The Nokar: Rising

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In the matter of a few months, The Nokar's primary Chamber, has evolved into a giant complex of organisms and genetic material. The planet is blighted, and is covered in the entity known as "Defilation". Defilation is a living mess of "pure" Nokar material. It grows on corpses or anything that is alive, and changes its genetic code to that of the Nokar's. It provides a kind of link between the all of the Nokar, and all their territories. It allows structures to stay alive, a form of life support.

Just as the Nokar evolve, so does their lord and master, Vorcha. (If his psionic power were to be put on a measurement, his Psionic Index would be that of 15.) Soon after the birth and creation of his Razor Clan. He unlocked a power within himself, the power to become a "Pure" Vorchada, a great being of pure dark energy.

The form resembles a floating creature, almost a humanoid-insectoid hybrid entity mixed with a kind of mental energy being. It has red tendrils protruding from its back, a touch from it could instantly melt rock into molten lava. Only so many can do that, and only one could at his level, his father. This, "Pure" form is only the gateway, to the world of his ancestors.

This is the way of the Nokar. In whatever path they take, may these things follow in their wake.
After finding a hidden power, Vorcha initiates a conquest to unleash his demonic rage upon the beings dwelling among the star, Eoduun. The bloody red star is a mystery, its been alove for only 90,000 years or so, but it changed to a red color but its size did not change. The 10 planets in the gravity well of this star, are the volcanic planet that Vorcha dwell in, Saerthal, to the giant distant frozen wasteland later to be named by Vorcha, Nehr'Zin (Lifeless).

The jungle planet he first conquered was named "Coronus" (Colony). From there he conquered the next 3 uninhabited planets with ease. Both barren wastelands soon turned into "lush" living planets.

The next 5 were nearly destroyed, and soon found out his people had done a lot more than he thought... the next planet, a dark desert planet with few, but large oasis's, was held by the durable and adaptable "Krog Ants" They fought with furious talons on their fore-legs, and acidic-poison from their abdominal stingers. They fought well, and Vorcha lost a good portion of his warriors, but it was blood well spent. He gained a "Tank" of his army of "Ants".

The next planet, Nehr'Zin, became his front for his next "Expedition" to the new worlds. Nehr'Zin was actually an oceanic planet, but the poles are so cold they formed continental ice-caps. The inhabiting creatures were large, bloated, sea creatures. They had adapted to extreme cold temperatures, they had massive teeth, capable of destroying an ice-cap. Vorcha found the biggest, and took it to land where he "Evolved". It no longer needed oxygen, it needed no atmosphere, and it's bloated body was filled with a methane-like gas compound, capable of propelling it across far distances, even space. It's weapons had evolved into 4 sharp tipped tendrils. It's thin membrane of skin was evolved into a thick layer of armored tissues. This, was the birth of the Nokar Dragon Clan, the first Aspect, the Matriarch Aspect. The mothership's of the Nokar, the first, and biggest. Xazhir.

"Vengeance is mine."
I'm enjoying every second.
Chapter 1 - First Contact

After leaving his home planet, he ventures off into the deeps of space with his "fleet'' of 5 Patriarchs. Each one evolved with special air-filled sacs to provide space and sustenance for the Nokar inside, waiting to feed and Defile the next planet. Xazhir, Vorcha's new pet, was fixed to the base of a kind of "X" formation. Still keeping a link with his other worlds, they prosper, and make the planet something greater than it once was. Over the course of a few months, Vorcha finally finds a planet. It is a lush, life-filled planet. Birds, fish, reptiles, one advanced race of insectiod-humanoid beings inhabited a good portion of the planet... A perfect breeding ground.

He finds a creature, a spider-like animal, but the head is much like that of a lizard, and it's whole body has reptilian characteristics. It takes care of its young until they cannot fit in its nest anymore. Vorcha unleashes a force of Warriors and Razor Archers upon them, dissecting them, capturing them. The ones who have lived were "processed".

They are taken to a Hive, the basic Nokar command structure. It spawns Stemlen, so that the Pith(base) may thrive more. The surviving creatures are forced to ingest a Stemlen, and it acts as a parasite, and feeds on it, then after anywhere from an hour to 12 hours, it leaves its host, and goes back into the Hive until the Nokar form is complete. This creature was made with the aspects of the native creature, the Drudge, and aspects from the Razor Clan. The Nokar Matriarch was then created. A being that can watch over the pith with aggressive force, but tend to it as a mother. The planet was large, and he had to do this subtly, or he would alert the Kuirs, and he doesn't feel like dealing with them yet...

After the Matriarch's creation, the Patriarch Aspects unload all the Nokar hell-spawns they were carrying, and created 2 new Piths secretly. Vorcha decided that everything else was not worth his time, so he started killing them off, all the animal life was gone in one half of the planet in the matter of days. After 3 weeks of the Nokar's arrival, the Kuirs see that their ecosystem is declining for some reason. They find out why by sending out a force of 5 warriors wielding bone-like equipment and a large armored vehicle of a similar material and some metal, much like steel or iron but has a natural dark green color. It has a large gun on top that shoots large metal bolts. Their language consists of odd clicking sounds.

"What in the Great One's name is this pestilence? One says staring curiously at a newly formed Hive on the top of a hill overlooking it."

"It is most likely the cause of our home dying. Kill it!"

With that, they charge expecting to kill the organic structure with ease, but about a dozen Drudges pop up from the ground, and stare deeply at the natives.

"Kill the interlopers my pets..." A dark voice echoes through their minds, their King commands they kill them. And they do so with ease, losing only 3 to the vehicle. The Nokar Defilation grows over their corpses, using them as a point to expand on, therefor increasing the prosperityof this Pith.
Within a few months, this race was expelled from existence. The small cluster had evolved in the matter of days, and consumed the planet in a few weeks. The next few centuries consist of the same process until his empire has conquered a whole arm of the Galaxy.

By this time, humanity has found itself in the stars, with large ships, slip space drives, and the force to destroy itself among its current war. Vorcha sits back and watches, he acts as a God. Assisting those in his favor (based on how they fight, not how well) and the opposite to the others, but keeps the war on for about a decade until he has enough corpses.

He re-births the dead men with the life-force of Defilation, thus he named them the Defiled. The regulars have claws, able to damage armor used by the humans, the ranged have bloated necks, and pockets of acid everywhere. They spit acid that will melt flesh and corrode armor, but will also explode on death.

Seeing humans as lesser life forms, he had used them as test subjects for his "creations". The Defiled fight mercilessly, and some still appear human, making them even more efficient killers. One started using Defilation to tie corpses of the humans and its fallen brethren and created an Abomination, a hulking husk of death and decay. The first has reached the size of a building, and wiped out a whole planet with its brothers and sisters. That was not Vorcha's intent, but his results were finished, and he pulled back.

They did not return. The human weapons were not close, and if they were, they would have sensed it, but they didn't.

What had done this? Had he underestimated humanity? Had they broke away from his link?

"This will not bode well..."
Sorry for all the long waits, haven't had time to work on this recently.

Also, on the thought of the lack of dialogue, it is to come, i just need to introduce some of the other characters, (to come later).
Wondered when you were going to remember this. Can't wait to see how it goes. Reminds me I have a story to work on...
I never forgot about it, I just never had the time to write it at my normal pace.
Update incoming.
There was a strange vessel. Flying about near the ravaged corpse of the great Nokar. The ship seemed to be collecting some of its remains... The vessel itself was mid-sized, but not possibly the thing that took out the massive creature.

Vorcha sends in a fleet of Flyers and Whelps, the whelps were an accident, they are the Stemlen for the Aspect clan except they have acid that is harnessed as a weapon that can corrode armor, but it can also trigger a reaction and explode dealing massive damage in numbers. They find the ship was a small scout vessel for a much larger fleet for the Blade Kings. These men were hellbent on dominating all of humanity and any alien opponents. Including Vorcha and the Nokar.

The small fleet was decimated in seconds, but they managed to retrieve the scout's crew and bring him to Vorcha.

*Inside Xazhir*

"Who are you, little ones?" Vorcha says, scratching one's skull with his long claws and accidentally killing him. "Oops."

"W-what the hell is this?" One of them says, seeing his friend bleed out.

"Answer. The question." He is getting annoyed.

"W-We are just scouts. For the Blade Kings. Please, we didn't want this! Don't hurt us!"

"Oh, I won't hurt you. Not even the slightest bit. I will make you my soldiers though." His elite Blood Guards, (A mix between the Warriors and Razor Archers, with great skill and intelligence) drag them off into the lower bowels of the Patriarch King, and they will be used for a new, experiment of Vorcha's.

I have decided to do more short periodic updates, rather than long ones that take me a month or two to do. I'll try to keep posting.

I jsut feckin realized how long it'll take to introduce the characters which will make the story better, but I was thinkin' bout making another story about my main character.
Kain "Korozain" Orin.

Should I continue this, or go do that. I can't do both because I'll forget about one and I don't want to do that...
The men are changed greatly. He himself makes them ingest a stemlen, and observes the result.

They are turned into "The Misshapen". Giant, hulking, hives of mutated flesh and bone. The bones have become a tainted brown color, and protrude out of the joints and hands/feet. They have acid filled puss-pockets all along their bloated bodies. They had a random number of legs, one with 2, another with 5, the other had 3 and a half leg... Their lower bodies seemed to resemble quadrupeds when had more than 3 legs, but less would be bipeds. They became the first of the human Misshapen, leading the charge of Defiled Assaults...

They aren't as big as the Abominations, but they make up for it for their ability to explode huge amounts, their speed, and most deadly...

Their intelligence.
No readers... I SHALL GO ON TO MAKE THE "Shadows of the Past" or something story for my character. My badass character.
01/16/2013 11:07 AMPosted by Korozain
I SHALL GO ON TO MAKE THE "Shadows of the Past" or something story for my character. My badass character.
My hindsight just told me that it's most likely going to have some gory killing involved for Korozain?
IF you want to put it so bluntly... Yes. But there will be much more than mass gore.

There will be. Not a story, but...

A Legend.
01/16/2013 04:27 PMPosted by Korozain
A Legend.

*Grabs popcorn.* A sequel to "I am Legend." Bout damn time.
Haha, I'm not an R.A. Salvatore (favorite author), far from a Jay, hell, I ain't even a Vultureling. But, I don't compare to others.

Because I am Korozain.

It'll be a bit before I start, but when I do, it'll be the start of something (insert awesomely great word here that makes "Magnificent" look like "Bad")
Dropping this story is like dropping a baby...

It's happened and I just make it better.


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