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8) The lurker The lurker will come back in heart of the swarm. If you put in too many units in this first release, then the game will get crowded by the time the last expansion comes out. You are an idiot btw, you say the lurker should be anti infantry, and yet it should deal dmg + armored??? WHY? So it can !#@% both infantry, and heavy units? In SC2 it's one of the 2 moron, or you make a unit universal and therefore unbalanced. FAIL.

Welcome to the thor.

-Siege tank HP increased to 500. Armor increased to 4. Attack now 50 vs everything. Can load up to 4 marines that fire out of the tank like a bunker.
Well butter my biscuits.
Void Ray now deals damage in three stages as opposed to two.

Void Rays already do their damage in 3 stages. A lot of your ideas just wouldn't work at all.

I'll take a shot at more realistic notes that don't have so many drastic changes but smaller changes.

Terran - The biggest issue with Terran is just how extreme their harass is early game. The idea with most of these changes is to just slow them down early a little bit. The orbital command change means you have to wait a while to get back your investment instead of instantly being able to mule. Stim and EMP are just way too extreme right now.

EMP only reduces shields by 50
Stim reduced from 50% to 40%
Barracks takes 5 seconds longer to build
Bunkers take 10 seconds longer to build
Reapers take 5 seconds longer to train
Tech Lab and Reactor take 5 seconds longer to build
Tank cost increased to 150m, 150g
Hellion cost changed to 75m, 25g, range reduced by 1
Orbital Command spawns with 25 energy
Fusion Core cost increased to 250/250

Zerg - My biggest problem with Zerg is Roaches aren't viable because they take too long to get out and cost too much to upgrade. Pretty much all of the annoying early strats vs Zerg are counterable by Roaches if they were just viable earlier.

Roach warren build time reduced to 40s
Lair build time reduced to 60s
Hive build time reduced to 75s
Galil Reconstitution is now an inherent part of Roaches
Tunneling Claws cost lowered to 100m, 100g and training time reduced to 90s
Hydralisk health increased to 90 hp
unbuffed overlord speed slightly increased

My issue with Protoss is just how long and expensive it is to tech them and how vulnerable they are early game.

Hallucination reduced to 50m, 50g and only costs 75e
Forge requires Gateway to build, build time reduced to 30s
Cybernetics build time reduced to 40s
Dark Shrine build time reduced to 75s
Templar Archives cost reduced to 150/150
Charge cost lowered to 150/150, time reduced to 100s
Blink time reduced to 90s
Psionic Storm cost reduced to 150/150 and time reduced to 90s
Immortal's increased to range 6 and armor increased to 2

None of these changes are extreme and they probably don't fix all of the problems but they move things in the right direction without completely changing the game. Blizzard is going to make subtle changes, not drastic changes.

Zealots now hit air and move as fast as speedlings
Before I begin I'd like to say that this is going to be a long and serious post. as I want to make my own custom map with changes to it. So in advance, sorry for the wall of text.

Also number values will be described as "X". As exact numbers are always something to sort out later.


Zerg have spawn larvae, which I hate with a passion, they have creep tumours, a bad healing spell, and require you to micro like mad so your units don't die to AoE. I'm fixing this.

Creep no longer grants increased speed

"WHY?" you may scream at me? Because Zerg have become dependant on it, a hydralisk off creep nowadays is not wourth having. Remove it and your remove this "false advantage"

Creep spread will see lots of love though, trust me.

Queen has been removed and replaced with Cerebrate

A classic complaint I saw during beta was with Kerrigan and queens controlling the swarm, we saw the loss of the scourge and lurkers and hydralisks *(that weren't fat and couldn't move). That the Overmind did it better.

This is the return to the good old days, while still keeping the new concepts.

The Cerebrate is built by a drone at the start of the game (Spawning pool requires cerebrate) It has a Vision of 15 (air sight!), has detection, it can't attack, and has energy of "X"

It didn't make sense to build them after the spawning pool, and I feel you'd want it out asap regardless. For both Lore and combat reasons. Cerebrates also can't attack thank you lore, but I feel the abilities will make up for it, as well as their vision

The Cerebrate has the following abilities:

"Creep Comet"
An organism falls from orbit to target location after "X" seconds it spawns a creep tumour, it can be upgraded into a tumour with detection. HIGH energy cost. Can only be placed where you have vision.

You know in the campaign the comets that fall from the sky and create a creep tumour? THAT except the these tumours take a while to actually spawn, and can easily be killed by a patrol or even a worker relying on placement.
But the area they cover is increased to compensate, detection is to give zerg that brood war feel too.

"Spawn Larvae"*FIXED
The Cerebrate channels it's energy into all the hatcheries, increasing larvae production and allowing larvae to spawn above the 3 limit. Lasts until cancelled or energy is drained. Cost is increased with multiple hatcheries.

I could wall of text myself to death with the amount I hate spawn larvae. So I'll try not to but bear with me.

Say spawn larvae became auto-cast, bad idea. but what if it more "passive" than auto cast? You still need to manage your energy and larvae but your not forced into this tunnel vision of just stareing at your hatcheries untill they pop.

The Advantages of this change:
The larvae now spawn at a slightly slower rate but keep the numbers you would normally have if you were to auto cast spawn larvae anyway!

The issue is now less about auto cast and more about the Cerebrates energy. do you save it for an enemy rush? Or do you spawn more units? THAT is were the true choice and mechanic lies.

Much more simpler and easier to manage, Multiple hatcheries increase the amount drained encouraging for you to expand rather than hoard your hatcheries in your main

*Higher larve limit to compensate for less hatcheries!!!

Can drain your cerebrates energy leaving you open to attack. A good trade off in my mind.

"Regenerative slime"
Targeted area spawns a pool of regenerative slime, units within the area become stunned and gain health over time Can only be cast on creep. moderately high cost

An out of combat AoE heal to replace transfuse. works on buildings (will halt research)
I love this idea as the argument of "zerg regenerate health already".....yeah like one point every 5 bloody seconds.
It also means that if you use this your vulnerable, a meaningful trade off, as for ZvZ? a High cost can mean that this is used as much offensively to stop units as much as it is to heal your own (doesn't hit workers, no stopping mining)

"Mutated spores"
Targeted building mutates and begins to spew acidic spores. Attacking nearby units. very low cost but cool down present (has multiple uses) amount of uses increases with multiple hatcheries.

You know the mothership core in beta? How it can turn the nexus into a giant turret? THAT only a tad weaker. can be cast on any building. okay-range wise and number of uses increases with hatcheries for defending expansions/multiple areas.

*Whether it can be cast on creep tumors....I'm debate...probably not. they can already detect now*

Quick fire buff/nerf time

Roach Regeneration halved. but now functions above ground.

Infestor Fungal now only roots.

Lurkers/swarm hosts now in the game.

Mutalisks now mutate into Corruptors/brood lords. costs adjusted appropriately

Corrupter attack changed. deals flat out damage, no bonus to massive. now actually corrupts enemy units and turns them into turrets LIKE THEY'RE DAMN WELL SUPPOSED TOO!

Ultralisks Now walk over units and can climb ground in a manner to that of colossi, they can now be targeted by anti air fire.

Hydralisks can be built immediately after lair, hydra den is still needed for upgrades
Hydralisks may morph into swarm hosts, undecided.

Ultralisks don't need most of the changes they saw back in beta. their problem was simple:
"Oh hullo little zergling after you, oh my there's alot of you, if I could just- oh my almost trod on a roach, after you sir, ooo some hydralisks I'll get out of your way"-

They couldn't bloody move. giving them colossi styled movement fixes them completely I feel. This will make getting TOO the enemy in the first place trivial, to compensate they can now get hit by anti air.

Corruptors are bad. nuff said for that change. Fungal growth saw alot of editing, I think it wouldnt matter if it did no damage so long as zerg still get the aoe from lurkers and banelings etc.

I'd like to see lurkers getting a very slow burrowed movement. Very slow.

Here are some quick fire notes on protoss and terran as well.


Immortals are now built from gateways and can be warped in, requires a robotics bay.

Carriers now have more range.

High Templars feedback has more range


Vikings in ground mode have slight increase in range

Siege tanks take longer to set up/take down but now have increased range and damage to boot.

Ghosts have more range.

Well this thread is from back in the day (August 2010 lololol). However, it can be considered a slightly relevant thread. So, here is my suggestion:


Siege tank now takes 50% longer to set up
Siege tank now takes 2 supply
This makes tanks better in lategame, however they are worse in all-ins. The actual cost in minerals and gas hasn't changed for tanks, so until you start getting supply capped it doesn't even have an effect on the tank count. Especially more useful vs toss because of immortals

Viking now has 150hp, 1 armor, light armor (instead of armored)
Viking Assault mode now does 8 damage per 0.6 seconds
This gives vikings enough durability to make up for the ridiculous number of AOE that is being used against them to still have some use: now takes 5 fungals instead of 4 to kill them, kiting is no longer required on voids, and they can now stand up to corruptors in pure viking vs corruptor battles higher than 8v8. Changed attack style gives 1.33dps more and makes them much better vs Immortals, though assault vikings normally suck anyway. Light armor now means phoenixes roflstomp them though - though you want that happening anyway


Immortal shields increased to 160
Immortal hardened shields now drops damage down to 20
Slightly worse on harder hitters - Anything from the marauder up in terms of damage - though better on everything else. Makes immortals more viable vs bio in exchange for worse against mech, and still just as useful (if not more useful) against zerg

Flux vanes returned. Now increases speed to 3.25, and acceleration to 2.95.
The main reason for flux vanes being removed was problems that Hydras and Vikings had with voids - Vikings couldn't kite them, and so died, and Hydras could never catch up to them. Now that vikings are light, they don't need to kite void rays. As for hydras... see below

Hydralisk HP increased to 90
Hydralisk base speed increased to 2.75
Hydralisk creep bonus reduced to 1.3x from 1.5x - for a creep speed of 3.575, up from 3.375
Zerg will need a better AA option now that Voids and Vikings have been buffed. The increased durability gives hydras a slightly better use as the game goes on, while the better base speed means you don't need an upgrade to not be terribly slow and don't need creep, as well as being able to catch voids easily when on creep now that they have flux vanes. As for why Zerg needs a better AA option...

Infestor Fungal growth no longer roots air units, and does a 50% slow on ground units
inb4 flamed from a massive nerf to fungal, but most people would agree with me anyway, so flame away! anyway, hydras are buffed because of this, you should be thanking me
You're welcome for the necro guys. I always know which old threads are extremely relavent.

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