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Hello everyone, I'm returning to the game after a year of inactivity.

The only problem is none of my RL friends are interested in playing Starcraft with me and it gets awfully lonely just playing anonymous ladder matches.

So I'm looking for new friends in the community to play practice games with me, help me get better or just screw around if that's what we feel like.

I'm a silver league player but welcome players of all leagues (nothing teaches you to wise up like a solid thrashing).

Player code 373 if anyone wants to drop me a line.
I'd be glad to play with you. Haven't played in a bit and I need to practice a bit before returning to ladder.
Okay, I need practice too. Will add you in game later.
My code is 731. I'm platinum league.
I'll be needing practice soon to.

576 :D
I find its better to practice in the ladder.
I'm 908. Looking for people to practice with i'm not very good yet. looking for techniques and pointers.

Used to be Platinum, but haven't played in God knows how long.
The last time I played a ladder match was season 2 and I was only a silver league player, but I'd be happy to practice with any of you. My code is 878. Anyone who wants to practice or just test out a new idea, hit me up in game if you see me on.
Yes! Code is 960. I will add you and if anyone else here is looking for practice feel free to add me.
I'm a bronze player with like 1 win and 5 or 6 losses. And I've only owned the game for like 6 days.

But I'm up for some practice games, goofing off, or some 2v2s or really just whatever.

Character code is 915 if you're interested(This goes for anyone really).
164! I am the only person I know who plays this game and I too would love a practice partner! I'm a super nice dude! promise!
SpiderMatt and PanZxJassie, I added you as a friends. I will hit you up when I see you in game.
824 add me I'm on
I'd love to play you! MarkusDaWise.845

TC and CR, I want to add you too! I wanna play you guys!
dude my name is Lightshaper and my character code is 739 so friend me!
anyone still online I can friend?
you online?
Add me please everyone, I'm new but doing alright and want some people to play with! Player code : 801 or briblaze

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