first five hours after defeating Kerrigan, the Zergs rampaged as expected, attacking any living organisms that moved. Fighting them became much more predictable and easier. Morale rose in the ranks. That changed shortly. Command has picked up images of queens far larger than any seen so far emerging out hiding and gaining control of feral Zerg broods. Under control of these “Broodmothers,” the Zergs have become much more fierce and coordinated in their attacks as they try to drive out the invaders. The battle on the surface for Char will rage on...

Meanwhile, cloaked Protoss probes in space continue to feed images back to Shakuras. The probes have recorded the brilliant flash of light on the primary hive cluster. The Protoss leadership bicker on what action they should take. The Khalai and Nerazim have unified under the Daelaam, but tensions and ancient grudges still exist between the two society. Can such grievances be put away for the greater good?
Environmental hazards will be plentiful. If the fighting doesn't kill you or seriously maim you, then you can bet that Char's harsh, unpredictable, volatile environment will have something to say to that. These will be random and used whenever I feel like it. A winning battle can quickly turn into a hellish scenario.

Time: As Char gets farther from the sun, temporary islands will form and they will be rich in resources. As Char gets closer, a molten plain forms. They will occur slightly randomly and in accordance with the day/night cycle.

A day and night cycle will also be used. It will be 16 hours of light and 8 hours of night which is 24 hours.
The Battlefield: Fighting will take place in a region of Char called Volcanis, subdivided by the following areas:

The Burning Fields:
*The Burning Fields is a raging inferno. The temperature rises and falls as lava surges from the cracks and covers the surface intermittently. An active volcano nearby occasionally spews lava and smothering ash and it is an awesome sight when it does erupt. There is a bed of rich minerals cutting through the fields when the lava subsides, leading to the Grim Mountains.
---Valerian Forward Base
Forward Command Base Valerian is set atop a hill, giving the base quite a defender's advantage and protection from the surging lava. It is the base of operations for the Terran Dominion in the Volcanis Campaign. The base is heavily fortified and only a powerful zerg force will break the base. A series of generators provide power to the base and generates an artificial bio-dome, protecting the inhabitants from the harsh conditions of Char.

The Grim Mountains:
*The Grim Mountains is a series of twisting, mountainous landscape leading to the Valley of Death, the Rancid Marshes and the Killing Fields. It is heavily contested between the Zerg and Dominion. While outposts of various sizes are established in the area, none are as important as Ohena, Vector and Near. The three of forward bases are fortified well.
---Forward Outpost Ohena
Ohena guards entrance to the road to the Valley of Death.
---Forward Outpost Near
Near guards the entrance to the road to the Killing Fields.
---Forward Outpost Vector
Vector guards the entrance to the Rancid Marshes
---Underground Expansions
The mountains have caves and opening where the Zerg run uncontested. There is an underground system in the mountains but the size of the system is unknown.

Death Valley
*Death Valley is a hanging valley that is also home to a underground complex. It is also a site of Spore Cannons. Debris shot down from space litter the valley.

Rancid Marshes
*The Rancid Marshes is a landform that is suited ideally for the Zergs. It is a breeding ground and relatively safe from tectonic activity.

The Killing Fields
*The Killing Fields is infamous for having a 90% casualty rate for all Dominion operation in the area. Any attempt to control the area has resulted in failure. Specialist strains are found in high concentration in this area along with more advanced strains. The Killing Fields is between the Rancid Marshes and Death Valley.
The Hierarchy:
For the Protoss faction to unlock, you will need a vote of 4 in favor of war. Anyone can and ONLY RP as the following Protoss leaders below. If they choose to go to war, make your character. There are ways to still RP as Protoss IF the council abstains from acting.

Artanis Akilae Tribe
Nahaan Ara Tribe
Urun Auriga Tribe
Tabrenus Furinax Tribe
Mohandar Nerazim
Zekrath Shelak Tribe
Standard posting applies. You will choose to be Zerg, Terran, or Protoss. The terran and Zergs can start anywhere listed above. Protoss is locked in the beginning.

DEATH IS POSSIBLE! YOU ARE IN CHAR. I WILL KILL YOU NO EXCEPTIONS. I will post beforehand if there is a possibility of dying.
Reseved for Characters
Reserved for Summary of Part One, updates every page...

Begin posting your information, Protoss faction will be removed if there aren't enough people by friday.

Good lord, the premise of this RP has so much more potential for a story.
Sounds good. Are feral Zerg a possibility (there are supposed to be a lot on Char now)?

If not:

Halfclaw, Barejaw, and Riptail.
Elite Zerglings.
Main weapon: Razor sharp teeth, held in jaw, unlimited uses.
Side weapon: Razor sharp claws, attached to legs, unlimited uses.
Grenades: Crushing tail, unlimited uses.

I like melee because I don't run out of ammo.

Plus I'll add this:

Hunter Killer
Main weapon: Acid spines. Fires in burst of between 6 and 12, rgenerates them over time.
Side weapon: scythe claws. Yippee!
Grenades: Nope. He's a Hydralisk.

He is pretty smart now and the three zerglings are his minions.

Also, I'd like to clarify that they are in fact Swarmlings, and all hatched from the same egg.
Fenrir- Zerg Hunterling. Can leap up to 65 feet. Large claws. Can burrow.

Balrog and Apsu- Roaches. Move very quickly underground, although shorter acid range than normal.
Interesting and interestinger.
EDIT: Too many Zergs.... I'll just be one of the protoss tribes' diplomats. Burundi to be exact. I want to have some variation with my races, so I hope I can convince them to fight...

I was interested in this...
Reviving this thread. With the influx of new people let's see how this goes.
Name: John Kiastro
Weapon:C-14 Gauss Rifle
Personality: Shy but a good friend
Background: Not much, enlisted at age 20 and is fresh out of the baracks
Rank: Private

Anything else missed?
Put your rank if you are Terran (and Protoss)

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