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06/24/2012 06:16 PMPosted by KnarledOne
You have everyone's location

Except mine. You could perhaps form a general idea of my location (like maybe a country), but in my year + in the SC2 forums, I have yet to tell anyone where I live.

I'm just paranoid like that.
I'm not a stalker! I just go by what you guys say!

That's right. I read what you write, and thus know where you are. Shocker, I know. But, TBH, I think the west coast is a little . . . stupid. Having lived here forever, and left the state only once or twice, I can safely say most people here are really f*cking stupid.
Draconus, you're a stalker. You have everyone's location.

It does seem most of us are easterners. Actually, (no offense Draconus) but I think that JoeyRay's in particular attracts easterners, from my experience (I've been out west and have relatives there) easterners are nicer and more creative.

JoeyRay's attracts the nice and creative.

To narrow it down, I'm in the good old WV, probably the only person in the state who plays StarCraft2. I think I can safely say that Tallmansville isn't your big starcraft playing city.

This does not include Canada western (except for a hand full) people.
Hey I am in Missoula and play frequently. I wish I knew more people who played around here. It would be so sick to get a group or something together
Hey! Unfortunately I am a little late to the party and uh... this is a bit of a necro but I figured it was worth saying in case some of you are still active. I've been looking for MT players for a long time.

I run the Hivemind Tech Group at MSU in Bozeman, a LAN/gaming/eSports group. We've got about 300 folks on the Facebook and quite a few StarCraft II players so the local community for SCII is definitely there. We host tournaments quite often and it would be awesome to see some local talent come out and game/compete with us. Our biggest tournament yet is coming up in August, so if any of you folks outside of Bozeman want to make the drive (we've got a few teams and players coming from Helena/Missoula/Billings for League of Legends and a few fighter game titles) for StarCraft, that would be badass.

You can check out the event here:

I just wanted to make the presence of the group known to any SCII players in the area that had not previously heard of us. There are definitely some tight knit communities around, and we are always open to more Montana players :D

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