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Hey all. Sorry if this is already well known here on the forums but I thought I'd post this here as a warning. It is the single most lame and stupid strategy (if you could call it that) that I have ever seen in any game EVER.

If you're ever playing a terran opponent and you see this message pop up, "Syntax error 523 player out of sync" and you scout, and you scout, and you scout, but can't find him, DO NOT QUIT!

All he has done is kill one of his SCV's, loaded the remaining 5 into his CC and lifted it off to go hide in a corner.

I uploaded the replay for your amusement...

This was actually on youtube somewhere, months ago.

edit :found an example of it and it says uploaded aug. 11, but it was actually a beta trick people used because early on the game was unstable at times, to say the least.

so I imagine it wasn't posted to youtube months ago because of beta ToS, but yeh, the idea's pretty old.
So why would anyone quit? Cant you build air and kill him?

I'll watch the replay in a sec but I'm confused...
Hmm Just watched it lol... That's a manual message (hence the colon next to his name).

If you fall for that you're crazy!
@ Invictus: I don't know why anyone would quit. I just saw a youtube video after it happened to me and the guy in the video totally fell for it and quit. I knew something wasn't right and I wasn't about to take a loss for nothing. I thought it was a manual message in the beginning as well but when I couldn't find him at first, I was extremely confused. I thought maybe he was just trying to be sneaky by relocating right in the beginning.

@Malkaviel: I was pretty sure that some people knew about this but I'm new to starcraft and I never played the beta. But I'm no idiot and even noobs should be able to figure this lame trick out.
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