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Dagon nodded.
"Have it your way. But we will need you to surrender all valuable resource nodes in the area.
I follow them, "So how is it that you got such advanced technology?"
The Behemoth laughed again. "We're from Earth. We had a few dozen years head start on designing this stuff and gettin' the resources for it."
The Phantom spoke, with a chilling voice and unnerving tone.
"You will be a soldier. You will take commands and obey all orders. Otherwise you will be considered a traitor and there will be no trail." He paused to let it sink in.
"Am I clear?"
"It will take a few days to get the reports for you about the valuable resources in the area. And if you want to come visit the colony please make sure your men don't cause any disturbance to the locals." I started to walk back inside the settlement.

"HEY WE NEED THESE UP AND RUNNING BY TONIGHT, PRONTO!" I yelled out to the workers who are putting up the finishing touches.
"I'll see what I can do..." Dagon gave a hand signal and his men spread out.
"We will be in touch." And he headed back to where they were establishing a camp.
"Earth? I have never heard of it. And yes, I will obey orders, but there will be no Psi Inhibitors."
The Phantom replied.
"You know of psionic inhibitors but nothing of your history."
"Tsk.Tsk. Tsk." The behemoth chimed in.
"Anyways, the UED doesn't rely on such technology. Our men are faithful. There is no need for resocilization or inhibitors."
I walked over to the speaker and I sent the message.

{Speaker}"It's all safe to come out, as long as they don't cause any trouble to use we don't cause trouble them."

After that all the people started to go back to their day. It was easily 3:48 PM now.
UNN reports were coming in. Broadcasting the news that the beloved General Warfield, Hero of Tarus, had been killed by the UED, as well as the destruction of many battlecrusiers.
And as the Admiral predicted, the Yggdrasil was being shown on every screen of every home and building in the sector.
I pull my sword off my back and start channeling some energy into it. "Maybe it is because I was schooled by the Sons of Korhal from Grade 9 and up."
As I enter the science building, I'm greeted by our head scientist, Dr. Jerro. "Sir, I didn't expect you to visit us." I look at him and just laugh.

"The UED are determined to wipe us out and you think I wouldn't be checking on our projects to see if any are finished? Sometimes I wonder how smart you really are, Jerro." I walk into the Protoss section and see the new ship shield generator. Unfortunately, it didn't take Jerro to point out it was unfinished. I look around and see an entire armory full of the energy swords I carried. I turn to Jerro. "Get those and any other finished Protoss equipment out to the men. I'll need to see what we have from the Zerg side first before any of that is used." He nods curtly and shouts orders as I head to the Zerg side of the building and look over everything. The only finished projects are the new armor plating and the new ammunition based off of the Hydralisk spine. "Get all this fitted too. We need everything." The Zerg equipment is moved out and and I leave Jerro with an order to get the rest finished quickly. It had been several minutes since Nessy had returned and touched down and I hardly recognized the base or the air above it. Everything was in military order and civilians were either evacuated to the cave system, or in their SCV's waiting for something to repair.

OOC: Should I keep it minutes or make it hours? On the time passed that is.
The Phantom looked at the sword.
"Nice, but no where near that of the Archangels." They rounded the corner and came to another docking bay. "Here's our ride."
There was 6 marines and a goliath in the bay, as well as a large number of dead Dominion.
I activate the speaker again. {Speaker}"We will be having a candlelight vigil out in the woods tonight near the pond for the fallen Dominion soldiers, then we will have a final toast to General Warfield. Even if they abandoned us Warfield should still be respected and honored." I turn it off.

The time was 7:27 and I decided to dress into something more mourning.
The UED's plan was simple.
The main fleet was moving to invade Korhal, and destroy the Dominion's core world.
After loosening Mengsk's grip on the Koprulu sector, the would then move to engage the Swarm home world, Char.
It was daring and stupid, but if they could cripple the Zerg's core world, they would be able to take on the rest of the Swarm with ease.
They would first have the rest of the fleet move to keep the Rest of the Zerg busy of course.
But still, the Admiral had doubts about the Zerg, they were the main reason for the UED Expeditionary Force's downfall.
And they could easily become their's as well.
Even with all their superior tech, the UED needed a saving grace to combat Kerrigan.
Strakken couldn't help but gasp at the image of the Flag Ship, dubbed 'Yggdrasil' by the Dominion and 'UED', as they called them. That ship alone could easily burn whole cities to the ground by itself, and the reports were saying the fleet easily outnumbered and outgunned the Dominion, and that it slaughtered an entire armada while losing only 5 ships. Yes, this was certainly a force to be feared.

However, the UED's broadcasts were clear that it's hostilities were only toward the Dominion. We, however, we not part of the dominion, and so might find a Business proposition with these new people. Their technolagy was clearly more advanced, and the main thing they traded with the Dominion for was Weapons. But it was unclear whether the men had big enough brains to realize we weren't part of the Dominion before open firing upon us, so preperations were still needed.
Before we left the settlement for the vigil I put some reports in my desk, they held fake resource nodes. I left my little abode and walked to the gate. "Ok everyone, this will only take an hour and then we will be back."

The UED soldiers that were watching the settlement saw the whole lot of them walking into the forest.
Dagon watched as the colonist moved into the forest.
He turned to the Phantom behind him and gestured for him to follow.
Without a word the phantom seemingly vanished.
We reached the pond in a open part of the forest. They all lit the candles on the paper boats, they saved aside a special one for Warfield. After they were all in the middle they lit the final one which was bigger and was meant for Warfield.

"The Dominion may have abandoned us to protect their inner planets. But Warfield was a man of honor, he fought to protect us when he could. And for that we shall honor and respect him forever." And with that the wick in the candle reached the bottom and it lit a chemical in them catching the boats on fire.

"The rest of you may head back, I will stay behind for a few moments longer." The rest of the people headed back to their homes.
I see the UNN broadcast from a bar on (insert planet name here). "Sh!t, I thought the UED was gone for good, I might be in a little trouble, even as a merc."
The Phantom watched the ceremony.
Honoring a dead hero.
He looked upon the boats with interest.
Should do it while they can. There's probably gonna be plenty more dead heroes by the end of this war.

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