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A few marines were shuffling about on one of the many platforms on the worldship, getting into formation. Above them, however, were twelve dots, growing larger at a multiplying rate.
Soon, they were tangible.
most of them landed with grace, except for one that resembled a miniature battleship more than a humanoid. He smashed into the ship, leaving a large dent and causing a quake that shook the foundation beneath the feet of the marines. Their morale was already starting to break.
It didn't help that their weapons started to pulse with psionic energy.

(Keep in mind, this whole thing is in space.)
"Sir, we have sightings of enemy troops on the worldship. Our forces are engaging them now." I curse under my breath.

"Maintain watch for the fleet. I'm going down to meet our infiltrators." Heading to a medivac with my honor guard, we descend to our forward base, and disembark, heading to the sounds of combat.
As the Medivac reached the battlefield and unloaded it's payload, a marine recognized his superiors and was running toward them, assuming he'd be safe with them.
He never reached them.
A hulking steel figure swung an over-sized hammer and tore the marine in half.
Behind the metal behemoth were several others that towered over the lesser marines, who were fighting a frivolous battle against the god-like figures.
A deep, throaty voice with a heavy Russian accent spoke over your radio.
"Maybe you vill provide bigger challenge than zeh others, eh?"
With that, the hammer wielding titan took long strides toward the honor guard and escorted.
As they raised their rifles, he picked up his pace, and with a single leap he covered the distance between to two parties. His flying charge was lead with his hammer, and it meet the ground before he did. A light blue shockwave discharged from the might hammer, knocking the elite marines off of their feet and onto the alien ship.
He swung his hammer in a full arc over his head, then rested it over his shoulder. With his free hand he pointed at the marine closest to him, who backed away on all fours in response.
"You vill be zeh first to die."
Before the marine backed up any further, he threw his hammer down onto the hapless soldier, making him one with the exterior of the ship. Once again, he rested the hammer over his soldier, then looked around at the rest of the honor guard, who were scrambling to their to regain their footing.
"Who vill be next?"
My scythe activated and I was in the behemoths face, my anger causing the rubble around me to levitate. "If you think you can beat me, then you have yourself a challenger."
With intense speed, the metal monstrosity ducked down and slammed his shoulder into you, sending you reeling back. Some of your marines moved to engage, but were no where near a match for the colossal person, and were dispatched with ease.
Meanwhile, the Archangels were whittling down the Terran forces on the platform.
The lights flickered off and they turned back on red, a alarm was going off. At that exact time two miliia opened the door and shot the unarmed Soldiers. They hit the ground with a thud, the blood pooling. "Sorry were late sir."

I pick myself up. "None taken, what are you guys doing?"

They smiled. "Were taking over, the UED soldiers started the mutiny first."
Ima post to that...
But do you mean the soldiers are mutinying against the Principality, or they were just trying to kill you?
Both Avikon, both. *Evil laugh*
As your men approach the bridge you hear sounds of gun fire and clashing steel.
When you round the final corner, a marine flies past you... half a marine that is.
The Principality's silver armor was disguised by a cloak of blood, his scepter was cracked in half and he was fighting marines hand-to-hand. He dealt with most of them relatively easy, but then a marauder-looking exosuit approached him, carrying a rather frightening gun.
his external speakers flared to life with a throaty, and slightly psychotic voice.
"Hold still while I blow you apart, please"
The cannon flashed blue, and discharge a similar colored bolt. The angelic figure attempted to dodge, but would require instantaneous speed to avoid the death bolt. It slammed straight into his chest and sent him through a neosteel wall.
(Can't think of a name for it) turned it's attention to the group.
"Look's like I get to have a little fun."

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What'd you edit?
Anyways- Lightning storm and expected Death to return, so I might die again.
So in other words- Weekday Hiatus

IC: I slide back, winded by the suddenness of the blow. "Unexpected, but not unavoidable." I lung forward again, but another armored figure appears, this one holding what looked like a scepter.

OOC: I don't want all my forces killed, just enough that you can get through.
The blue bolt came charging out and before I could even say a word, one of the men were already on the floor. "You, get out of here. It's to dangerous."

The militia ran out the door and the cannon was charging again, that was when I threw a piece of metal at it's head. "To bad I don't have a suit of weapon on me."

The suit quit charging the cannon and looked at me. "That wasn't very nice, I thought we were only playing?"
I sifted through the memories of this weak Terran, finding nothing of import to me.

"Tell me what you are hiding....."

"I'm only getting closer..."

I can sense the mental barriers are decreasing drastically in number, and know I will soon have my information.
CR, the Behemoth is intent on KILLING you. Not messing around...
I cringe as it destroys most of my mental barriers and sifts through my memories, making its way towards the closey guarded secret. A few minutes pass until the mental tug of war finally ends with the monster shredding the last of my mental barriers and gaining full acess to my mind. I let out a cry of despair knowing my doom is near.
"A.... Cerebrate."

To the Cerebrate
"Are you.... The last of your kind? How did you survive? And why are you in this Terran's mind?"
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I slide back, winded by the suddenness of the blow. "Unexpected, but not unavoidable." I lung forward again, but another armored figure appears, this one holding what looked like a scepter.

The scepter-wielder engaged the squadron of marines with the beast of steel fired his jetpack (Sergei has no wings) and gained about 100 meters before he cam to a halt.
Then he pointed his hammer down, a blue glow emanated from the many coursing veins in the weapon, and he descended with great speed, aimed directly at your position.
I leap backwards, avoiding the falling giant. "Nice trick. Now how about keeping it simple?"

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