StarCraft II - Patch 1.5 Mac OS X 10.5 No Longer Supported

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you can skip 10.7 and go straight to 10.8 from 10.6, so you can skip versions, and should.
The only thing they make you install first is 10.6.8, but there is no good reason ANYONE should still be on 10.5.8 anyways. 10.6 could do everything 10.5 could, but better. it still had rosetta, and was miles ahead of 10.5 in terms of gaming apis and graphics drivers. as well as intel optimisations and 64 bit kernel. anyone on 10.5 is literlaly shooting themself in foot on this one. it came out 3 years ago, for 30 bucks, come on now. I mean, you wouldn't drive your car 3 years without doing a 30 dollar oil change, why can't you update or OS for such pocket change and service your computer in same manor?

also, lawsuit? Show a lawyer the EULA you agreed to when you installed and played game and they will happily charge you for wasting their time then tell you to get lost. I also promise you, the lawyers will charge a lot more then 30 dollars, so who are you kidding that you'd rathor lawyer up then just buy an upgrade. I encourage anyone not to waste such time as they will only distress themselves needlessly with something entirely unproductive.

As for support disparity between mac and windows. Blizzard supports MS users longer because MS supports them longer, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with blizzards thoughts on macs. Microsoft oses get 5 years of support MINIMUM and even longer extended support (security/critical updates past that 5 year mark). Furthermore, windows oses get driver support from ati/nvidia even past MSes 5 year support in most cases, ensuring even those old oses can run more modern games without being hindered by driver bugs.
None of that can be said about mac platform. An apple OS gets 2 years of main support tops, then when next OS version is out, all bugfix support ends and then you get maybe 2 years of security updates. You don't ever see another driver update again. Where your OS ended, is where it's support ended. 10.6.8 for example is sporting 3 year old graphics drivers, very obsolete OpenGL and tons of bugs that will never see a fix.

The reasons for support difference between mac and windows wow clients is pretty significant for good reason. the fact at this time they are still supporting even 10.6.8 in any context is a miracle really, because even that at this point is grossly out of date. Really if you aren't on 10.7 or higher you simply don't have latest drivers or OpenGL apis available to your hardware and are being held back and so are blizzard games not able to adopt said apis because they have to cater to obsolete OSes to read the most end users. That, however, is the type of company blizzard is, they support the obsolete longer then most, trust me. Unfortunately, It hurts yourself, and it hurts community in the end the longer users get complacent with this and don't give blizzard the chance to evolve.
Upgrade, ease the transition for blizz, and give them more incentive to drop the obsolete and support the superior. Personally i'd like to see sc2 fps come up closer to windows by not being forced to run on obsolete OS apis that are 5 years old, if that means offending a few users that get left behind, collateral damage. So even if you're on 10.6.8, upgrade to 10.8 if you can, if you can't, get 10.7.4 still from apple by calling for that upgrade as well, because adopting opengl 3.2 and newer video drivers and bugfixes, will certainly let blizzard or other game companies move forward and you to get the most out of your technology as well.
Wow....for a few months now I've been thinking about getting back into this game. I didn't originally plan on buying HotS (cause I think Bobby Kotick is a psychopath CEO jerk and I don't support blizzard selling out), but recently I actually thought about it. I even thought heck, maybe I'll get Diablo 3.

And then I learned that Blizzard no longer supports 10.5.8 for SC2 or D3. Really? What did Apple offer to give you 2% of every new 10.6+ they sell thanks to this move? Talk about oligarchies and plutocracies....

Anywho, I think I'm done then with Blizzard. I mean you launched SC2 without chat channels and that was dumb. Then you screwed up the custom maps system. Then you showed off stupid-looking units for hots. (and then you released sub-par top tier contact for D3 I hear).

So I think I'm done. Was really hoping to get back into SC2 and maybe even D3, but seeing how you treat customers (we aren't called players anymore, we're officially customers), I'm boycotting you guys on principle. Good day
I just called Apple and purchased Snow Leopard for $16 (On disc which they are shipping to me) which is supposed to run better and was told that I can skip Lion and go straight to Mountain Lion for $19. Not too bad for something I should have been keeping up with anyway. It sucks that we have to upgrade, but at least the game is moving with the OS. When the OS moved up years ago during SC1, I was no longer able to play that game anymore and there was nothing I could would change that.
Dear Diary:

Day 22 without Starcraft, and it looks like the big wigs at Blizzard refuse to see any reason. As my 120 dollars continues to lay waste, I wonder if I will ever be united with my precious Starcraft again. Watching streams doesn't fill the void, it only makes me want it more. In fact, I might even want to spend money on a new computer just to play the game. However, I am worried that the moment a new upgrade comes out, I will be unable to play Starcraft yet again. Will Blizzards support policy continue to be retarded? Will I ever get to play my favorite game again? These questions are very troubling to me, and maybe other players as well. I've never seen another distressed player, but I've heard stories. Even that guy who made Ohana seems to be dissatisfied with this policy. Now if you excuse me, I have to go talk to Wilson.
Until now blizzard was a shinning example of how to run a game company. This is some EA level crap right here, that's right I said it, EA!!!

I'm seriously considering never buying a blizzard game ever again. This is so completely unacceptable to require me to spend $100 on something that was working fine. don't support it, don't make updates for, but don't disable my ability to even play a single player game.

P.S. - please send me $700 dollars to continue playing your game, see when I purchased it I intended for you to continually provide more ram and better graphics cards so I could always experience your game in the highest possible quality, I can easily provide you a mailing address for the check.

Seriously though, give me my money back.
I don't understand these angry comments. Blizzard is giving everyone continual updates free of charge for a two year old game. The reason we cant play on 1.5 is because Apple decided they aren't going to update it anymore.

Sooo... before asking blizzard for $700 (wtf last time i checked 1.6 was $30) ask yourselves why you are still using an OS that came out in 2007.

Just a FYI, Microsoft still updates XP and there is the reason a 10 year old OS will play SC and 1.5 does not

But.....shame on blizzard for providing graphical updates, they should know better.

Also for you internet lawyers on this forum it is clearly stated that minimum requirements are subject to change (even on the box) so I will have to advise against threatening anyone with a lawtsuit before fully reading and understanding the contract you voluntarily agreed to.

Despite being 14 hours late to the party and Omega spelling it out pretty clearly, this meeting is adjourned.... hope to see you back when APPLE decides to stop supporting 1.6

Yours Truely,
Yeah, this is bull!@#$. Nice way to let the user know, too- updater just hangs then closes, no message, I had to google to find this %^-* out.

I grew up and stopped playing WoW, the gift that never stopped taking, but I still had Diablo- then you put out D3 and there was no point in playing that, as it's basically animated art, once you added the RMAH. Talk about game-breaking.. at least allow players the illusion that money doesn't matter in the game- once you removed that, LOL. bye.

But I still had Starcraft- great working man's game- you can pop in and play a few matches on breaks, evenings, with friends.. then you broke it.

Fail, blizzard. I'll go back to my Bethesda/EA/Relic game now. You always were the most creative and addicting thieves.
Omega pretty much said what needed to be said, but unless you're still running a PowerPC Mac, there should be no reason that you shouldn't be at least running 10.6.8. I personally used to just run all my games in Windows because the graphics API in OS X has been horrid. I will say though that it has definitely improved, and for the first time in years, I'm actually playing WoW and other games once again in OS X. It's not because I stuck with an archaic OS either. Does Apple's OS update pace suck? Yes it does. Then again, it's not like you have to shell out 200 dollars for an OS upgrade like you do with Windows.
lol can't wait for blizz to get sued?
Yeah im not sure what you gusy are talking about. It definitely wont let me play either WOW, or Starcraft 2 right now. And i was forced by apple to order a physical disc thats gonna take a week for it to get here, just so i can update to 10.6. Currently when
I load Starcraft it acts like its gonna load a patch then just disappears and does absolutely nothing.
If you purchase a game you should be able to play it as much as you want...period, end of story.
To be denied from playing because of an "incompatible patch" is absolutely inexcusable.

Good job Blizzard. You just lost yourself a customer. I will NEVER purchase any product made from you again...
If you purchase a game you should be able to play it as much as you want...period, end of story.
To be denied from playing because of an "incompatible patch" is absolutely inexcusable.

Good job Blizzard. You just lost yourself a customer. I will NEVER purchase any product made from you again...

lol well this is kind of the problem of creating a game that exists 90% on the internet, including the campaign. i miss the olden days where you know ... buying a game meant you could play it on the airplane.
I totally agree. The game was working just fine. I didn't do anything to make it stop working. I can't even play single-player. I want my money back damnit.
Wow this sucks. I've been playing SC2 since release and now I'm kicked out if I won't buy a new operating system?

Blizzard, you're putting out HOtS soon so why make changes to this game that leave some users out of the loop? I would rather be able to play an out-of-date game than be left in the dust like this.

Any hope of you opening up a "legacy version" that would let those of us that have been with you since release continue playing like we were? I would love to play against other people with the same operating system as myself even if it means the software won't ever be patched again.

If you couldn't let SC2 be and you won't enable play using the older version can you at least allow some option for offline play? Its nice that you want to improve your game with patches but when those patches shut off access for those of us that won't or can't change our OS its not really an improvement is it? Barring any other option please give me my money back.

-a former fan
This sucks a lot!!! I can't play anymore on my Mac 10.5. I don't have any other computers, so I'm out. Why do I bother being loyal to a company that puts their interests far above ours. Screw you Blizzard!
I understand that the system is outdated for online play and therefore have no qualms with the loss of online play, but I am extremely upset at the loss of single-player offline abilities. Why the hell was that ability taken away from me because of some online patch work that is absolutely ridiculous. They just shut off the entire game and worst of all have completely ignored this entire forum...the very least they could do was acknowledge our complaints but they have just straight ignored our requests. If they don't restore my ability to use single player offline material, which I paid $60 for and is entirely irrelevant from online patches, I will no longer be supportive of Blizzard, and probably will complain about them whenever they are brought up in a conversation.
I bought this game for the OFFLINE play. Now I can't play at all. This is BS. Why as an offline player should a patch have anything to do with me? The game ran fine. Now it doesn't run at all.

If one day you decide you want my money again, maybe you should make a FINISHED game.

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