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Schadenfreude happened.
well it's still fresh in people's minds, ergo it remains a relevant topic for at least the time being.

There's a pretty good youtube video by endersword which summarizes the whole thing neatly.

There are two groups of sponsors: one small, such as razer, and the other group, which is comprised of enormous billion dollar companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Gigabyte, etc.

The "small" sponsors have a better idea of what's going on. They have their finger on the pulse of the gaming industry and kinda know what can be dismissed as trolling, and what needs to be taken seriously.

The big sponsors are a completely different animal. They don't care what goes on. They only care that their product is seen by the largest possible audience, with the fewer amount of dollars spent. They also happen to be the most risk-averse type of sponsors as well. Any amount of bad press, no matter how small, is enough to scare them off of sponsorship, and they'll never ever sponsor again. They don't care about the particulars nor the little details. All they care about, is how they look, to billions of consumers. This is why their commercials are so bland, why they never take any chances, etc.

So when forumgoers email the sponsors in protest of how a particular person is acting, Razer and the smaller companies might genuinely listen, approach the team, and ask them to have the player knock it off, but in a polite, authoritative fashion.

But a big company? They don't want to hear this stuff. They expect that the little people have this stuff simply handled, and figured out - leave them out of it. Because if they have to intervene - they'd rather not even be involved, period. Why not just yank funding entirely, if we gamers couldn't even handle such trivial issues on our own?

This is why there's such an uproar over what's happened with Destiny.
Whether or not Destiny is "actually racist" is moot. He acted out of line. There is a professional standard, and what he did was unprofessional. Simple as that.
05/05/2012 02:23 AMPosted by Synergy
he isn't a racist, and he didn't get dropped from his team he quit his team.

Racist comment = racist. He quit so he didn't have to get dropped by his team. It's like resigning so you can say you quit instead of got fired.

Don't get me wrong,

BM and trash talk is fine. There needs to be a line, though, and hate speech is that line.

Saying something racist doesn't make you a racist. That's like saying, if you said something mean once then you're a mean person. Or nice once, suddenly you're a nice person.

Bottom line, Destiny got a little excited. Said something he didn't mean. Certainly not in the sense that a lot of these retards think he meant it in. Or are trying to play it up like he meant it in.

Huge difference between say a !@# member and Destiny. Reminds me of the white guy who slips up and accidentally says the N word on TV. Clearly he's not a bad person, clearly he's not a racist.

Get off your high horse, step back and let the horse kick the $%^- out of you.
05/05/2012 02:23 AMPosted by Synergy
Racist comment = racist.

Not quite true. Words are just words, nothing more. It's the meaning behind them. I haven't seen what he said, but someone using racial slurs out of frustration or anger is the same as someone swearing out of frustration or anger. There's a difference between that and directing his comments to someone the slurs refer to with the intent to degrade them solely based on their race.
gosh guys, let it go already
Basically people who do not like Destiny saw a opportunity to pounce on him. Why someone with a happy and fullfilling life would want to waste their time tryin to hurt someone they do not even know is beyond me. Obviously these people have some issues and/or lack the social abilities to determine TRUE and REAL racism from some guy talking some !@#$ on the e-net to someone he does not even know about a race he does not give two %^-*s about in a little fit of anger.

People really need to grow up and/or learn how to be socially adept. It is VERY sad to me that so many people REALLY think Destiny is racist for saying some racially negative things, lol. Are you saying you believe EVERY person who has used a racial slur / said someone about someones race (Even straight to their FACE; OH MY GOD CALL THE POLICE!!!) are TRULY racist people, lol?

Then I guess you think about 90% of the world is racist?? If only people were so PERFECT like you little angels! You must sit around all day dishing out compliments and offering to help your neighbors!! I'm SURE none of you are just jealous pricks that didn't like some guys personallity and how he has actually DONE SOMETHING that made him popular!! No sir, you guys are all to nice and pure for that!!

Freaking disgusting. Hypocritical. Immature. Straight up evil, lol. You just wanted to HURT someone you didn't even know... God that is messed up :/ How do you people live with yourselves??? So sad that you think you have done the right thing... well some of you; I'm sure most knew what they were doing but just wanted to dish out some hate.... sad :/

Those who make such a big deal out of one word are just uneducated brats. Political correctness has done its job well, it seems. I will continue to avoid these troglodytes like the plague they are.
05/13/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Demento
Those who make such a big deal out of one word are just uneducated brats. Political correctness has done its job well, it seems. I will continue to avoid these troglodytes like the plague they are.

More privileged than uneducated. They see the world as something which needs them to save it and thrive on meaningless drama (i.e Kony 2012).
05/12/2012 10:17 PMPosted by MetalGear
To many children play this game and they got upset and thought it was worth ending a career

There are very few places where using hate speech in a professional environment -won't- get you instantly canned.

This is how it should be.

Nobody 'ended a career' but the guy who decided to mouth off in an extremely inappropriate manner.
05/12/2012 10:35 PMPosted by TheCashier
Whether or not Destiny is "actually racist" is moot. He acted out of line. There is a professional standard, and what he did was unprofessional. Simple as that.

this. is this the only logical person on this thread right now?

i LOVE destiny's style of play. i like watching his stream. hes a funny guy, and a good player. but if he's gonna be a pro gamer, and represent a pro gaming organization, he can't say racist slurs. period.
The best summary:

People who don't like what Destiny did wrote to sponsors to make sure some substantial action would happen. Some of these people are hypocrits and trolls, trying only to ruin someone because they can. You can't tell one from another when he did in fact use a racial slur. People want him to be held accountable.

People who don't care about what he did cry about how reporting him to sponsors is hurting esports. These people are ignoring the fact that you accept the sponsor's morality and handling of social issue if you want their money. The larger a company is, the more PC it has to be to preserve its image.

If you don't want there to be backlash for bigoted, sexist, homophobic, or racist behavior so you can get money the best way to go about it is to not be bigoted, sexist, homophobic, or racist and that goes for everyone.
05/13/2012 01:49 PMPosted by TheReapist

If he'd only thought it, this would be a non-issue.

He didn't, however, only think it. He typed in and broadcast it for the whole world to see.

Myself, I don't give a crap what people think - I don't care if people have irrational dislike for groups of people for irrational reasons - as long as they treat people decently. Spouting off racial slurs is -not- 'treating people decently' and requires criticism and other consequences because it is not acceptable.
What really happened was that Destiny's haters keep sending e-mails and letters to his sponsors telling them he is a racist. As such, they are slowly tearing Destiny's career apart.

Steven Bonnell II ‏ @Steven_Bonnell
Apparently @GIGABYTE_USA doesn't want me to cast at their event because 3 people e-mailed them and told them I'm a racist.

They're just jerks. Destiny still plays sc2 and gets lots of viewers. It's just hard for him to do anything special with people like that hounding him and spreading hate.
05/05/2012 12:30 AMPosted by Vorps
Sorry, I just returned to SC2 and I've been hearing this hubub about Destiny. Anyone care to summarize? Thanks.


Internet tough guy acts tough over the internet. Internet tough guy gets owned.

he called someone a !@#$ and a lot of people got butthurt about it.
05/13/2012 03:46 PMPosted by LGDmk
People basically thought they were champions of freedom and ended someone's career for no real reason.

While I am not an authority in esports, in order to be a "professional" one must act as such. Allowing racist behavior merely tarnishes everyone who participates in esports. In fact, such antics make the whole concept of esports seem like unprofessional rubbish.

In all professional jobs, using racial slurs will most surely get you fired or put into a position where you have to resign.

Why should esports be any different?

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