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Recruiting Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo6zwyx2JaY&feature=player_embedded

To go directly to the forums and apply, use this link: http://feverclan.com/forums/forum.html

Any questions can be emailed to: starcraft@feverclan.com

Catch the Fever. Join the pandemic. Never be well again.

Greetings fellow gamers!

Fever Clan is recruiting members! We are a relaxed, mature, international, multi-game clan with support for all major games, active forums, Teamspeak, an established SC2 section, and a very friendly community-oriented member base!

Our SC2 section includes: friendly and courteous members in both NA and EU, a one-on-one coaching program, weekly game nights to just hang out and play some of the silly mods you can find in SC2, BarCraft weekends that are watching parties for the pro leagues, a Bronze/Silver/Gold competitive Clan War team (NA), a Platinum/Diamond competitive Clan War team (NA), a Masters competitive Clan War team (EU), and month long open in-house tournaments for all members (both 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments). We also have plenty more activities and project in the works that will launch in the future!

Requirements to join Fever: applicants at least 16 years old and a microphone for Teamspeak and a mature attitude.

Thank you for your time and come check out Fever Clan!

If SC2 is not your only game, we have support for other games. Our current roster is as follows:

927 Clan Members
49 Clan Officers - 5% of clan
11 Clan Leaders - 1% of clan

There is something for everybody!

We tried to have GM's join us, but it didn't work out because of their general attitude towards lower players.

We do however have diamond practice partners in each race in both NA and EU. We do have some masters guys as well, but not as many.
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I really only play 2's with my younger brother right now but he isn't always online to play, its a hit and miss. I don't actually like the 1v1 aspect of SC2 because I'm a very team oriented player and I much more enjoy the multiplayer comradry over the 1v1 competitive environment( not to say I'm not competitive because I am) .

Do clans have any restrictions on something like that cause I'd play 2's, 3's ect more often than I'd play anything else.

I don't need coaches or anything like that as I'm my biggest critic really. I know what I do wrong as I replay every match I lose to see where I went wrong and where I went right. I've done research into race specifics and dynamics as well as game mechanics.

What I need the most is simply more experience to get faster and make the right decisions at the right times. I lack the most skill in scouting/army positioning, and mineral/gas cost efficiency ie: I tend to leave off upgrades in lieu of a bigger army which always costs me the late game if we can't finish it early/mid. My Bio approach sucks because I don't micro drops very well but I've been working on my mech approach and have been finding good success in that so far. I'm currently in silver with my younger brother WolfColt and we finished 1st in silver last season. The matchmaking tends to pit us against gold, platinum, and a few diamond's right now which is a real challenge but we're getting better ( sitting at 40/50% win rate)

2 things though: I play pure Terran and I'm in my 30's so I don't mind playing with mature teens but immature people of any age annoy the hell out of me.

We are not solely a 1v1 clan. If 2's and other team stuff is your thing, there are plenty of people willing to play those game modes with you.

If you are looking to get better with 1v1s, we have coaches that will help you focus on all aspects of your game.

Lastly, we are a mature gaming clan, thus the 16 and older age requirement. Immature people, annoying trolls, and flamers don't last long with us and get banned immediately. We do this to ensure a pleasant gaming environment for all of our members. We also have a Human Resources department to help deal with extreme cases.

Since you're also interested in the team aspect, we also have weekly game nights to just goof around and play some of the player made mods in SC2.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. :)
Your join link isn't working and someone reset your forums and I was hoping to read something on the clan rules and member expectations.
Yes, if you are referring to the Join link on the very main page... I apologize for that. They haven't fixed it yet, but I will let them know immediately. And yeah, 5 years of information accidentally got erased Saturday... so we've spent the last several days rebuilding the forums.

Use this link instead: http://feverclan.com/forums/forum.html
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You have no posts in the about us thread -.- I would love to have some practice partners but I want to know what I'm getting into here and how strict the play time requirements are.
Found it...just had to search a little bit.

There are no play time requirements. The only requirements we have beyond 16 and older and a microphone for Teamspeak is for the members to log in once every 2 weeks just so we can keep our roster clean and see who's active or not.
Ok cool I just applied. That application page is the most unresponsive laggy thing I've ever used btw you should fix that if you want more apps. I almost didn't apply because of it.
F**********************, I'm 15...
^ Feels bad. I've been in guilds in other games with similar restriction that will make acceptions for those they judge to be mature enough. Maybe you could ask for a trial run in the guild for them to judge you?
@Acidcyclone, we allow guests to join us in both the forums and Teamspeak who are under aged, you just can't and have full access to all of the forums until you are 16.

@Sachairi, yeah, our leader made a post about it today. It's the 3rd time our server has dropped in a month and we'll be switching to a different company in a week or two. But yeah, the site was only down for a few minutes today... at least on my end.
so is this a mass invite clan?

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