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The story of Abel, as he journeys through his life.
How about something that captures more of the story? Dont give away too much of coarse, but you know what I mean.
That does capture the story.
Abel blinked again, and from the depths of his mind, he pulled out another memory.
Cain noticed his blank stare and asked, "Is there something wrong?"
Abel murmured, "No." And continued to see his memories.
Mastemia wrinkled her nose slightly, and said, "Abel you need a bath."
Abel looked down at himself, the mud and grime of the journey, was splattered onto his clothing, as well as the stench of the fire was still clinging to him.
She reached out to him with her right hand and patted Abel's head. In a few minutes, the two of them were in a fairly large lake. The water of the lake was crystal clear, and dust did not kick up from the lakebed when someone stepped in. The grime of the journey washed away, slowly drifting in the water. Abel looked curiously at Mastemia, and noticed there was a small indent in the center of her stomach. He looked at himself, and realized he lacked it, and only smooth skin covered his torso. He asked Mastemia who was currently wading waist deep in the water, what the mark that was directly over the water level was. Mastemia, looked at Abel for a second, then responded, "When children are created, they are linked with their mother through a umbilical cord, the cord allows the child to grow. After birth, it falls off and the scar that forms is the indent."
Abel took a few more steps into the water. He cupped the water in his hands and poured it over his head. It as cool, and flowed gently, down his forehead.
He kneeled over in the lake, the dirt and grime of his dirty body was washing away in the water. Everything but his head was submerged. A trio of small silvery fish, started to nibble on grime floating away, feasting on the congealed blood.
Abel got out of the Lake, and put back on his clothing. As he did, he asked, "Does this mean I have no mother?" Mastemia shook her head, "I don't know what it means. Did you have any family?"
Abel responded with a hint of sadness, "I had a brother."
Mastemia, chewed on this information and said, "Was he by blood or adoption?"
Abel said, "Adoption."
Mastemia responded, while shaking her head "I can't help you then."
She got out of the water, and wiped her body with a shirt.
She put the clothing on, and said to Abel "Let's go."
But she had noticed something else on Abel's back. The image of a clock. Instead of twelve numbers, there were thirteen.
The hour hand was just to the right of the twelve o clock position, and the minute hand was at the eight.
The clock had gleamed, its hue an illuminated red.
Although it could be a tattoo, Mastemia doubted it. It almost seemed like it was painted... In blood.

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