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OOC: Jake you might as well and start on your part of the story.

IC: Just then the radio tower caught a transmission and it was played on the speaker, everyone quit working to hear it.

{Speaker}" An unknown fleet arrived to the Koprulu Sector and the Dominion fleet met it head on. The causalities are high on the Dominion side, we got new information they are the........" The transmission cut off. And everyone was worried and slightly panicked.
The UED fleet had barely lost 5 ships, and taken out almost half of the Dominion fleet.
The Yggdrasil loomed over the broken hulls of the Dominion fleet, making it seem all the more terrifying.
This was a good victory. Now they are open to invade many of the surrounding worlds.
They should also begin attempts at peace with the Umojans and Kel-Morians, they had enough to worry about fighting the Dominion and the Xenos.
The Helios had been disabled and they were sweeping it for survivors and 'resistance parties'.
The Admiral knew that his flagship would become a piece of propaganda for Mengsk. Showing the Terrans in this sector that the UED would go to great lengths to ensure the downfall of their 'freedom'. But it would also serve as a scare tactic. Now he would barely need to warp the Yggdrasil near a planet and they would probably surrender.
He keyed the FLEETCOM
"Defenders of the United Earth Directorate, you have your orders. Disperse and engage prioritized targets."
The fleet began to break apart, but a good thirty capital ships and a few dozen frigates remained to serve as the main fleet.

Now the second Great War had truly begun.
I see explosions going off from within my Wraith. I notice one, "That's the Helios. I better check this out." I disable the weapons and fly over to the battle. I reroute all power to the engines to allow better maneuvering.
07/13/2012 07:27 PMPosted by Avikon
They were in the middle of a huge battle, so I think you'd be more worried about your own skin than the Helios.
He wants to join up with whoever has destroyed the Dominion fleet, and has boarded the Helios. Nothing is above joining up with someone who can destroy the Dominion.
Just then a small fleet appeared above the colony and it was landing in the forest. I stood up and I walked to the entrance. "You three militia follow me, you four grab two trucks with the weapons already welded on them, we shall see who these people are and if they are survivors."
The Nessy had been fortunate to arrive back at Kirona with as many UED fighters as had decided to engage it. When we landed, everyone who had stayed planet side rushed us, but most notably was my SIC, Razor Landers. He'd been a survivor of a major Zerg attack on Mar Sara, and he'd been with me a long time. "What happened out there, Hunter?" I looked him in the eyes and the first thing I registered was the fear, but what burned brighter was his determination. He'd been around when the UED came the first time, and wasn't eager to let them get as far as they did last time.

"The UED is back, but not with the tech they used last time. The Dominion fleet is on the run and the Raiders are no where to be seen. We're outmatched and outgunned, but we're gonna put up on hell of a fight when they get here. I want everything prepared and hellfire batteries attached to the missile turrets." He gave a curt "Yes, sir," and was gone. He was barking orders left and right, and the base became a hive of activity. I didn't know if they were coming, but when they did, they'd know what the Headhunters were capable of.
Well when you dock this happens...

A squad of the Elite UED (They are all considered Elite) marines approach the wraith. One stepped forward.
"Identify yourself! We will shoot."
His voice was slightly metallic- a byproduct of the suit, and seemed more intelligent than your 'average' marine.

Raven's world:

Commander Gunthrey watched from his average crusier as his forces deployed across the surface. Several frigates carrying loads of troops and a dozen goliaths were to be the initial wave, and he'll resort to more drastic measures should they prove to be resistant.
He sent Lt. Dagon to attempt conscripting the colonist, but he authorized the use of force should they refuse.
I fly the Wraith, dodging about twenty projectiles on my way. I see the hangar bay and dock in there.
I step out of the Wraith in my Ghost suit. My hands in the air. A gun and my sword strapped to my back. "I am Zaros, 19 year old Psionic. I have come to join you."
Strakken was having a bad day. Not just a reguler, heaters-broke-down-so-we-have-to-use-a-fireplace bad day, but the day you feel the world is coming to an end, and those ones didn't come every day.

Word from the merchants was that a new fleet had arrived outside of the korpulu sector, and was tearing the Dominion and any demons it came across a new one. They were said to have even more advanced tech than the protoss, and that they each had the strength of ten men. Now usually he'd just see this as forgien polotics, word also was rampant that a splinter of the fleet was slowly making it's way toward Valhalla.

if this was the case, the militia needed to be ready at a moment's notice. Platoons Alpha through Charlie were already at their stations, and the rest were heading towards the barracks to suit up. Martial Law had been enacted on the city, and people were rushing to their houses and heading into their basements, sword or dagger in hand.

Anti-Air Turrets were activated, loaded, and manned. Mortar Emplacements were brought ammo boxes and manned. The drawbride was raised, and the gates into the narrow corrider to the drawbridge were sealed and barred. Men dug trenches and set up sandbags. the city was alive with men running left in right, crates in one man's hands and sandbags in another's.

If the rumors were true, than we would surely lose. But by Zues, we would die fighting. With Fire in our hearts and Fury in our minds. It was what we did best.
The armed force arrived, but so did the trucks and the mounted machine guns were ready. "These are not the Dominion, be cautious and let me do the talking. You listen to everything I say because they might kill us." I walk slightly farther and I see the many squads approaching.

"What do you want with us." I took off my shirt earlier because of the unbearable heat, I still haven't gotten used to it yet.
The Marines seemed to be talking among themselves.
Then the closest one spoke again.
"Wait here. Someone's on their way to check you out."

After several minutes of waiting under the watchful eyes of the marines, two figures walked through the main blast doors. One was a giant metal monster (One from the bridge) and the other seemed to be armored with an advanced ghost suit (Phantom).
They approached you. And a booming voice broke through the Behemoth's speakers.
"Here's how it works. Ima ask you a question. My friend here-" He gestured slightly to the Phantom "Will be able to tell if you're lying."
The psychic didn't move.
"Okay, here we go." The monster cleared his throat.
"Do you want to destroy the Dominion?"

Raven's World:

I am Lieutenant Dagon, and we-" he shouldered the high-tech marines and goliath standing behind him "represent the UED. You may either be conscripted into our army, or you could stand for you failing Empire and die with it."
His hostilities were clear.
I watched as the defenses were put in place, the missile turrets prepped and troops mobilized. Razor approached me. "Hunter, do we intend to deploy the Stiker and her escorts?" I look at him, fire visibly burning in my eyes.

"Everything, but keep our ships in atmosphere. I want air support I can count on to give us help should we need it." He nods and heads towards the starport. I head towards the science facility. We'd been studying some different combinations of metals to try to make a stonger one along with some new tech based off of studying Zerg and Protoss samples. I hoped we had a few finished by now.
Some kids were on the watch towers looking at the armed force. One ran down and went to his parents. "Mommy, mommy may I see the strangers."

"No Adam, no go back inside."

I signal one of the militia. "Take the elderly, take the women, take the children down into the bomb shelter."

"Yes Admiral Bryne."

"I told you to not call me that anymore, besides it's Ex Admiral." I walked up to this Dagon person.

"The Dominion abandoned us when the Zerg Swarm was active again. Please just leave these people alone, how about we give you resources instead."
"I want to make them feel as I felt when the Confederates abandoned my home world. And how the Confederate innocents felt when they unleashed Zerg on Tarsonis. I want Mengsk to feel the pain of watching loved ones being tortured with him unable to do anything about it!"
The Phantom didn't move. The Behemoth turned toward the psionic, and looked back at Zaros.
"Do you have any hostilities toward the UED?"

"Ah, you are-" he paused for a moment, sifting through a database "ahhhh Yes. Excuse my manners. I am speaking to an ex-admiral." His words were laced with sarcasm.
"You will either surrender or fight. and I don't advise the fighting part."
"No, I have never met one until now, and I understand your distrust."
The Behemoth turned back toward the Phantom again, then back to Zaros.
"Well, kid, you can consider yourself hired. Me and my friend here will escort you to the a landing shuttle, it'll take us to regroup with some of the others on the Raining Fury. Then we can began some good ol' mayhem!"
The beast let out a chuckle and began walking back through where he came.
The Phantom stood still for a few more moments then followed the Behemoth (That's the unit name btw).
"I don't like that tone you are using, and we will surrender but we will not fight for you or anybody. Let these people stay unaffected by this pointless war. For we don't want to fight another lifetime again."

I signal the Militia and the Armored Trucks and they head back inside the colony.

"And as long as these people have a will they will not give it up so someone can control them instead."

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