[BUG] UI Alt-Tab rare bug

Bug Report

- Alt tab
- Tab back in

page re-loads improperly
Hi MysticaL,

Could you please post your DXDiag to this thread for further investigation?

Please be sure to mention whether you are using an SLI / Crossfire setup or not in addition to the following:
If you have a Windows PC, we will need the following information from your DxDiag:

To obtain a DXDiag:

Press the Windows Key + R at the same time.
In the Open: field type in dxdiag and click the OK button.
Click Save All Information, then open the file and copy the requested information into your post.
Operating System:
Processor Info:
Ram Info:
Direct X Version:
Card Name:
Chip Type:
Device Identifier:
Vendor ID:
Device ID:
Display Memory:
Current Mode:
Native Mode:
Driver Version:
Driver Date/Size:
Sound Card Name:
Sound Driver Version:
Sound Driver Date/Size:

If you have a Mac, we will need the following information from your system profile:
To obtain a System Profile:
Open the Apple menu and choose About this Mac.
Click "More Info..."
Copy the requested information into your forums post.
OS Version:
Graphics Card:


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