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The Captain awoke from the long sleep as he heard machinery start to whirl and buzz.
There was a hissing sound as the hatch of his Cryo Pod opened and the two atmospheres collided. He lazily stumbled out and was greeted by a holographic adjutant.
"Good morning Captain, our long voyage from earth is almost over. A Med Officer will be here soon to administer CryoStim supplements. After you have received your supplements, the Admiral has requested your presence on the Bridge."
Both his body and mind felt like they were still asleep. He felt like collapsing then and there, but decided against it. The Captain looked around. It was the Cyro Chamber of the Yggdrasil, housing most of the higher ranking officers of the UED's second fleet. There were rows and rows of pods, ranging several floors up. He turned as he heard metallic clanging coming from around the corner, and not even a few seconds after that a blonde woman appeared holding a syringe.
She stopped for a second and examined the still naked Captain. At first he didn't realize what she was looking at, but even after he came to the conclusion, he didn't do anything to adjust. He had nothing to be ashamed of, and trying to hide would make him seem shy. And he was just too damn tired to do anything about it anyways. The girl approached and asked for him to hold out his arm as she plunged the needle into his skin.
He felt a rush of adrenaline, and most of his senses returned to normal.
"Follow me, we'll get you some cloths then I'll direct you to the bridge."

A now appropriate Captain approached the bridge. Well, main bridge that is, there are three in total. The other bridges were put in place to ensure that should the main bridge suffer damage, the ship wouldn't be rendered useless, though the other two were in a constant lockdown to prevent anyone from taking control of the ship out from under the Admiral. The ship was designed to take extreme damage and still be able to function. There was also multiple reactors and armories. Infantry were kept on several different levels, nine docking bays in total, and eight elevators and about a dozen staircases. The ship was extremely large, and you could get easily lost.
He took a deep breathe and approached the massive blast doors. They opened when he was a few feet away, and revealed a hive of activity. Lesser officers were running around from console to console, preparing for the fleet to exit warp space. The Admiral stood in the center of the room, with his back to his command chair and was facing a large amount of viewing screens. Without turning he addressed the Captain in a voice that held both energy and knowledge.
"Ah, Captain. It's good to have you awake. I've reviewed your records, and I'm quite impressed." He walked over to a holo projector and activated it. "This," he gestured to the Capital ship being projected "Is the Niflhel, and it is capable of splitting enemy warships in two with a single shot from it's overly sized Yamato cannon." The Captain approached the hologram with interest, examining it. "You will be commanding this ship as well as a small part of the fleet." The Captain nodded, honored to serve aboard such a great piece of Earth technology.
"You will take your battle group and attack these planets..."
The Admiral continued to brief the Captain on what is to be done within the first few days of their arrival. And he would continue to brief several other officers before entering the Koprulu sector.

Vice Admiral Jheria approached the command chair in the main bridge. Most of the activity had died down, and now only a dozen or so officers were left. They would serve as the crew for the Yggdrasil during their campaign. He slender frame and messy brown hair (longer than regulation) reflected her exhaustion from running around the ship for the past few hours.
"Admiral, all commanding officers have been briefed and are ready to begin conquering this sector."
The Admiral stood with his hands crossed behind his back, then turned to his second in command. His Black and silver hair gleamed in the bright lights and his blue eyes seemed to be lit by all his pride and honor.
Jheria hesitated "Sir... What is going to happen?"
The Vice Admiral was extremely young for her rank, but the Admiral knew behind the face of that young woman lay an extremely talented tactical adviser.
He walked up to her and put his heavy hand on her thin shoulder.
"Do not worry, my good Jheria. Our fleet is massive, and geared with the best technology the UED has to offer! Fear is for the enemy. You must go into this with both your heart and your mind, for if either is empty, we will fail." He stared into her eyes.
"Are you ready for this, Jheria?"
She looked down, contemplating. Then her head rose and meet the Admiral's gaze.
"I am ready."
"Good, now go make sure all preparations are made."
"Yes Admiral."
The Admiral returned to his position, leaving Jheria alone with her thoughts.
October 6, 2504 (Koprulu Calendar)
In the midst of the second Great War, were the Protoss and Terran battle for survival against the massive Zerg Swarm, a new, and possibly more dangerous threat had arrived.
A family sits in there homes comfortably.
A small number of bar patrons gather around the television.
People in a town plaza stop as their attention is drawn to a special UNN news report.
"This is Daniel Patrick, live from the fringe world Fargos. It would appear that an incredibly massive fleet of war ships have exited warp space not too far from where I am now."
The screen shows footage from the window of a spacecraft, revealing the immense fleet.
"One in particular is gigantic." The camera zooms in on the Flagship.
"We have no idea who this fleet is associated with, but it is certainly not the Dominion."
The family is now shifting uncomfortably, the bar patrons are visibly upset, and the plaza commerce is in uproar.
The Dominion quickly assembled their fleet to combat this new 'menace'.
It is being reported that General Warfield himself is leading the fleet in the "Helios".
They have warped in several hundred planetary diameters away from the newcomers and are attempting communication. They were successful.
In the Helios' Bridge, the Admiral's Hologram was projected and wore a deadly serious face.
"Ah, General Warfield. We expected you to be here a bit later, but that's no matter."
Warfield was upset. "Attention Rouge fleet, you are hereby ordered to power down your ships and surrender immediately by the Terran Dominion and reveal your affiliation at once."
The Admiral laughed "I'm afraid that won't happen, and you haven't figured that out yet? Who else could just appear out of no where with such technology?"
Warfield took a step forward, his expression grim. "What do you mean?"
"I mean we represent the true ingenuity and might of the United Earth Directorate."
The general was stunned, but quickly recovered.
"It doesn't matter if you're from Earth or not, you're still goin' down!"
Now addressing his own fleet.
"All ships, move to engage." Then cut the frequency.

The Admiral gave another laugh.
"I want nothing left of any of those ships, excluding the flagship. I want boarding parties launched and to take that ship by force. It may have something of value."
OOC: Which fleet will appear at the colony I am at.
The massive cruiser Yggdrasil broke through the ranks of it's inferior allies and let loose a torrent of lasers and missles, which slammed into the first wave Dominion battlecrusier.
The Niflhel had already made use of it's cannon and incinerated several capital ships with a single shot. And many 'Carriers' had launched previously unknown fighters (Einherjars), which were playing hell with the Dominion Vikings and using hit and run tactics on the larger ships.
Several boarding parties had already reached the Helios' and were beginning the capture.
It was clear that this battle wasn't going well for the Dominion.

{[{[ Raven, check page 5. I already told you.]}]}
The dawn of a new day brought a surprise for the colony.

"EVERYONE THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!" The voice was sent through the speakers and everyone came outside. They all ranged from Men to Women to children.

"You all know that the Dominion abandoned us, well we need to fortify the colony, for once the swarm comes they will never stop. I need all engineers and mechanics to begin fortifying the bunkers and the Machine Gun nests, then after you are done I need you to arm the trucks up. I want all militia to be ready on the go. And I want the civilians to go the the bomb shelter when they come, dismiss."

Everyone started to get to work. And the person stepped down from the speaker. This was Ex Admiral Bryne and I was him.

"Admiral Bryne I have those reports you want."

"Please don't call me that anymore, I will look at these soon, now you rest we have a day ahead of us."

"Yes sir." He ran off and I walked back to my quarters to look over these reports about the surrounding area. My quarters was a renovated bunker and these reports were just scans of the area so we could be safe.
The docking bay seemed like it was the center of a beehive, or at least it seemed this way to Pvt. Will Jacobs. He was trying to reach the doors, and get the hell out, because he had really no idea what to do here.
Then a ship passed through the force field and landed.
Everyone was frozen. Jacobs stared in horror as doors on all sides of the ship opened.
A white colored Marine stepped out. He wore a helmet instead of the faceplate used by Koprulu marines. It seemed like there actually was a visor that covered his whole face, but it was hidden beneath strips of metal.
It was bizarre, but made sense. The strips could provide more protection for his face than just a visor would. The rest of the armor also seemed supped up, and made a War Pig look weak.
And as Jacobs was trying to figure out how the marine saw past his visor more started piling out of the ship, and before he could turn and run they opened fire.

The Fleets continued to exchange fire, but it was obvious the Dominion was fighting a losing battle. They had already lost twelve battlcrusiers, and the battle had barely begun.
The Yggdrasil continued to batter the entire fleet with hundreds of lasers and missiles. Anyone gazing upon this sight would have guessed it had at least one hundred cannons on it, and that's not including the missile pods. And the Niflhel wasn't much larger than your average cruiser, but it's cannon was something to be feared and worshiped. Through some miracle of technology it's cooldown doesn't last long, and it had already unleashed another blast on the Dominion.
A battlcruiser, the Apollo had lined up a Yamato shot with the Niflhel, but a small frigate intercepted the line of fire, serving as a sacrificial shield, and allowing the Niflhel to continue it's rampage. Starting with the Apollo.
OOC: Avikon, what will be attacking my fringe world? I need to know if I'm at a disadvantage or totally f*cked.
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OOC: Avikon, what will be attacking my fringe world? I need to know if I'm at a disadvantage or totally f*cked.

Zerg can until I get around to it. *Smiles mischievously*
Name: Hunter Zios
Race: Terran
Unit Type: Spectre (New Prototype Gear)
Affiliation: Leader of Headhunters
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Equipment: Prototype AGR-77 Gauss Rifle, Prototype Specter Combat/Survival Suit MK. VI equipped with experimental shield generator, thermal and night vision, and prototype energy blade, Scythe MK. II Combat Pistols, twin combat knives, emergency medical supplies
Abilities: Psi lash, Hypersonic Pulse, conceal psionic signature, detect other psionics, unique Spectre ability he calls Eruption. Causes a small volcanic eruption underneath the targeted subject, but only one person (or other race) and takes time to build up.

All of Nessy's crew and passengers had watched the transmission, but I was the only to recognize the technology. The UED. This is gonna be bloody. I prepare to give the first combat order since Kirona because our flight path would lead us into the middle of it. I open the channel to both the crew and the escorts, as all ships in my unit were heavily customized for a variety of encounters. Nessy itself was armed with 4 heavy 90mm Gauss Cannons.

"Men, this is 1st lieutenant Hunter speaking. Man your battle stations. When we drop out of warp, we'll be right in the middle of that battle. I know some of you are scared, having seen the flagships size, but we will not falter, for we are Headhunters. Now, show me your hearts of courage and GIVE NO QUARTER!!!!" This was met by cheers as stations were manned and fighters took up formation. We were just a moment away from exit as the final ready report came in. Then we dropped out of warp and it was hell. A good part of the Dominions fleet was destroyed while the UED was virtually untouched, but we stayed strong. We were immediately assaulted from all sides by the UED fighters, designs I'd never seen before. Soon, Nessy was rocked from a boarding pod hitting us. I geared up to take the fight to the enemy.

OOC: This song seemed to fit better for the opening bit.
The 'battlefield' was hectic. Ships were being blown apart left and right. The Yggdrasil seemed to be impervious. It's energy shields were much stronger than an average battlecrusier and deflected most of the Dominion's arsenal. A few Battlecrusiers had tried to hit it with a Yamato, but were cut down before they got the chance to fire it off.
Morale was broken and most of the Dominion fleet began to turn and run, powering their warp generators, but the UED would allow no respite, and continued to fire upon their retreating foes.

The UED's marines continued throughout the ship, much of it was observed by Warfield on the command deck. It was obvious the Helios didn't expect to be boarded, and it's lack of fighting capability was almost sad. The white Marines slaughtered anyone they came across, unarmed or otherwise. They were practically uncontested. They paved their way throughout the flagship. Within minutes, half the the Helios' crew was dead.

Warfield was standing in the bridge, fully suited in his CMC armor and holding his impaler rifle. Several other marines accompanied him as well.
The General had ordered the blast doors sealed, but that was only a delay. The UED strike-force had some sort of welders and were working their way through the door.
And they were almost finished.
Then the welding stopped. The was a semi-circle cut into the door. All his marines were already behind cover and their rifles were raised.
The tension was palpable to say the least.
OOC: Jake he will be having a terrible terrible death.

^^see what I did there.
The semi-circle was blown back by some sort of an explosion, and behind it stood a metal behemoth that could probably wrestle with a few firebats and come out on top.
It carried a massive gun that hung low from his arms, similar to the primitive chaingun.
His extrenal speakers crackled to life and a booming-yet-gravely voice came through.
"Feel the Thunder!"
His gun flared blue for a second than spat out a massive bolt of energy that struck one of Warfield's men and sent him flying across the room. His bio's flat-lined.
Warfield didn't need to give an order, all his marines were shooting at this metal monstrosity, but it shrugged of the bullets as if they were shooting peas at him.
It's gun started to glow blue again.
"Lighting don't strike the same place twice-"
He discharged another round, which completely eradicated one marine's head.
" 'cause it don't need to!"
I was reading the reports of the surrounding area. "Good no zerg yet."

OOC: When the UED lands have them say like "So you must be Admiral Bryne." So they gathered intel before they left Earth, and that's what he was before they sent in the fleet.
What, there was nothing here. Truly, you better not ask any questions. People disappear when they ask questions.
The Metal Giant continued to wipe out Warfield's squad, until it was just between the General and it. And his rail gun was pointed directly at Warfield.
It's booming voice came through again.
"If there's an afterlife-" the ominous blue light shined from his gun "Then this'll set ya' free!"
Warfield rolled off to the right, barely avoiding the death bolt that smashed into the wall, almost tearing through the neosteel battleplate of the Battlecruiser. The General didn't see any other option, he charged the Steel Behemoth and would try to force it's weapon away form it.
"To hell with you!" Warfield shouted as he rushed the steel beast.
It was to no avail. The thing outmatched him at least three to one in strength alone. It used the rail gun as a battering ram and slammed it into Warfield's chest, sending him across the room.
"Say goodnight!"
Warfield was practically unconscious from the force of the blow, and could barely register the flash of blue light...
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Things were going badly for the Headhunters. These marines, while killed in enough shots, were tough as nails, and had weapons to match. I managed to kill off a few in the first wave, but more came out and dropped most of the reception squad in a few shots. Fortunately, we had Marauders on hand who had no issues with the marines. My only fear, they'd send another boarding pod. We cleaned up the last few UED marines and then I went to the bridge for a damage report. "It isn't good sir," the pilot said, "if we take many more hits, we're toast. Fighters seem to be fairing alright though."

"Good," I say, "Give the order to fall back to base. We're gonna need bigger guns to contend with them." The pilot nods an affirmative and sends out the order while I go get one of the UED marine's guns and look it over.

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