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sooooo i was just wondering what the exact reason for not having LAN play on starcraft 2 bc that was the whole reason i was wanting this game myself and lots of others that support LAN who are military oriented we love playing each other on our long deployments and these games help us get by on our free time we love playing these games so why cant you all just put LAN in so we can all play each other.. the same goes for Diablo 3 not having offline like diablo 2 had wich btw we all have
Because its pointless?
I really don't care about LAN. I'm going well without it.
Primary reasons for no lan play

-piracy (bull!@#$ reason but hey it's blizz)

-Control over tournaments. With LAN play people could hold thier own large tournaments without permission from blizzard, having everything online enables blizz to shut down unauthorized tournaments.
It's a control issue. Nothing more.

And it's stupid.

Say it with me, folks:

Blizzard good. Activision Bad.
lol wow you people should see it from my perspective not having internet for months at a time... would be nice to be able to play with others over a wireless lan connection or Ethernet cable would be nice and you can only beat the campaign so many times over a 7 month period
Learn to Google

@Metal: You're a douche.

With regards to the thread;

I got my first taste of the Navy about a week ago, and it opened my eyes to the disadvantages of Blizzard's games have for millitary members. On board a ship or in the middle of Afganistan you will probably have some form of internet access but it will probably barely fast enough to check facebook, nevermind play any game online.

The basic argument about LAN play is nothing new, but I think this is a new and valid argument for its inclusion.

Heck, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one willing to verify my millitary service if it meant I could play Starcraft, or Diablo with my buddies during a bit of downtime between watches.
I'm pretty sure there are hacks available to do this. I don't know why Blizzard doesn't just put it in themselves having basically already lost that battle.
ty finaly someone who understands what im talking about im a marine and going on my 2nd deployment this one is on ship and i just spent some days of pure boredom bc i cudnt lan it up with friends lol and i was thinking the same thing if i had to send in my ID to get a special download to b able to play LAN i surely would
Hey I'm just saying besides they cud get a lot more money entertaining the military for our past times then they know about just about everyone in the military plays blizzard games an likes to do so even more on LAN
there is no need of lan except for tournaments
ya how about u do my job u wudnt be saying that anymore youd wish you had lan to play with other people
I cannot play at work either.

While I am aware it's not entirely the same thing, we all choose our line of work.

06/11/2012 02:52 PMPosted by Bojangles
ya how about u do my job u wudnt be saying that anymore youd wish you had lan to play with other people
ya but im not tlking about playing at work tlkin about playing LAN lol
What they need to do is require a quick, one-time authentication on game start-up. That solves the piracy issue.

After that, let us do whatever the heck we want. Wanna LAN? Then LAN! Wanna use Then use it! It's dumb that they completely eliminated LAN mode. Starcraft was one of the most popular LAN party games out there, Starcraft 2 isn't even in the top 20. For crying out loud the original is more popular at LAN parties than it!

The real problem that I see is that most LAN parties aren't played at some e-sports facility with a beefy fiber optic connection. Most are played in some dudes basement where he's got just a basic cable/DSL connection. Cram 20 people down there downloading random stuff, streaming music and movies, doing god-knows-what-else, AND trying to play Starcraft 2 over 20 people........and the game is gonna lag worse than our old 56k connections. Most people just don't have the bandwidth to support playing games together over the internet when they're on the same connection. That was the whole point of LAN and why it should be brought back.
It's basically being able to force all tournaments to go through blizzard ensuring them a portion of any tournament funds and giving blizzard control.

Piracy is one of the reasons given, but for anyone actually familiar with the issue it hasn't stopped people from pirating the game at all. I believe people have hacks to try and get it to work, but you won't find links to that kind of stuff on blizzards official forums.

It sucks for tournaments, anyone in a rural area or with unreliable internet, or just for LAN parties in general. People have been trying to get blizzard to put lan play back in since before launch.
You know, your computer stores data from your authenticated account on the computer, which means that the computer knows that you have the account.
I don't see why LAN would be an issue because if they are really worried about it they can just add authentication to the LAN mode that makes sure everyone is using a valid account that has connected to before. The LAN connection would check the accounts against eachother to make sure that players are not using the same account. This fixes the problem by ensuring that every person in the LAN party must be using a legitimate account and copy of the game in order to play on LAN. The game has already been purchased by each person in the party.

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