A Great Struggle

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What is my purpose? I am sure you have had that question come up many times in your life. It is one that plagues us until we die. But I do not think that this is the question that should be asked. Rather the question that we should ask is what am I striving for? What is it that I hope to achieve with this short life of mine? As I learned far too late, what we hope to achieve is often nothing but an illusion. An invisible force guides us and too late do we see what it is.

It goes a long way back, some five years. As a teenager, I had been searching for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to convince me what it was. Their answers I accepted although they often contradicted itself. I was naive back then. I was looking for myself, my purpose, and asking everyone questions that only I was able to answer.

"Peace, Law, Order". That was the Dominion slogan that I grew up with during my teenage years. The signs were everywhere. In my school. In every news cast. Everywhere I went, I was constantly reminded of the existential threats that plagued this damned sector and that it was a necessity the Dominion impose order in order to safeguard our lives.

I didn't mind at all the constant propaganda that permeated into every aspect of my life growing up. No, as a matter of fact, I was glad. Glad that there was someone, something that was watching over us. A powerful entitiy that would do everything in its power to ensure the well being of its citizens. I was nothing but a small fish living out its meagre existence, blissfully unaware of the vast ocean, its mysteries and horrors.
Is this a story? If it is it has a really nice intro.
Yep. The first one in a while that I am motivated to write about.
Seems very....philosophic.
I like it.
I like the style, I loathe the character. I have deep issues with people like that.
This has the makings of an excellent story.
Have this drink...answer me this if you will. What is the greatest weapon ever invented? Is it the nuclear weapons of mass destruction that can obliterate entire cities in the blink of an eye? Is it when the Zerg descend en masse and slaughter an entire planet? Or perhaps it is the purification of planets by the Protoss? Yes, the cost of lives are great; billions of lives are lost but I argue that none of these weapons are greater than words. Words are perhaps the strongest form of weaponry to have ever existed.

You laugh now. After all, what can words do? They are not physical things. They cannot hurt you the way a bullet can rip through your stomach or when the fangs of a fiendish monstrosity closes on your head. But to you who laugh, I simply shake my head at your narrow views. They are much scarier things than physical pain. I have fought for our glorious Dominion and nothing scares me more than the slippery tongue of a viper.

Sit, I will now begin this sad tale of mine.

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