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Hello and welcome! There is a space mission, then- *gasps*- OUR FIRST GRADUATION!

This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof:
Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity)
Queen (SC2)
High Templar
Dark Templar

Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format:

Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last)
Abilities (two maximum, kapische?)
Used Weapons
Special Notes

In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later)

Vehicle List (Space Conflict)
Void Ray

Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase)
<None needed for Stalker/Dragoon>
Reaver (modified)
Colossus (modified)
Siege Tank

I mentioned modes earlier. There are four.
Jester- Protect a special unit (30 hp, 2 damage, 3 range) until he gets to a supercomputer to hack files for you.
Invasion- Your units travel with 12 supply of in-game units (no, not each) to achieve a goal.
Vehicle Chase- All of you have one goal- destroy all of each others' vehicles! (only vs.)
Space Conflict- Enemy Stargate/Starport/Spire units will try to kill you. Kill them first.

Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms
2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library
3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves)
4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing
Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting Tower
The Board:

Teacher(s)- Assist in EMERGENCIES:
Agent Shadow <Ghost, Roach, Sentry> [870 HP, 270 SP, 150 energy]
Armament- S.B.P. 91 {9 range, 17 damage} , Acidic Spit {5 range, 38 damage} , Energy Blast {4 range, 4 damage}
-- permanently cloaked, has Nightmare (Hallucinations that attack), Rapid Regen, Lockdown

Jess <Ghost, Hydralisk, Zealot> [260 HP, 100 SP, 200 energy]
Armament- Duorifle {10 range, 25 damge *x5 v Armored*}, Psiblade {Melee, 16 damage}, Shock-Spines {5 range, 18 damage}
--Cloak, Bolt-Charge (<Passive>), Lockdown, Snipe, EMP Round


Ceas <Sentry> (25 HP, 50 SP, 600 energy)
Armament- Ion Beam {36 range, 156 damage}
--Guardian Shield, Destabilize, ???, Caster Love

Hale Carmine <Reaper> (50 HP, 100 energy)
Armament- Gnasher Shotgun {12 range, 38 damage}, Dual Katars, {Melee, 30 damage each}
--Regeneration (<Passive>), Cliff Jumping (<Passive>), Last Resort, ???

Marduk <Queen, High Templar> (108 HP, 15 SP, 1200 energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {9 range, 9 damage}
--Feedback, Burrow, Consume, Ocular Parasite, Dark Swarm, Morph, ???, Caster Love
>>Reaver |Modified|>> Guardvourer

Abel <Ghost, Medic> (70 HP, 200 energy)
Armament- Lance {2 range, 15 damage}, Magnum {5 range, 6 damage}
--Reflex, Heal, Blink, Psionic Reinforcement, Mind Control, ???, Caster Love

Kasora <Lurker> (140 HP, 320 energy)
Armament- Subterranean Spines {9 range, 52 damage}, Needle Spines {5 range, 14 damage}, Sickle Claws {Melee, 36 damage}
--Burrow movement (<Passive>), Subterranean Detection (<Passive>), Double Take, Maelstrom <Lockdown on bio>, Entangle, ???
>>Xiuhcoatl the Nydus>>Roalisk

Traethian Dhanis <Marine, Zergling> (55 HP, 100 energy)
Armament- Gauss Rifle {6 range, 12 damage}, Arm Spines {Melee, 7 damage}
--Burrow, Stymzymes, C-4, ???

Kelsier <Dark Templar, High Templar, Zealot> (50 HP, 45 SP, 100 energy)
Armament- Warp Blade {1 range, 96 damage}, Psi- Knife {Melee, 60 damage}
--Telekinesis, Blink, ???, Caster Love

Fencar <Ghost> (100HP, 800 energy)
Armament- C-10 Canister Rifle- (10 range, 16 damage)
--Snipe, Lockdown, ???

Alex <Firebat, Marauder> (100 HP, 100 energy)
Armament- THE Flamethrower(3 range, 84 damage-- splash) -or- THE Grenade Launcher(6 range, 96 damage)
--Concussive Shells, Blue Flame Booster, ???

"Blackjack" McCoy <Marine> (60 HP, 100 energy)
Armament- Prototype C-21 Gauss Rifle (6 range, 15 damage)
Abilities- Psi Reflector, Ace in the Hole, ???

-Bryan Ravius- "Shade" <Marine, Ghost> (75 HP, 260 energy)
Armament- Modified Guass Rifle (6 range, 36 damage) Combat Knife (Melee, 45 damage)
Abilities- Cloak, Psionic Tendrils, Psi Whisper, ???

Urlog <Lurker> (140 HP, 100 energy)=-
Armament- Subterranean Spines {27 range, 52 damage}
Abilities- Burrow, Burrow move, ???

John Flint <Marine, Zealot, ???> (65 HP, 15 SP, 400 energy)
Armament- Revolver {6 damage, 2 range}, Psi-blade {16 damage, Melee}, Morphed weaponry {2-20 damage, Melee-3 range}
Abilities- Morph, Psi Shield, Regeneration (<Passive>), ???

Xin <Spectre, Dragoon> (90 HP, 50 SP, 800 energy)
Armament- Neosteel Blade {Melee, 35 damage}, Prototype AGR-20 Rifle {6 range, 15 damage}, Dual pistols {3 range, 20 damage}
Abilities- Psionic Lash, Cloak, Energy Break, ???, Caster Love

Calek <Hydralisk, Lurker, Spectre> (100 HP, 800 energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {5 range, 12 damage}, Scythe {Melee, 12 damage}, Subterranean Spines {9 range, 15 damage (x2 vs Armored)}
Abilities- Burrow Movement(<Passive>), Psionic Lash, Ultrasonic Pulse, ???, Caster Love
>>Siege Tank>>Void Ray

Frederick Augustine "Paper" <Reaper, Spectre> (75 HP, 200 energy)
Armament- AGR-15 Rifle {5 range, 22 damage}, D-8 Charges {3 range, 35 damage}
Abilities- Jetpack Usage (<Passive>), Ultrasonic Pulse, ???
A few announcements:
The space mission is our first, so I'd like to direct your attention to the daunting enemy:
The Commune has not only Battlecruisers, but stolen Carriers and Tempests! The absolute horror!
The tournament is before us, and it is a doozy- 1v1 going on until one of my students gets promoted to a Teacher role, boosting up all their stats!

Battle 1:
Alex vs. "Blackjack" McCoy

Battle 2:
Frederick Augustine "Paper" vs. Traethian Dhanis

Battle 3:
Marduk vs. John Flint

Battle 4:
Bryan "Shade" Ravius vs. Hale Carmine

Battle 5:
Abel vs. Urlog

Battle 6:
Kelsier vs. Calek

Battle 7:
Fencar vs. Ceas

Battle 8:
Xin vs. Kasora

Battle 9:
1 Winner vs. 2 Winner

Battle 10:
3 Winner vs. 4 Winner

Battle 11:
5 Winner vs. 6 Winner

Battle 12:
7 Winner vs. 8 Winner

Battle 13:
9 Winner vs. 10 Winner

Battle 14:
11 Winner vs. 12 Winner

Battle Final:
13 Winner vs. 14 Winner

And the bonus boxes:

Can o' Zergliness- In use by Traethian Dhanis
All I Do is Stim- In use by Abel
Can I Get a Warp, Warp?
Master of Puppets- In use by Calek
One- In use by Xin
Power Underwhelming
Dirigible Calling- In use by Ceas
Strike Now, Think Later- In use by Hale Carmine
What Did You Think?
Behind the Light- In use by Kasora
Shocking, Isn't It?- In use by "Blackjack" McCoy
What's Up?
Double Your Pleasure- In use by Bryan "Shade" Ravius
What'chu Say?
E and H- In use by John Flint
You did read my last post about the ability if I could have it as a passive right. Will be gone for a while.
I saw it. See you.
I will be gone for a little bit. Going to be at the beach. I will need to change my vehicles if they are really slow, as both are fragile and rely on their speed to stay alive.
By a while that usually means maybe around a hour or two well see yea.
And Owlfeathers how goes the picture.
Not bad, going to post it on DA as soon as I get the time. The background is basically done now, unless I can think of something to add. And now on to the characters...
Name: Fredrick Augustine "Paper"
Age: 26
Class: Reaper / Spectre
Abilities: Jet pack, Ultrasonic Pulse
Weapons: AGR-15 Rifle, D-8 Charges
Talented Vulture pilot. Also very skillful fighter pilot in a Wraith.
Victim of both Spectre and Reaper trainings, his mentality is almost fully shattered.
Also, I'm wondering if Jet packs are kind of included as a Reaper perk, because I'd like to be able to cloak. Granted, it will be a very unstable cloak, due to his armor modification to suport both Reaper and Spectre perks, as well as his lack of focus and rage.

"Feed the Reaper man-No, that's not it...
Fear the Rage... Ah, Damnit!!!"

Would it be alright if I joined?
Abel walks over, and cuts off several portions of the door's biosteel. He would need it later. And he could not pass. If he did the gig would be up. He would have to fail spectacularly in the third round, or less. If he passed, he would have a slight problem. The stats boosted would have no effect. The restraints always keep him at 10%. So any stat boosts would be significantly lower than usual. That would be suspicious, and incur investigation. If he searched the commune data files....
(his mind is shielded, no eavesdropping!)
How about you make it 2.5 or something? That's really just bullsh*t, because with 3x3 it doesn't matter if I see him throw it, because I'll get hit anyways! At least with 2.5 they have to catch me off guard.
Actually, if you see him throw it, you can just barely get out in time if you start moving while the explosive is midair. That, or just not stop moving period.

But let's say it takes one second to throw it, and so I get one second of movement to run away. This happens:

►I move 3.75 squares, but 0.25 of my is still in the radius, so I get hit.
►My opponent gets 8 free shots off of me, since they have to be 5 squares away from me to hit me, garenteering my death.
►I just got killed by something I saw in plain sight and had attempted to avoided, no buts, no nothing.

You get it now? At least it should have a fuse. It doesn't list any timer, so I assumed 'explode on impact'.

EDIT: Wait. My logic if flawed. I had assumed 3x3 was '3 squares away from impact', but it the area of impact counts as one of the 3 squares, then it only goes out by 2 squares, meaning I'm 1.75 squares away from the explosion. Nevermind, no nerf is needed.
Hmm . . . Soldier freakin' quit, I think. So I'll just give you his tournament spot . . . that'll work nicely. Fantasy, pick a box.
All I Do is Stim-
(Abel's bonus)
Summons 3 Marauders, 6 Firebats, and 12 Marines, all equipped with StimPack.
Crap, I was hoping for a massive speed buff.
In a way, What'chu Say? vs. Hale or Frederick could be a speed buff.
Um, I think MrRandom is gone to, and I just feel a need to repost this:

I might need to change my vehicles if they are slower, as they both rely on speed to make up for fragility.
And how would feedback work, most of us would be dead after one, or is it different? Most of these seem like insta-kills to me :/
Lore-wise, Feedback requires mental focusing on a visible target. Therefore, they can only Feedback you if they see you and focus their minds a little (most psionics will pick up on that ASAP).

Vehicle swap? Sure, why not. Practically everyone has Vulture/Wraith.
06/28/2012 02:17 PMPosted by Owlfeathers
And Owlfeathers how goes the picture.
Not bad, going to post it on DA as soon as I get the time. The background is basically done now, unless I can think of something to add. And now on to the characters...
Hey Owl I changed my persons armor since the old one was destroyed, good thing you didn't do the characters yet.

That armor looks cool, and I got stung by a bee. And Draconus I would say that my character should have just a little bit of therapy to make sure he is ready for action again. Just to make sure he is ok and stuff.

IC: One of the tentacles punched a hole in the wall but the wall quickly regenerated. I awoke from my sleep. "I have a massive headache."

OOC: And really everyone has a Vulture and or a Wraith. Why man why.
I think...
Siege Tank and Void Ray

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