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I think anything you do would be fine. Your writing is quite good IMO.
Reading this has changed my life.
What's unfortunate is that I have written a chapter of a story I plan on continuing, and people at my school find it interesting, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with Starcraft, so I can't post it here. Meh, maybe I'll have the time to write a Zerg story or something.
The thing is you guys didn't really answer my question.
I wonder if any of the old school guys read this. No offence but do they? I never seen them comment. Probably too busy reading Jay the Ghost :P
That would be my guess. I still feel old and I am only 16, I still remember what a Nintendo 64, SNES, Sega and all of those things are.
Sorry, I thought I had answered all the questions you had asked. I think the underground area has been good for character development, in showing the growing relationship between Cain and Abel, but I don't know what you are planning to do out of the caves, so I couldn't accurately say whether or not that would be the preferred choice.
Technically I am an old school guy. Also... Well... I can't really defend myself further because going into detail will make me seem stupid...
I cross my arms behind my head as I lean back in my oh-so-comfy chair, that went well with my mahogany desk. The room is dark and only some of my features are illuminated by the moonlight coming through the window. The desk and me are the only things visible.
"Your story is 'aight. But I reckon I type up a furious 'fantasy' myself -Get it? It's your name!"
I lean forward, tuck my fingers under my chin and plant my elbow on the desk.
You can only see the left half of my face.
"But you wouldn't know that from some of the things I do here..."
I remove my right arm from under my head and reach under the desk, you hear the sliding of wood as I open a draw and pull out a large bottle of whiskey and two glasses that shone ominously in the ill lighted room.
"Care for a glass? 50 years old."

Don't mind me..... Feel free to interact in my nice little world should you get bored though...

I slap you and tell you that doesn't belong here.

This is Fantasy's story thread. Not a place for your creepy antics.
This is the best story of all time.
06/12/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Fantasy
07/13/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Fantasy
OOC Guys, I appreciate the attention, but keep the chatter about the story.

He stabbed me 52 times though!
This is a great thread.
Fantasy is a good story teller.
I think Fantasy is a really cool guy.
I actually haven't read anything.
Guys, seriously, Stop.
Edit your posts. And post feedback. Not a knife fight: no EMPs, feedback.
Guys, seriously, Stop.
Edit your posts. And post feedback. Not a knife fight: no EMPs, feedback.
What is going on here, I was not expecting a fight. I say that you should stick with the cave, more detail and interaction could be a major impact later, this is just what I believe though.
07/16/2012 04:52 AMPosted by Fantasy
Edit your posts

XD Those are hilarious Avikon.

I will edit this later with feedback, once you have written something new :)
06/12/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Fantasy

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