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Theres going to be a lot of HotS information comming out of MLG in just a couple of hours. I am going to try and compile any scrap of information I can in this thread as it goes along. Since I'll be busy watching the event it might not be 100% instant updates, but I will do my best.

Feel free to post anything I've missed.

There will be 200 computers with SC2 on them. Blizzard employees are attending for interviews and the like. Some of it will likely be streamed. You can watch MLG here:

Latest Info: Dustin Browder Interview

  • General
  • Screenshots:

  • Login Screen:
  • Kerrigan Statue in front of 200 HotS computers:
  • MKP and MC playing HotS with Apollo Watching:
  • Another:

  • Information:
  • Dustin Browder & David Kim interviews:
  • Another Interview with David Kim:
  • David Kim Interview:
  • Lead Artist Interview:
  • David Kim Interview:
  • Dustin Browder Interview:
  • Interview with Chris (Producer):
  • Unit Stats:
  • More unit Stats:

  • Videos:
  • TvZ Battle Report:
  • HotS Battle Report & multiplayer units:

  • Zerg
  • Screenshots:

    Abduct (Pulls a unit in)
    Blinding Cloud (Reduces units attack range to 1 in an AoE)
    Consume (Damages an ally building to gain energy)

    Swarm Host: Locusts can attack air and ground
    Ultralisk: Has burrow charge, is no longer frenzied. (Now vulnerable to stunning and slowing effects)
    Hydralisks: Has speed upgrade.
    Banelings: Can NOT move while burrowed.
    Overseer: Back in. Can shoot changelings as far as a tank can shoot.


  • Protoss
  • Screenshots:

    Mothership Core: Doesn't require any tech. Can morph into Mothership. (Requires Feet Beacon)
    Energize: Restores a units energy to full.
    Teleport: Teleports to another nexus.
    Purify: Temporarily grants the Mothership Core a long ranged attack.
    Mass Recall: Works the same as usual. Costs 150 energy, I think

    Mothership: Cloaking field removed. Vortex only targets ground - Stasis, a new ability that puts the mothership and all air units around it into stasis for about 20 seconds.

    Oracle: Built from stargate.
    Entomb: Blocks mineral fields from being harvested. You can attack the shield around mineral fields to destroy them, but they also wear off.
    Preordain: Grants vision and detection to an allied or enemy structure.
    Cloak Field: When casted (costs energy and wears out) cloaks units in an area around it.

    Tempest: Requires feet beacon. The tempest is a new capital ship that can fire at both ground and air targets from long range, doing additional damage to massive units. A further range upgrade can be researched to give the Tempest the ability to fire from incredible distances. (Note: Starts at range 10, increases to 22 range with upgrade (compared to 13 for siege tanks). Said to have relatively low DPS to balance it out.)


  • Terran

  • Screenshots:
    Widow Mine: Description: The Widow Mine is a new suicide unit built from the Factory that allows the terran player to control areas of the battlefield. The Widow Mine moves into position and sets to stationary mode, which burrows and activates it. When an enemy air or ground unit moves into range, the Widow Mine briefly flashes before moving and attaching itself to that unit. After several seconds, the mine detonates, dealing 200 damage to the unit and a smaller amount of damage to units in the surrounding area.
    Note: Dustin Browder expects that with practice, pro-level players will almost always be able to remove the mined units away from the rest of their unit cluster.
    Warhound: The Warhound is a walking ground mech that is specialized as an anti-mechanical weapon. Smaller and more nimble than a Thor, the Warhound has a standard weapon to hit ground. Its true strength is an additional ability that fires powerful missiles at ground-based mechanical units, making it particularly well suited to taking out enemy siege lines and many protoss ground units. Note: anti-mech missiles auto-launch at mechanical units independent of the warhound's normal attack.
    Thor: Back to WoL-style.
    Battle Hellion: Same as before.
    Battle Cruiser: Has a speed boost ability called Redline Reactor.
    Reaper: Regen, no building attack.

    Reserved, in the unlikely event that the final amount of info is to big for one post.
    Can't wait to see more! Thanks for the thread!
    Now I know where to look.
    Now I'm also wishing I didn't have to go to work tonight.
    Excellent! May I translate to LA Forums?
    Starts in 5 hours! Doors open a bit before that so there is bound to be some leaks and info slightly sooner.

    06/08/2012 11:46 AMPosted by SXGxHayato
    Excellent! May I translate to LA Forums?


    Now I'm also wishing I didn't have to go to work tonight.

    =( That really sucks.
    LOL at MCs face.
    All profesional gamers Look like they could take a couple hundred showers and visit a couple thousand beauty salons and still come out looking like that. . .
    OK, doors open in 90 minutes. Again, even though the actually event starts in a little under 5 hours, thats probably when we'll start getting some real info.
    I hope they show a couple games on the stream and release some official videos/interviews :)
    See Information section, SOLID new info about the units coming in.
    Nice write-up Skunk! +1
    Like. But what the hell is the widow mine?
    Apparently its a terran ability (not sure from what unit) that will jump on to a unit when it gets near it. If you kill the unit before it goes off, your safe. Otherwise, BOOM!

    Its an interesting version of the spider mine.

    Huuuuuge thanks to Kennigit on twitter for giving us an complete view of the Multiplayer changes.

    EDIT: Widow mine is built from factory, doesn't need tech lab.
    Are you constantly editing this because i keep seeing more stuff get added every other minute LOL
    22 range tempest that attacks air and ground with splash damage...beware of skytoss in hots.
    06/08/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Endless
    22 range tempest that attacks air and ground with splash damage...beware of skytoss in hots.

    looks like we'll need turrets at every base now to stop observers spotting for 'em D:

    wonder how strong they actually are though, they sound like a giant scout right now.
    Range 22? Seriously?

    Pretty sure they took out the splash, but damn...
    22 range? What the...

    And please please please bring back the carrier!

    EDIT: I'm hoping to god that is a typo and he meant to say 12 range. If not...
    Was reading some of the team liquid stuff even with 22 range the tempest has cost people games from getting it. My question is thor still removed or did they change the warhound to be specialized anti mech units and made the hard to reach air AoE to the widow mine. I could see a mech army with some thors, siege tanks, helions, with widow mines to delay counter attacks and warhounds to poach down siege tanks and/or colossus. I hope the battle helions still morph because I don't want slow helions in my mech army vs zerg. Also Viper pull seems really bad but it depends upon the range of it and setup time for widow mines and if I can target them.

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