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What's the point of the server status on the front page of if its always going to say ONLINE even though the servers are clearly DOWN?
To make people feel like the system always works when infect it is most definitely failable.

They use that for upgrades and patches only. Its manually updated.
Someone needs to manually shut it off then because I'm tired of friends calling me up asking me about it after they start messing around with their routers and firewall. I receive like 5 calls from people every-time this happens and I just shut off steam cause I don't want to be flooded. I was on vacation for the weekend a while back and people still called me up.
that's more of a problem with your friends than a problem with blizzard, isn't it?
behavior modification psychology FTW
sounds like you need new friends
Any word on what happened?
I think because not ALL servers are down? How do you know kids in Asia are not playing right nao?
I think because not ALL servers are down? How do you know kids in Asia are not playing right nao?

What he said.
I have a proxy account on the Asian servers, cause I roll like that.
em, does any1 know if servers r down or something?
Well I just bought a SC 2 copy here in Japan like 4 weeks ago and it was great by that time, (I got my nice round and perfectly fit butt kicked in many many ways) but last week I had a problem wich I could log in to, I still dont know the reason but What I know is that maybe the Asia server is down now and it has been down for a long time.

Does anybody can help me out? cus playing againts an insane computer is not funny, even tough I still get my butt brutally kicked, its not the same... I want to play online =(
It's hooked up to the general health of the servers combined as well as the login servers. It's not that great at finding individual servers that might have restarted.

World of Warcraft's server status acts the same way - if the entire group goes down, it shows it as offline. If something like a continent server or instance server goes down, those aren't easily detected by that notifier.

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