How to Counter Mass Banelings & Mass Zerglings

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Just Type GG and surrender.
Kite like a man.
best way to do it is to have too control and marauders.
stim and split son.
The way to beat zerg is to have your micro be on the same level as his macro.
Switch races and get Colossus and Storm lol

But seriously, just make some more Marauders maybe? make sure they are up front in front of pre split marines. Also, spend as much of your gas as possible on tanks and medivacs. If he has no anti-air, then you can do hot pickups if things go sour on the ground. Hope that helps
The only way to beat an absolute !@#$ton of banes and lings is mech. OR double eng bay MMM, get double upgrades with lots of medivacs (10-12). You can surivive the surround with lots of healing and 1/1, 2/2. You must focus fire banes and kite. If he gets the surround and the bane hits, you lose. Do not try bio vs mass lings unless you have some sweet marine splitting and 150-200apm.

Mech is the easier choice, blue flame helions and tanks. Be prepared for a %^-* ton of mutas afterwards though, you will need some thors, maybe some marines depending on his unit comp. 2/0 blue flame helions roast !@#$. You just have to be careful of not overmaking them as an air attack afterwards can cost you the game. Get some turrets up and turtle. Prepare for a long grueling game where your tank positioning will make or break the game.
To be honest, marines are so cost effective against banes that you really shouldn't have a problem if you pay attention to your upgrades and make sure to split well.
Im still a newbie but base on my experience. I encounter also your problem dude.
What I did is to presure zerg always harass the zerg. You could try the hellion harass then expand followed by mass Marine and medivac while doing this try to always harass the zerg. Dont forget to always look for his expansion and harass all his mineral lines. If you can drop to his base kill also the structures like spawning pool and the baneling nest if there is any in order to stop for the moment the unit count.

Most important part while your harassing continue your macro.

That is why terran is so hard to master because you have to micro and macro all the time.

I hope this is helpful
If you let zerg max that many units, you lost the macro game
The answers are all over this post now, so make sure to respond and thumbs up a few that helped you.
In short, (if you don't want to read it all)
1. You have to practice harassing - No economy -> No rush
- Hellbot/widow mine drops (you need good micro to avoid losing units)
- Factory -> Reactor -> Helion (#)

2. Wall off your base (you're expecting his ling rush)
- Supply Depot x2, Barrack for main
- If you're rushing expansion, build early bunker above natural +2 marines -> wall off with Barracks x2, Supply Depot x(#), and/or Engineering Bay
*This approach requires you to harvest only minerals not rush Refinery
*Mid-game you could add tanks behind wall

3. Tech switch if you can *assuming you run bio*
- Hellbots are the death of zerg bio/light units, coupled with tanks you cannot lose (assuming you eliminate creep, micro)

4. If you are intent with bio, MMM with plenty of medivacs + stimpack/concussive shell upgrade, should work. spread a wide radius, and micro backwards

5. Don't play only with your friend. Unless he can play the game with more variety, you're not going to improve in the slightest.

- Practice your macro (know what to harvest, what you're building, when to scout).
- Be comfortable sending units out there knowing they will die, but do their job.
- Don't switch races, master one first (its takes more than just familiarity and advice to win with another race)
- Avoid Ravens/Ghosts/Tanks + Widow Mines (use either tanks, or widow, not both) for now, your micro isn't there yet.

*Most likely he's an a-clicker and has a one track mindset, could also be annoying and build just one viking to pick off all his overlords. While he's busy taking care of the viking with his marvelous queen micro, kill him. (naturals/expansion/lingering zerglings/banelings)
When you master the art of harassing, or rather when you can beat him half of the time. I suggest you one up your game and attempting rushing with marines/reapers, not up the ramp, but building a bunker at the bottom of the ramp out of range of the queen to delay his expansion (THIS ENSURES YOUR NATURAL IS BUILT UNHARASSED)
- Zerg units are expensive. If he has the same amount of bases as you, he is already behind.
- Helions are not the ideal solution in a straight up fight. Their speed was meant to harass only with quick scouting
- Reaper start requires early refinery
I've met a few zerg on ladder that do this. I have been putting thors and tanks in with MMM. When the attack happens against your main army pull you marines and marauders back and let mech take the baneling hit. Then whats left can be cleaned up with whats left of the bio.
There's this shiny new unit, it's called a Hellbat, you might have heard of it... :P

Seriously though if your opponent is committing that heavily into lings and blings just mass hellbats and either tanks or widow mines (or both!) - Tanks will splash well and do so much faster than mines, but they're vulnerable once they get close up while just a single mine can kill 40+ lings in a single shot if they group up near it.
Lol this is from 2012
Why in the sweet asscheeks are you people bumping a thread that is a year old Lightning?
no widow mines? shame on you
Go 111, put the marines behind the tanks. Focus the tanks on the banelings. You now have a hard counter to zergling baneling. Additionally, pfs (I an assuming he has mass banelings only in late game ) and walls mean the zerg does not base trade faster than terran air
06/20/2016 04:01 PMPosted by Jimmy
Go 111, put the marines behind the tanks. Focus the tanks on the banelings. You now have a hard counter to zergling baneling. Additionally, pfs (I an assuming he has mass banelings only in late game ) and walls mean the zerg does not base trade faster than terran air

you realized, you just posted on a 2+ year old post right?
abuse this early game with a hellbat stim push for sure, if i know a player likes lings or prefers ling muta play i will do an early hellbat push and if you dont outright win you will have done enough damage he cant mass lings. He should need to replace economy then you can choose between continued hellbats or mines or just swap for tanks
I keep reading comments on people giving pro-league level advice and stuff. Not everyone has 300 APM, can readily split their bio army and focus fire banelings at the same time

To the OP: Full mech play would beat ling/bane. Also, make sure you're fighting OFF creep. If your opponent has good creep spread, make it a #1 priority to clear that creep ASAP, as ling/bane loses a lot of damage potential off creep.

For mech, obviously build lots, and lots of Hellions/Hellbats, Siege Tanks & Thors. But if you're completely dedicated to Bio, just throw lots of Blue-Flame Hellbats in at the front of your forces. They'll soak up a lot of damage, and dish a lot of damage out before dying. And since you're going bio anyways, you'll have Medivacs to heal your Hellbats too

Always have your Thors up front to soak up damage, Hellbats/Hellions behind, and Siege Tanks in the rear. If you feel comfortable enough, even have Medivacs around to pick your tanks up if things start to go bad as those are the one unit you want to save. And those Medivacs would really help out with healing the Hellbats

And another tip I would give would depend upon when your opponent is going for these mass ling/bane. Is he rushing to them in like 5 minutes? Or is he building them up and attacking at 10+ minutes?

If the latter, than here's a Terran unit that counters ling/bane better than any other unit in the game: Planetary Fortresses. Getting one, and even grabbing Hi-Sec Auto Tracking for +1 range, and the +2 Building Armor upgrade (both 2 very underused Engineering Bay upgrades) would go a long way towards defending against ling/bane. The amount of splash damage Planetary Fortresses do is incredible, and just getting one or two good shots in on that group of banelings can kill 8 at a time, with a faster fire rate than a tank (though much shorter range). But to compensate for that lack of range, PF's with the +2 building armor (for +4 armor total) don't give two !@#$s about Zerglings surrounding it, which is actually a good thing then since Banelings have a hard time hitting the PF and you can focus fire the banelings that keep circling your PF, unable to attack it with all the zerglings around it

Towards the later game, you can also try making Ravens. Not just 1, or 2, but like 10 or 12 with the damage upgrade, hi-sec auto tracking and building armor upgrades. Those autoturrets absolutely SHRED ling/banes. Like, they're killing lings/banes in 2 hits guaranteed and fire almost as fast as a stimmed marine. And the great thing about those Turrets is that the banelings will automatically target them and explode, wasting multiple banelings to kill a unit that is free and only costs energy. You could also try out Seeker Missiles for if your opponent isn't paying attention (though even if he is, it can be really hard to try and split his units up) which if you are able to target the lings/banes in the middle of the groups, can instantly take out 100+ supply of units in the best case scenario
GUYS This post is YEARS old, please stop posting on it ._. Terran forums dead

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