How do you guys counter infestors?

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And please don't everybody respond "zerg OP fungals unbeatable" because I've seen pros beat zergs going heavy infestors before. I know it's possible, but at my low level of play I can't pull it off consistently.
If you did see pros beat zergs going heavy infestors then why don't you know how to counter infestors?
If you're going bio, pre-split even if you don't see them coming. If you're going Marine/Tank/Medivac, try not siege up off creep and target fire infestors with your tanks if they come in range. Pre-split your marines and if you have the APM to do it, split your medivacs too.

It's generally not a good idea to have anything in clumps when you are going to engage the zerg. You split against banelings when you see them, but you have to take the precaution vs infestors.
Ghost: EMP or Snipe
High Templar: Feedback
Ghosts or Ravens
Ghosts = Snipe or raven

Ravens = Seeker Missle.
I personally use focus fire with seige tanks, and 3 marauder hit squads.
Banshees if it goes late game and they dont have spire.
I usuaully rely on splits avoiding fungals as well as focus firing with tanks and it works at a high master level

Doing the run ups with 4-5 units to snipe infestors is also worth it
op ghosts? u can 2 shot an infestor after the snipe changes or the occasional ghost emp
Ok so how do you focus fire on infestors with tanks?

Select your tanks and right click on one infestor after another?

But that's suboptimal isn't it? Because you might have say 5 tanks hitting one infestor, but you only really need 2.

And how to do this when they are out of range? They tend to run up, fungal and back off...

Please explain the precise mechanics of this.
Tanks.. the EMP radius isn't worth the cost of ghosts
I'm just going to drop cloaked ghosts into the bases and let them hear "Nuclear Launch detected".
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Ok so how do you focus fire on infestors with tanks?

Select all of your tanks, press shift + a, and click on any infestors that come in range. Same for banelings. Always prioritize the infestors/banelings in clumps over the lone ones.
Besides actual unit counters, getting the infestors out of position is key. Easier said than done obviously, but if you watch pro games, that's one of the reasons they dance around so much. Neither side wants to engage in a battle they will lose or that will be an even exchange, so you dance and dance until someone messes up and destroy the army or the infestors.

Other than that, refer to what everyone else said with the tanks and splitting.
hey, a tip for you is,

I wouldn't trust some of the replies over this forum... people here are usually diamond or lower.. but everyone has their own opinion and we should respect..

the proper counter for fungal is tons of medivac and pre-splitting...

some marauders at the front help too, chasing the infestors, while they tank damage from lings and banelings...

an marauder getting healed tanks a lot of zerglings, while your marines kills everything and get healed by medivacs from the damage of fungal growth...

marine + medivac > infestorling

but if the game gets too macro for the zerg, u have to add some tanks to deal with the mass banelings....

Lots of splitting and medivacs
zerg OP fungals unbeatable
07/19/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Eversmot
Lots of splitting and medivacs
Medivac production all game, Marauders and Tanks.

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