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hey anyone miss me i am back. lol probaly no one remembers me. i havent posted in like 6 months but i have been following the threads none the less. but today i have one question


mine is ChopsHosephulfer
i don't know you but i have an assumption you were an RPer so welcome back
Add me up Tass, UBD-_-Shadow
I normally play MW3 and SoulCalibur V when I get on.
Yeah, not paranoid or crap, but you mind giving the name of an RP or two you were in... I'm been busy lately, but I play in Starcraft and PSN, so I'll be willing to give you my ID... when I get the PS3 back... That'll be soon.
I'm willing to say he was one of Ace's buddies.
What in Zues's name is a PSN? I've heard of slang like PS3 or PS2, but not PSN.
Playstation network
X-box live but PS and sony. Oh, but he doesn't have the bc clan tag.
He was before you Jeff, he was before the Crash. My first ever RP was one of his, I was a Literal Brood Lord.
It sadly died.
Just searched up his stuff. He's slightly below darkra if we had a forum-ranking system.
21/9 with the M16 in MW3.
I'm so boss I can use underpowered guns and win :D
Well, IMHO, the M16A1 becomes a decent gun once you add the rapid fire attachment, but without it, you just fire slower than molasis.
That's the thing. I got Rapid Fire that game.
Ah okay. Sorry to be so distrusting...

05/07/2012 08:08 PMPosted by Tassadar

Thecommander236 I'm pretty sure. It's new and I can't remember for sure if I included the "236". Don't ask why I don't have my PS3 this week. It's a pain in my !@#, you know?
21/9 with the M16 in MW3.
I'm so boss I can use underpowered guns and win :D

Around 3/1 each round with G&P Fighting Cat II (Zombiekiller) LE.

Oh wait, this is in in airsofting. My bad. :D

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