Neural Parasite Protoss....

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If i neural a Protoss and build their units, they don't come with separate supply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game sucks! what good are my 20 stargates if my 150 drones are keeping me from making carriers!?

Anyone else have the same problems lately?
Dude just be happy enough that you played a big enough idiot to let you get that far with their probe
lol ^
So you think zerg should have the ability to have 400/400 supply? Hmmm, I'm going to answer this for blizzard for you... no.
LOL, WHAT?!?!?

first off... what you just described never happens in real life...
second, why the hell did you have 150 drones?
third... if you're going to build protoss units, carriers? REALLY?
You guys are easily trolled lol
Actually... this really did happen. ! yeah gold league!

I remember in broodwars if you Mind controlled a worker and got away with it, you got a totally separate supply tree.. :D it was awesome. I'm saddened that i have to kill my own army to add protoss units to it. (as for the 150 workers.. its called macro! .... :D lol I was floating 20,000 minerals and 15,000 gas when i decided to make carriers..)
06/15/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Bulbasaur
You guys are easily trolled lol guys need a much better sarcasm/trolling radar. Upgrade nao.
06/15/2012 12:21 PMPosted by AnotherZerg
I'm saddened that i have to kill my own army to add protoss units to it.

Actually you should've turned your drones into spines, created the carriers and then cancel the spines effectively having up to 350 supply worth of units.

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