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@Ice not sure what you mean by mass invite. We've always been big enough that we get close to 20 or more new applicants a week without advertising or actively recruiting using threads like these.

Every quarter, we have a little contest to boost the numbers by posting in threads like these. The more people we recruit, the happier everyone is, including the new recruits... because our clan is just that awesome. :)

In fact, this is how I found Fever 6 months ago was from a post here in b.net. Haven't regretted joining. I caught the fever. :P
^.^ Burmp
Awesome clan worth the join if you are looking to have some fun!
oh I mean: is there a vetting process?

Do you ever turn down applicants?
oh I mean: is there a vetting process?

Do you ever turn down applicants?

I joined recently and had to apply, and go through an inteview.

Being a standard member and not an officer I dunno if we ever turn down applicants.
I was sold until I read TeamSpeak.

That said, good luck to you guys! You sound like a good bunch.
Yes, there is a vetting process. Platoon leaders check your forum activity once per week. Every two weeks, you will receive a rank up. Every 2 recruits you bring in (I might be wrong and it might be 3) also gets you a rank up. Good work and good attitude also gets you noticed by leaders and can lead to a rank up. Flawlessly completing clan jobs that you apply for (such as forum moderator) will almost guarantee you officership in addition to the other points I made here.

And yes, Teamspeak is required for the interview. The amount of times that you actually use Teamspeak is entirely up to you, especially since SC2 is such a 1v1 oriented game. Teamspeak just makes things easier.

The interview we conduct during the time that you apply is solely to make sure you are who you say you are and are not lying on your application. There are trolls and hackers out there and so we try to screen them out as best as we can.

And yes, we do turn down applicants. Usually the only applicants who get turned down are those who lie about their age, register in a database as a hacker (usually for CoD series games) or get caught trolling in Teamspeak or the forums immediately.
bump. :D
Bump. :D
Kirby bump

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PS: We have cookies.
No, we have... well... you'll have to see. :P
Bumpity Bump!
Bumpity Bump! :D
Angry Kirby Bump! Join the Pandemic! We have cookiez and milk. :D

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