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yo been playing ua3 for awhile. since update i can no longer put points into skills of my character how to fix
@kubankiller - You probably need to turn off the new simple command card option presented in the 2.0.4 patch.

In game just go to options > gameplay > uncheck simple command card.
Hope this helps.

Find players who are players you can play with and play your way to victory!
Please get rid of the ALERT SOUND: OUR ALLIES ARE IN COMBAT..... allies are always in combat, there's no need for the alert.
07/06/2012 07:39 AMPosted by composure
I really like the map but I don't understand how to unlock the new characters. I can only have medic and the other dude.

You gain XP with every mission you successfully complete. This XP adds up and ranks you up over time.

With enough rank, a new hero will be unlocked.

Is there a progress bar somewhere?
A whole ago I was playing WO for the first time and gained negative xp because team wasn't doing good. Now I can't select WO. Any way of helping me out?
u need to much xp to unlock the best classes... played the map 30 times and didn't unlocked half of the classes =/
please - transfer it to europa server -
Hey Wanted to Reach Out To All the Arcade Survival/Team/1Unit/ Lovers

UAC is the successor of UA3 made by illidan92.

Xemo, Doom, RPS,

As main Devs, Have Guided The Series to THE # 1 Most Played Survival Game!!!

And I am The One With Many Faces

For Now I am What I like To call myself the community Builder for UAC.

We have A pretty Good BackBone With a Group With almost 500 members 3-4 Main Clans

    TeamSpeak Server: lax01.mainvoice.net:7494
    Password: ZES
    CurceVoice(Alpha) Add AndrewWalkr or leanandclean to be added to uac group

    Forum: http://www.undeadassaultchronicles.com/ AKA tinyurl.com/UACFRM

    GD WIKI: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1ID8bqSMp2TR1ZYRXA4RVJUODA AKA tinyurl.com/UACWIKI

    Group: battlenet:://starcraft/group/1/206245

New Modes Being Tested Daily To be Added Sooooon.... Like DeathMatch Bringing PVP
i need the ua3 map but i dont know were to get it help me

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