A Party on Char (SPOILERS)

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It was all just to keep the troops minds at ease while on that terrible, fiery red planet (about the same color as my dra.pes at home). We were sitting in the trenches, on April 19th, waiting for orders. That's when our good friend Tychuse Finley had a good idea for some fun. "Hey lads, it's four-nineteen right? Only a few hours until... FOUR-TWENTY!" With that, the troops cheered and waited for something more that words, and that, that is what Tychuse delivered. He promptly grabbed an empty stim needle, filled it with a blunt, and got ready. "MERRY FOUR-TWENTY EVERYONE!" And then Tychus injected a big fu.cking blunt into his arm, and later died that night from Mari.juana overdose. He never even got to stay up for 4/20. This is how Tychuse really died, the other story about him being shot by Rainer was all a spoof.
pls respond
Mind blown.
Plz read
WTH! What kind of sick mind do you have?

Da f*ck is this sh*t. Its like watchin a horse f*ck a guy. Gives me nightmares.
...*puts a gun in my mouth and shoots myself in the head*
wait so whos Rainer?
And what kind of life are lacking to post something like this, Nightshade?
plz read and upvoat my story
Well if it drops then it drops. Right?
Cmon guys bump this true story
Why should we, We read it once, and since no new content is coming out, it will eventually drop. Even the best stories and text adventures fall to the 2nd or third page, and it will continue to fall.
What the fu-
wow im really amazed that the truth was finally discovered.

i guess its like they say....

the proof is in the puddin.
Let it die...

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