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Ditch that keyboard and get the cm storm quickfire rapid instead. Much better quality. Get a different power supply by seasonic or corsair.

Note: A full tower is pretty big. For me, even A mid-tower was too big.
I haven't actually decided on a keyboard yet, I just randomly picked one of the mechanical ones at the moment and am now just looking up information about them and whether I want to get one or not since it ups the price some.

As for the Power Supple, all I can say is : Strange, because when I looked into the Silencer MK III series a little to know about them I found out that they were actually manufactured by Seasonic.

Note : For the towers, all I have to compare is a mini-tower, but I am also concern about how hot the comp might get since it gets decently hot where I live(part of the reason why I am getting a cooler even tho I am not really planning on overclocking much, tho I might give that a try just to see how to set it up and make it work.).
I'm too lazy to check each one but what I usually found is that the manufacturer makes changes to seasonic's design and I've seen most of the time worse ripple. I don't know why they do this but maybe its not the case for this power supply but I just find it easier to recommend seasonic. If what you say is the case and quality is still good, that ignore what I said.

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