May 2 – Balance Changes and Feedback

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With the new map "Antiga Shipyard (1.4.3 Balance v2.0)", we’re testing certain balance changes that we intend to push live to the rest of the game in the next week or so. There is no PTR for these balance changes. Instead we’ve decided to modify the balance in this one map, which has been featured on the live service for you to test. This should make it easier to consider the changes, as you don’t have to download and log into a separate PTR client.

When the time comes for us to update the live game with these balance changes, we will be utilizing a different process than we’ve previously used.
  • There will not be a patch distributed for this balance update.
  • There will be a small maintenance window associated with this update, and after the service comes back up, the balance changes will be live throughout the game.
  • The build number on your client loading screen will not increment. The patch level of the game will remain 1.4.3.

You can read more about the specifics of the balance changes in our Call to Action: Balance Testing blog post. Thank you very much for your participation and feedback.

Update May 4, 2012 4:00 p.m. PDT:

After initial testing and feedback, we have decided to revert the change to queen starting energy and make the following modification:
Queen anti-ground weapon attack range increased from 3 to 5.

ok now time to be serious queen energy is a little to much i mean zerg are gonna get map control really easily with out delay on the injects. but overlord speed is fine and so is the overseer
Not bad at all, nice work!
Interesting, the Queen buff might cause problems but we shall see.
Wow! OL speed increase, Queen starting energy increase, Obs build time reduce. Blizz really did it! Definitely this changes are significant. :D
Is it the ladder version of the map? I'm confused...
I'm super excited for the Zerg changes, I feel like it will really help in ZvP vs early rushes since the extra creep is really important but current zerg builds are too tight to make room for tumors early enough. This also might help vs the pylon cannon rush garbage you occasionally see.
Queen buff seems a little strong but we'll see.
What is Antiga going to be like?
Please Change the default game mode to 1v1

When i go to join game it is set to 2v2
Good job to you blizzard showing you actually care about your game and this is how to do it. :D
Queen change is too much. On top of overlord change it is over kill.

how about a scan or senser tower buff if you are buffing scouting for other 2 races??

No one scans early game any-more because it costs so much economy... why be one sided in these patches where terran gets nothing?
I'm a big fan of most of this. Scouting in the early game is rather tricky for Zerg players for sure and the OL speed boost is the least complicated way to fix this! I do feel like the queen energy boost might be a bit much though. As nice as it would be to be able to do a tumor drop and inject as soon as the queen comes out I can't help but feel like we Zerg would be all over the place too quickly. The observer build time fix I feel is really necessary.
I'm illiterate, what does that say?
How can they not see this will give zergs a ridiculous amount of early game creep spread?
These changes are some of the best I've seen. The increase in overlord speed is a must, in my opinion.
The Queen energy is also positive, as it requires a degree of mechanics to utilize. It allows for a more diverse Zerg playstyle in how effectively players choose to utilize that energy.

As it is, Zerg players must invest in additional Queens to even begin creep spread, if they are keeping up on effective injects.
the overlord buff is great for sure since zergs are a bit dim on the scouting early game, but they dont use there drones fast enough to scout like a protoss does to get in the base and see whats happening..

i believe the queen update is way too buff'd as they will gain map control way too quickly, the zerg cant get it that easily like that, cuz then they can inject and throw down a tumor? that makes 4 queen builds so much ineffective then at all like most ppl do now for a faster map control w/ creep

observer speed buff isnt necessary as its already 40 second , which isnt allowing , especially when protosses always chrono their obs out
I like that things are being tried, but as a zerg player I think queens should not start out with over 35 energy. A 14/14 zergling baneling allin will be pretty useless against hatch first when your queens both start with a transfusion ready. It will make faking pressure much harder in zvz with 14/14 vs hatch first.

Maybe make any hatcheries built pop a creep tumor above them upon completion?

ok now time to be serious queen energy is a little to much i mean zerg are gonna get map control really easily with out delay on the injects. but overlord speed is fine and so is the overseer

Thank you for your 'serious' gold league opinion.
Well, I’m glad they are paying attention to Terran’s early game and Protoss’s late game. I think the overlord speed is perfect. It’s just enough to get a decent scout when sacking an overlord. The Queen energy, I think is fine. It gives them a little bit of an edge in the short game (transfuse or creep tumor), but doesn’t do anything in the mid to late game (doesn’t change how fast energy regenerates).

All in all not bad.

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