Eighth Nibble at the PanKoprulu Academy

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06/30/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Owlfeathers
Also, I did a horrible job of explaining that.

You got the core idea.

You make a character that is unique to you, but fits into some subset or another. (Human/ Alien/ Hybrid) and has a unique back-story.

RPing with others:
You attempt to (as seamlessly as possible) weave your character into the story that another (or yourself) has created.

Don't troll
You attempt not to kill other people's characters (because it is rather rude).
Don't take control of other people's characters
Have fun
Jess nods.
I do enjoy shooting things.
I turn around. "You know, Jess, you really oughta quiet your thought-stream. Someone mught hear you." Jess offhandedly remarks, "OK." Her blood runs cold, and she looks up at me from her crouched position. "You knew I was here?" "The whole time. Telepath, remember?" Jess scowls. "Screw you." I grin. "I'll take a rain check on that offer."
06/30/2012 09:19 PMPosted by Draconus
Jess offhandedly remarks

You mean shadow?

Does he mean your thought are loud?
OOC: We fighting?

If so-I decide to just go full auto with my arg-20 and decimate the interceptors sent our way. I swerved around Flint's viking and take out another BC in front of us with combined volleys of our lancer torpedos.

If not-I get myself a small snack from the cafeteria and head into the hanger, sandwich in mouth I might add and ask, "Where's the welcoming commitee?"

OOC: BTW afk until July 3rd when I reach the states starting 0700 Central Time. Zanon has control.
I allow a little time for my shields to recharge, and fly at full speed towards the foremost carrier. I locate the concealed cockpit, and carve an opening with my Prismatic Beam. I get as close as possible, and release a massive flux of psionic energy at the singular pilot. I then proceed to focus him down with the beam, almost assuredly disabling him, and thus his ship.
The Dark Echo continues to pick off cruisers one by one by first disabling the target's communications relay and then their sensors, whilst having its fighters swarm the target cruiser, and destroy it.
OOC: She said, "OK.", not recognizing my recognition.
Everyone, I'm grounded AGAIN. BS aside, see you officially Sunday.
As Calek fires on the leading Commune Battlecruiser, disabling most of its primary systems, I fly in behind him, "above" the ship. Beside me, I see Calek's Void Ray being driven off by an Interceptor squadron, and I reallocate most of my shields to protect me from their beams. As he pulls away, I fire a pair of missiles into the remains of the bridge, fully disabling the ship.

The space station floats behind the ruined Battlecruiser, a silent, dark shape against the stars. I slow my forward momentum by about 35%, and accelerate to the "left", putting me on an attack approach with the first stationary turret. The turret begins to fire its missiles at me, and I move most of my shielding to compensate. I fire both Particle Beams at the turret, melting a corner of it, before firing a pair of missiles inside the hole, obliterating the turret and sending pieces of potentially lethal debris flying outwards.

As I decelerate and turn more to prevent myself from crashing into the space station, I see a bright blue glow from the "right", getting steadily brighter by the second.


I wake up, the ship drifting toward the space station. There is a brief glow overhead as a missile from one of the turrets -or maybe a Battlecruiser- flies over the cockpit window. I have a slight electric buzz going through my entire body. A Tempest. I must have forgotten to change my shielding as I pulled away, and been hit by a shot from a Tempest on one of the less shielded sides.

I reorient myself, and then reconnect myself to the ship. It was rather lucky that the ship hadn't been smashed against the side of the station when I was disabled, I suppose. Still, with my shields completely gone now, I can't afford to take any more hits, from nearly anything. I still have the same trajectory towards the station, and I continue on it, turning "down" and "left" a bit, angling towards one of the docking bays on the station. There is a slight, blue tinted shimmer over the bay; a force field. I melt the edge of the bay's opening to slag with my Particle Beams, destroying the field emitters, as I decelerate sharply and land in the bay.

OOC: Ah goodness, that took forever to type.
OOC: I am back, my computer got fried because of a massive storm that happened June 29th. Didn't get power until today and I am using my brothers computer. We had a state wide blackout. And a recap will be appriecated.
07/02/2012 07:16 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
OOC: I am back, my computer got fried because of a massive storm that happened June 29th. Didn't get power until today and I am using my brothers computer. We had a state wide blackout. And a recap will be appriecated.

Recap: The battle started.
Other than that: Not_much_happened.
I was flying at top speeds while dodging debris from the ships. Just then seven interceptors were trying to intercept me, and they were succeeding. They shot the Wraith's energy device.
[Comm]"I have a problem, they disabled my cloaking device."

While trying to dodge the interceptors one of them shot the main engine.

The Wraith entered one of the Battle Cruisers that were closest to the Wraith and crashed in the hanger, destroying any ships in front of it.
The Abel sitting in the scout co ckpit was actually a doll. A doll capable of mimicking brainwave signals sent when a person was sleeping. The actual Abel woke up, and got out of a panel cut out under the floor board.
He looked outside, and saw a girl, a girl with flame color hair, and holding a very familiar pair of knives. He leapt out of the window, and landed softly on the ground next to her. "Kyra, Its been a long time. Did Joan send you here?"
The girl smiled, and twirled around one of the golden knives. "Yup, The Commander found a way to deactivate my bombs, you know, the ones implanted in me. Apparently they screwed up in the system in mine. She told me that she had already sent you here, and asked me to come and play the role of a student. I have the same restraints as you so I won't stand out. How on earth do you abide being this weak!"
Abel stretched both of his arms over his head, and said "I manage. How's unit 0? And did you rank up?"
She shook her head and said, "After you left, I automatically went into your position, the 13th strongest out of the 15. God! we are so weak compared to the top ten."
"What's your cover story, Mine is a combat medic who left the service."
"A spectre"
"Does that mean you get an excuse to be insane? What the hell was Joan thinking!? Argh!"
Kyra, laughed and said, "I still see you didn't forget the time when I managed to bind a gasoline soaked, Flaming weasel too your back"
Abel turned and shouted "No! I was thinking of the Scout Joyride! Where you "Accidentally" Destroyed an entire protoss settlement!"
"Well that was unnecessary. But what was necessary was the weasel incident. I have never seen someone sleep through the whack of a bull whip, so naturally I stepped up to the challenge."
"Shut up"

Weapons- Bolt-action sniper rifle-20 damage, 7 range(How screwed up is the system! a sniper rifle has barely more range than a shotgun)
Throwing knives- range 4.
The knives have strings attached to them so she can manipulate them at will.
(damage and range should be adjusted accordingly)

Psiweb-Kyra has a certain area in which she can manipulate the materials within it using psionic abilities. (Eg-muffling sound, resonating materials, diverting energy)

Psionic armor-Sacrifices energy to protect her entire body. During this time, she loses the ability to move. However she can still attack, and use Psiweb.
Resonate- sacrifice 5 energy to cause her knives to resonate at a high frequency.
I awoke from the crash and the soldiers were slowly approaching the Wraith.
"Shi*, my radio is down. [Psi] To anybody nearby who is hearing this, my Wraith got shot down and I had to make an emergency landing in one of the Commune Battle Cruisers, I will try to shut it down from the inside by myself but I will need immediate extraction after I do it.

After that I smashed open the cockpit and I flung my knife into one of the soldiers. Just then the Commune sent out a Combat Mech. "What in the world is that thing." It was massive.

OOC: It looks like this, http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=combat+mech#/d9zvbb

And for the EXFIL it would be nice if DZ could do it since and he could have a small squad assist me.
OOC: I've had power for a while, but the Cable just came back. Yay, I can use the Interwebz naow.
Abel coughed, and drew his lance. Kyra drew her knives. "There's no one around but us. Kojak is here, but he is asleep, and Kental is too stupid to stop us. Its been forever since I could fight at full power. Can you grant me a sparring match?"
Kyra smiled and said, "First we have to check something on the commune's database. I want to see our profiles. we might have to hack into the database system, if detrimental information is in there."
Abel nodded and said, "Agreed, Can you hack? I can pick the lock to shadow's room"
Kyra gave a thumbs up and said "Of course"
About twenty seconds later, the two were in Shadow's room, Kyra was hacking into the commune's database, and Abel was sitting on the bed. The blue screen gave the dark room a hazy light.
"I got in"
Abel looked over her shoulder, as she started to select which piece of information she was going to see. There were two icons, one containing Abel's profile. Kyra rubbed her eyes, "This is as far as I can get. The rest of the files are corrupted somehow. That's a relief. But the commune probably has paper copies, so if they get anywhere near the storage area, that also happens to contain those weapon prototypes.....
The Mech was a Atlas model. "Target locked." The Atlas primed it's barrels and a barrage of spikes came flying out, impaling the Wraith. I NEED IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE RIGHT NO-.
A spike went through the side of the Wraith and impaled my shoulder, it pinned my body to the hull of the Wraith.
On my way.

I veer my viking towards the cruiser that Shade had landed on. ATA batteries on the ship turn to fire at me. I fire at a near by turret and attempt to out maneuver the incoming burst from the others.

As I make another pass I see the hanger where he landed. I continue forward until I have room to maneuver the viking around so that I can land in the hanger.
I could sense Flint flying into the hanger. Be careful there's a Mech in here. It was painful but I ripped the spike out of my shoulder and I tried to get the missile system on the Wraith working since it was pointed at a door, and if I could take that out we would have a better chance fighting our way to the Reactor.

"This isn't good, the weapon systems are fried, it will take a week to get it working again."
Thanks I'll keep an eye out

As soon as I enter the hanger I see the mech right near one of the doors. Quickly I turn the ship so I could fire at least one missile at it. As I fired one missile at it it returned fire with a barrage of spikes. One wing of the viking was quickly torn apart, the hatch stopped a spike inches from hitting me and one of the missile bays was damaged to badly to function. The missile had went off just before it hit the mech due to a spike hitting the warhead. It seems to have damaged the mech some but I couldn't tell without getting closer.

I quickly land and begin looking for Shade.

OOC: Gone for awhile till bout midnight EST. Yay for closing shifts :/.
As I reached for my Rifle I saw Flint running across the hanger. "HEY OVER HERE." I motioned him. Three Commune Marines showed up and I shot them all in their vital points. I then released Psionic Tendrils at the Mech and it pierced the chest, hoping that there was someone piloting it. "Shi*, FLINT THE MECH IS ALL MACHINE, THERE IS NO ONE PILOTING IT." As I continued to shoot.

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