How many barracks on 2-3-4 bases?

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how many? and also what timing should i expo if I 2 rax, and when do i take my third. Also on 2-3-4 bases, how many starports and factories. thanks for any help.
As many as it takes... If you are using reactors or tech labs you can support 5-6 rax with a factory and a starport while still getting upgrades and building workers off of two bases. But once you get on 3+ bases and have all of the workers you want you should be working on getting a crazy number of rax to replenish your army in a hurry if you lose it. 20+ rax with 3 or 4 factories and 4-5 starports are totally appropriate once you have a maxed army on 3+ bases.

Honestly, you should be able to get out of bronze on two bases just maxing on marines off of 12 naked rax on two bases. Check out filtersc's bronze to masters videos on YouTube or twitchtv he has production benchmarks that make it easier to figure out just how bad your macro really is and how to fix it.
Depends on what you're making, your addons and how saturated you are. This isn't protoss or zerg buddy.

this is with perfect mechanics, 1 factory and starport and you will have money for upgrades
right now I'm doing 3 per base when I do FE I do 3 while I tech and make another 2 after my starport and factory goes up I make 3 if I'm opting out tanks

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