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Hello Starcraft 2 players, I am looking for a new gaming desktop to last me a long time. (2 years at a minimum). Budget is anywhere between 0-1300 US Dollars. I would like for everything to be included with the computer, like Screen, Keyboard, Mouse, and an Operating System. I looking for any suggestions just post it below.

Some requirements:

  • Must last a good amount of time.
  • Must Run Starcraft 2 and Diablo Maxed settings.
  • The hard drive speed must be 7200 rpm or SS
  • The Screen Resolution must be 1980x1080 (Most screens are at this setting.)
  • Must be pretty close to pre-built.
  • Must have a wireless card.(Most have them usually)
  • Use common sense it can’t have something like a cracked screen(Lulz)
  • Do you not want to make your own?
    If you can not build your own, will you be interested in purchasing a desktop I have made?
    if would matter what the price is and how good it is
    It doesn't have a wifi card though, but I can find you a good one online. It has a 1tb 7200rpm hdd, 8gb ram, and the case is the haf 912. It should run both games 60+fps normally but of course not in large and heavy starcraft situations. Both the graphcis and cpu has been overclocked, the cpu(2500k) is at 4.8ghz (but I can try testing it again to see if I can get it higher if you want) staying below 80C, sometimes at 70c sometimes at 78c, depending on the season. It will definitely beat any prebuilt system around or above the price. Its basically new, only used it to overclock, lol. I'll cover shipping and include all the original packaging if you want and install Windows 7. Is $1100 good for you? If you give me your email, I can send you more info.
    you can try They have custom built desktops/laptops for a reasonable price. It's a compromise between building it yourself and completely buying a pre-made one. You choose the configurations online—they build it and mail it to you. makes nice gaming pc's
    since you said US dollars I'm assuming you are in the US. so I will go with the prices on i used 1300$ as a hard cap and i'll be getting you everything you need.

    CPU: Intel i5-3570k [ ~220$ ]
    GPU: GTX 660 [~230$]
    MOBO: Asrock Z 77 Extreme 4 [120$]
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4 GB DDR 1600 cas 9 [41$]
    Keyboard: Cooler Master Storm Rapid or Corsair Vengeance [70-80$]
    Mouse: Razor Abyssus [~40$]
    Case: HAF 912 [60$]
    PSU: Rosewill Capstone [~100$]
    HDD: get a 240GB SSD for about 150 $
    Screen: any 23 in LCD/LED monitor on newegg should be good for 150-180$\

    should be like 1200 or so
    Thread is dead guys... but posting for other viewers.

    Definately rapid. Vengeance sucks.
    Change power supply to corsair or seasonic.
    "Any monitor"? Monitor is very important too man... can't just buy "any monitor." Read this to get a good sense of monitors...
    ... and always check reliable reviews when looking at a monitor cause they tell a lot.
    * Hijacking the thread a little, I hope the OP doesn't mind.*

    I have been meaning to get a new computer for a while now, except that I want to put it together myself.

    Since this would be the first time that I try to build a computer, I was hoping that I could get some advice on components and setup for the computer and your reasoning for those components and setup.

    I want a computer that could play Starcraft 2 at 60 fps in 4v4 maxed armies in large battles in Extreme graphics mode. Maybe something a little better then that to prepare it for any games that have came out recently(like Assassin Creed III*, or maybe Dishonered*.) since this would become my main gaming computer holding all my games.

    My budget is close to 1.5k(Willing to go up to 1.7k, but that's about it.), and I would also like to mention that I prefer not to overclock anything.
    What parts have you got so far?
    None so far since I am not sure where to start. I also didn't want to get a few things and then find out that they are incompatible with each other for whatever reason.
    Ok, so I looked around and found a site that seems like it is good for building a computer. It even showed me which parts were compatible and if they weren't then why they weren't.

    After casually(aka not really using any filters for most of the time.) looking at all the options and selecting those that I thought was nice I was surprised that I got somewhat close to my price range, only overshooting by around 250$(if I use the base price and added some shipping fee for 'free shipping' items.).

    Even then I know if I look deeper I can probably cut the price down to within reasonable range.

    My only question is if you have any advice?
    Mismatched, overpriced, and inefficient build, TBH.

    Check this PC build guide first:
    Thanks for the guide. After reading it I made this :

    Tho I still went over my budget, I know I can replace some of the parts with something that might be better for me budget wise(like getting the i5, or a smaller ssd, or opting not to get a gaming keyboard.).

    I have some questions tho.

    What is the difference between the i5 3570k and the i7 3770k in terms of threading?

    If I get a ssd, is it 'safe' for it to have everything on it instead of only a few things?(like the guide suggested.)

    Is the ram ok? because I think I remember reading somewhere that have more cards of ram is better then having less cards but more ram per card.

    Is it ok to go with the mid tower? Wouldn't a full tower give the parts more room and airflow?

    Is the monitor ok? I couldn't tell what would be important for gaming besides response time.

    Any suggestions or anything you want to point out?
    1. i7 will perform slightly ahead of i5 given same clocks in games due to larger L3 cache in -some- games (namely, those that are CPU-bound). However, it is not worth $100+ you have to pay for it. Most games do not make use of more than 4 threads, much less 8 offered by i7.

    2. You should take 2x 4GB set rather than 4x 2GB set.

    3. If size allows for it, yes. You can keep everything on the SSD if size is not an issue.

    4. Full-tower will give better airflow and more room, but it's not required in any way.

    5. Monitor is OK.

    6. If you already have a copy of XP, Vista, or 7 around, you should buy an upgrade copy of 8 instead of a full version. The upgrade copy right now is $40 ($16 if you use discount trick).
    1. Only slightly better then the i5? Ok, looks like I will get the i5 instead.

    2. Is there any reason behind this? Like what I recall being incorrect or something?

    3. Hmm, then I will have to think on it.

    4. Ok, then I think I will get a full tower.

    5. If you have any suggestions for a different monitor, what would they be?

    6. I have windows 7 right now and heard about that. I was going to look into it to see if I am eligible for it and how it works.

    Edit: Even if I am eligible, I am not sure how I would be able to get windows 8 for 15$ on the new computer without putting windows 7 or whatever on it first.
    2. 2x 4GB gives you room to put in 2 more sticks of 4GB RAM if you so choose; 4x 2GB does not.

    5. None. Any better step up will require more $$$.

    6. You do not need to activate old Windows. This is what I personally did:

    Install Windows 7 fresh on the SSD (you can download a legit ISO from Digital River to do this), did not authenticate it. Rebooted, then started from Windows 8 DVD immediately, did clean install. No problems here.

    If they do not ask for the Windows 7 key, you can get the discount. Even if not, through this offer, you can get for $40 -- and this does not require a key.
    11/20/2012 06:36 PMPosted by Hibachi
    This is what I personally did:

    I am not sure if I understand what you did...

    You installed win 7, did not authenticate it. I guess you then went online and did their offer and burned it to a dvd, afterwords you rebooted using the dvd to install windows 8...

    At least that is what I am reading...

    Either way, the offer seems too good to pass up.
    I bought and burned Windows 8 DVD before I did a fresh install of 7. Otherwise, yes.

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