StarCraft II - Patch 1.5 Mac OS X 10.5 No Longer Supported

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07/31/2012 06:12 PMPosted by KoalaTeaTime
I don't understand, if you knew the system requirements would change why wasn't it on the box? Do I get a refund? I feel like I bought a car and the dealership told me there was a recall on the tires my car came equipped with and had to be replaced with bigger better tires, but too big for my car to actually turn the axle with. I said no! I don't want these tires but the dealership insisted.

Well put... Blizzard, we don't want your "tires"
I guess this is what I would say, "Blizzard nerd, your patch broke my game, I paid money for it and want it back. The 80 other posts on this thread would agree...
- Dr.D
Hi guys, I have a few questions about patch 1.5 beta. Sorry for the blabbering post, but I'm really jonesing for this problem to be done with. First, I've had that nasty memory sink problem that a lot of mac users have complained about on the forums ever since 1.4.0 I think was the patch when it started. I've never had a problem with fps (i prefer to play on all low settings, so I probably lucked out there) during the game, other than starting 3-4 seconds into the game (I'm under the impression this is widespread among mac users, but if it is something I could fix I would relish the chance to get my first drone started at :01 lol). About a month ago, the crashes became frequent enough that I got worried about having to hard shutdown so much. So I installed the smc fan control app to control my fans (at the time i thought perhaps my iMac was overheating and the freeze up was the system protecting itself from overheating damage). The crashes became ever so slightly less common (every 3-4 days), until about 2 weeks ago. I went through every single blue post ever written on troubleshooting this issue, and followed every single one of their instructions (i thought ) to a tee. All was for naught, and in a last ditch effort i downloaded the app FreeMemory (from what I understand it's just a churched up version of the terminal Purge command for non tech savvy consumers willing to shell out .99.... like me. Every hour or so of gaming I check the memory status (i play in windowed fullscreen), and it steadily drops form around 1 gb "available" to a few hundred KB. it hovers here for a few more hours until it plummets down to 60ish KB. If I catch it in time, i can free the memory and I jump back up to 1gb. Some posters much more qualified than I seemed convinced it had something to do with sc2 not auto reading inactive ram like other applications in osx do, but I'm not sure what to make of it. I don't play with Skype anymore for fear of hastening my ram decline, i don't play with grooveshark on either. Bright side, the method appears to be working, I have yet to have a crash in the past week, and my temp has never gone above 50. But having to run that Purge memory app every other game is frustrating, and the anxiety I feel during the game is palpable (what if THIS is the game it freezes). Not here to whine, just wanted to try my best and explain my situation to you obviously super knowledgable fellows who can probably make much more of this information than I can . A few more things: (1) I don't know the thread offhand, but I read an op post from a technical sounding gent who was having similar (but not identical mind you) issues and he narrowed it down to something to do with the smc fan control preferences, or settings...I'm not quite sure what his conclusion was, but since we both had the same problem and both used the same fan app I thought maybe you guys had heard of that happening before (2) I was reading over the blue troubleshooting steps (repair disk permissions, repair sc2, etc.) and we ticking each off in my head as completed until I got to the uninstall/reinstall the sc2 client. I'm pretty sure I did not move all the folders the blue poster said needed to go into the trash. So...could a partial game client sitting next to a newly downloaded one perhaps cause some issues similar to mine?
So I suppose I just wrote that embarrassingly long winded novel to ask you if beta 1.5 is slated to address any of my above listed issues, or if they are instead a unique problem that I am burdened with.

<3s to whoever read that whole thing and still has the heart to help me out. I know that you guys always ask for something like "system specs", but I have no ideas how to get that lol, but I'lll be more than happy to follow instructions

Well first of all, that was an insanely large amount of text. Format better next time please!! Thanks

Secondly, I'm not sure which imac you are using to run SC2 with. I, for example, use a 2007 model iMac, 2Ghz dual core, 4 gigs of ram. The ram is almost certainly your problem and cause for the crashes. It seems from your post that you are only using 1 gig and that is nowhere near enough. You need at LEAST 4. I would like to point you to or (I promise this isnt spam please dont report me!!!) I bought my 4 gigs of ram from newegg for only 60$. It's somewhat difficult to figure out which ram will work when shopping on newegg so go to macsales first, they exclusively sell products for macs (hence the name) and make it really really easy to determine which ram is right for you.

Also, about the memory purge thing, dont worry about that too often. Mac OS X manages ram more efficiently then Windows. Windows will constantly reserve ram and release it as soon as it is done with it, whereas Mac OS X will reserve ram it needs, and hold onto it, even after it is no longer needed, so that the next time an application tries to use it or reserve ram, its already there. It helps with loading times. Dont worry if it seems like you are using all your ram at once. Thats ok, SC2 itself doesnt need to sift through the memory to find what is already used by it, or what you call "inactive ram". Mac OS X takes care of that for you, along with dumping inactive ram that isnt being used and is now needed for other applications. So it just seems like there is none available.
Although, the fact that the ram usage gets THAT high definitely means you need more memory.

About your heating issue, using SMC is a good idea. I have a profile set up specifically for gaming. My iMac can get as hot as 65C when using the default settings, which is insane. I set the hard drive fan to 2600 rpm, and the CPU fan to 2700. When I click out of SC2 after playing for a while, I immediately check to see how how the CPU is running and it typically says somewhere between 48-50 C, which is far more acceptable. Don't worry if this still seems too hot. It's fine, I have had zero crashes and failed hard drives at these temperatures.
apple sells it you have to call them and its 20 dollars
Quite frankly, I just feel like I got scammed by Blizzard. I don't want to upgrade my operating system, newer operating systems just slow computers down without hardware upgrades... and then you might as well get a new computer. I had enough trepidation about buying this game when I found out it lacked lan support, now it lacks computer support for the claimed minimum requirements... At least make the new requirements be only for the expansion!
See ya blizzard, it was nice knowing back in the warcraft 2 and 3 days, now you just kinda suck, great games but lousy business practices.
@Omega: I actually got the Snow Leopard disc when it launched, for free from Apple. But it messed up my macbook pro (unibody 15"). Fans were always on, it was slow and chuggy. I couldn't even watch netflix without my computer getting super-heated, let alone play a game. I reformatted and booted down to 10.5.8 and it's been smooth sailing. So as to why anybody would be using 10.5.8? Well I get better battery life, my computer's fans don't kick on, it runs smooth and fast, and until the update played SC2 like a boss.

I'm sure it's a different experience on a desktop Mac, but I felt your blanket statement about there being no reason to use older operating systems was ignorant of people with restricted hardware.

Good luck to the other users here. I would recommend bootcamping over to Windows (Newegg sold windows 7 for $79 for a while) to get your SC2 on, if a mac is your only computer.

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