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Think you know what's best for StarCraft II? Take a crack at making your own dream patch notes.


* Void Ray now deals damage in three stages as opposed to two. The time to reach a full charge has not been changed. Damage has been modified from 5/10 (25 armored) to 2 (5 armored)/4 (10 armored)/8 (20 armored)
Damage now ramps up a bit faster, but is reduced overall, particularly against light units in early stages

* Twilight Council has been removed and its upgrades have been moved to the Templar Archives.
Either Templar currently requires as much teching as a Carrier or Colossus; this reduces the requirements for the High Templar

* Templar Archives are now a prerequisite for Dark Shrine.
This ensure that Dark Templars do not arrive any faster than before, and are still scoutable.

* Phoenix damage has been changed from 5x2 (10x2 vs. light) to 6x2 (10x2 vs. light)
This very minor damage change allows 12 Phoenixes to take out a Viking in a single volley, or a Void Ray in 2 volleys, helping solidify it as an "air superiority fighter".


* EMP has been moved from the Ghost to the Raven, replacing Seeker Missile.
Seeker Missile has always seemed out of place; and making EMP a researchable power on a higher-tier, pricier unit should reduce its overuse against Protoss.

* Ghosts have a new ability to replace EMP: Ultrasonic Pulse. For 75 energy the Ghost unleashes a psionic pulse, stunning all non-Massive, non-Psionic units in a small area around the Ghost for 5 seconds.
The Ghosts need something to replace EMP. This requires the Ghost to get up close and into the fight to use, giving a prepared enemy plenty of time to stop it. To prevent it from being overpowered, it doesn't affect massive units and most spellcasters. And it actually makes the "Psionic" modifier mean something.

* Nitro Packs and Concussive Shells now require 100 minerals and 100 gas to research.
Makes a few powerful passive abilities a little more costly.

* Scanner Sweep has been moved from the Orbital Command to the Planetary Fortress.
Makes PFs a little more useful and removes the instant-scan-anywhere-with-no-reprisals from the must-have Orbital Command.

* Orbital Command max energy reduced to 100.
Somewhat punishes players who forget to use MULEs every time they're ready.


* The build time for Spires and Greater Spires have been reduced to 80 seconds.
These buildings both have obscenely long build times in comparison to what they do.

* Glial Reconstitution and Burrow no longer require a Lair to research.
Neither of these abilities warrant a Tier 2 research requirement.

* The Lurker has been re-introduced as an upgrade from the Roach that requires a Hive to build. Lurkers cost 50 minerals, 100 vespene gas and 2 supply, have 200 hit points, are Armored, have Armor of 1, can attack only when burrowed, and deal 15 damage (30 vs. armored) in a line with a range of 6.
The Zerg need this unit for anti-infantry and as siege. And it's a more natural upgrade to the Roach than the Hydralisk.

* The Ultralisk's damage has been changed from 15x2 (40x2 vs. armored) to 20x2. Its head attack against structures has been removed.
With the Lurker dealing extra damage to Armored units, the Ultralisk's bonus to armored is no longer needed.

Think you know what's best for StarCraft II? Take a crack at making your own dream patch notes.

* Glial Reconstitution and Burrow no longer require a Lair to research.
Neither of these abilities warrant a Tier 2 research requirement.

lolzors, yes, they do. Burrow denies all expansion to protoss players until they get obsevers, which also forces protoss to go robo bay. Its semi-balanced against terran due to scanner sweep, and zerg can get an overseer relativily fast if they need too, but its just completely a game breaker vs. toss. That aside, roaches would be far too powerful too early if burrow were at the hatchery. even without glial reconstitution, roaches regen too fast while burrowed for it too be balanced. even if you completely removed the regen and gave the full regen ability to glial recon., burrow is still unbalanced due to the above reason.

Your also not getting your lurker back until Heart of the swarm comes out, dont bother even hoping. also, they'll prolly rename it something lame, have it evolve from something completely different than SC1, (like a roach as you suggest) and make it spawn broodlings when it attacks....just like guardian --> broodlord.....
actually ignore my glial comments, i was thinking of tunneling claws. but my statements still apply.
I like my seeker missiles on my ravens, but everything else is fine by me
two words

Gargantuan strength - Ultralisks can pick up and carry hatcheries, these have a max of 3 larva but produce creep when stationary.
Ghost = Replace EMP for Lockdown (SC1 ability)
roaches do bonus damage vs armor
they wont up costs on concussive and nitro packs, they already said they were trying to reduce overall techs in this game and consolidate them/make cheaper...

They did this with terran first cause they had an ungodly amount of techs (still do, but now mostly cheap)

And removed and consolidated a lot with zerg... Protoss doesn't have too many so i doubt we see them change their costs

Control Issues - Ultralisks randomly dump slicks of creep in an area around them roughly half the size of a creep tumor's spread. Creep falls back, but at a reduced rate than normal when spawned by ultralisks

Reinforced Cardboard - Infestor HP increase

Sticky Icky - Tier 1 - Roaches spit slows an enemys movement speed. (great for those hellion harasses)

Faceroll - Roll face across keyboard and in-game flood detection will pick up random keystrokes, interpret it as a faceroll, and award an instant victory.
[edit] nevermind, the above ability is already in the game.

Clumsy - Non-researched ability used as a slight nerf to Terran Thors. The Thor has a random chance to trip and fall over while moving, incapacitating it indefinately and rendering it unable to attack.


Jaunt - Non-researched ability on stalkers and mothership-teleported units. Teleportation will be seemly instant to a viewer, but to the teleportee, it's consciousness was trapped in a purgatory like state for millions of years, edging into an eternity waiting for the conciousness to fully reach the physical body. Upon arrival, the unit will then start attacking itself and everything in sight until it is killed.
(random chance)

Concentrated Psi - An archon can enter a mode that deactivates it's direct attack, but gives it the ability to create a psi storm inside a units skull, causing it's head to explode. Costs 80 energy, only works on biological, casts a fear effect when done near Terran troops, and doesn't work on massive units.
As much as I think the TvZ matchup needs a little balancing.. some of these posts are just funny.

"/nerf Terran
/buff Zerg"
1) Void Rays are completely balanced and fine they way they are. The saying goes if it isn't broken, don't fix it. So, scratch that.
2) Twilight Council removed? Why? What is the point of moving all those upgrades into the Templar Archives? That way you have to wait 50 years for you to research blink/charge storm/amulet. It makes NO SENSE. Unless you have to make 2, at which rate it is still retarded! Prerequisite for Dark Shrine? Are you mental? DT's are risk-heavy enough as they are. Every race has an adequate response to DT's why would you bother nerfing them with further tech time?
3) Phoenix BUFF? Are you mental? The phoenix solitary role is to harass overlords and defend against mutas. That's it. Mass Phoenix souldn't cream any air unit. Their job isn't to take down air, it's to take down some air and harass. Don't make the game stupid where x >Y x >Z X>W. It should be X>Y>W>X. Don't turn this wonderful game into WC3. You wanna kill vikins? - It's called stalkers, fast, dmg vs armored, and blink, what else do you need?
4) Ghost/Raven changes. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! 5 SECONDS?!?!?!?!?!? You realize the average battle in SC2 lasts like 5-10 seconds right? A 5 SECOND STUN!?!?!?!??! I'm sorry that is too fail to even bother explaining how OP it is, close range or not (remember ghosts have cloak moron)
5) Tech Lab Upgrades Ya.... because investing 100/100 into reapers (which are only good in the first 3 minutes of the game) makes so much sense.... enough said .... kill yourself...
6) Moving Scan from OC to PF - Congratulations, now you have made the terran completely susceptible to DT rushes because no self respecting terran will get a fast PF up because that will slow them down to #%## n back. Protoss have chrono boost early, get out fairly early too. This will leave Terran to get their econ advantage only when they have gas. Again ... you are retarded; think before you post.
7) Zerg Upgrades Tier 1 Ya you are right because SUPER CHEAP, SUPER TANK, DECENT DAMAGE dealing units like the raoch should be able to get mass regen and burrow before tier 2, just to make sure you never have to make any other unit as Zerg.... congrats Epic Fail...
8) The lurker The lurker will come back in heart of the swarm. If you put in too many units in this first release, then the game will get crowded by the time the last expansion comes out. You are an idiot btw, you say the lurker should be anti infantry, and yet it should deal dmg + armored??? WHY? So it can !#@% both infantry, and heavy units? In SC2 it's one of the 2 moron, or you make a unit universal and therefore unbalanced. FAIL.
9) Ultralisk Is completely fine the way it is. The lurker shouldn't do + dmg to armored as already explained previously. Also by the time Zerg has ultralisks out it's late game, which means the Z probably has 3-4 bases, which means they can pump A LOT of ultras out. I don't know if you've seen ultras in action, but the last thing they need is more damage.

Don't post balance threads, when you have no comprehension of balance what so ever. TY.
your ideas suck OP.

removing EMP from ghost to RAVEN.


-Marines now spawn in pairs. A barracks with a reactor produces them in quads.

-Nitro packs now gives reapers the ability to fly, like Vikings. Still gives speed increase.

-Marauders now fire siege tank shots. Siege mode shots.

-Marine shields now have a thorn effect on melee units. 2hp per hit.

-Snipe now instantly kills the target unit.

-EMP has been returned to BW functionality, ie, drains all shields. Casting range increased. AOE increased.

-Hellions now attack in a continuous stream of fire, dealing their attack damage every 0.6 seconds. Can jump down cliffs.

-Siege tank HP increased to 500. Armor increased to 4. Attack now 50 vs everything. Can load up to 4 marines that fire out of the tank like a bunker.

-Tanks in siege mode now fire nuclear missiles.

-Thor replaced by Odin. Cost and build time remain the same. The Odin can walk over smaller units and structures (ie, everything) and destroy them instantly.

-The Viking is now a Goliath on a hoverboard. Hoverboard can land or fly. Hoverboard shoots lasers.

-Dropship replaced by Hercules. Cost and build time remain the same. Requirements remain the same. Keeps heal abilty. Has abilty to heal mechanical units.

-Auto-turrets and point defense drones no longer have a time limit.

-Auto-turrets and point defense drones can now be picked up and redeployed the Raven, or whatever's around.

-Point defense drones no longer require energy to fire.

-Seeker missile's damage quintupled.

-Battlecruisers now fire Viking missiles at air targets, siege mode shots at ground targets, can launch nuclear missiles, have Wraiths as interceptors, have automated SCV crews that repair them, and have a move speed of 6. Cost increased from 400/300 to 450/300.

-The Ghost's nuke calldown ability is overpowered and has been removed for balance reasons.




No air units.

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