macbook air 2012 optimal video settings

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As many of you out there must have this machine, does anyone know the detailed configuration of Starcraft 2 video settings to make the game look as good as possible WITHOUT introduing delay or lag into the gameplay?

System specs:

Intel Dual-Core Core i5 1.8Ghz Ivy bridge (Turbo Boost up to 2.8Ghz)
8Gb 1600Mhz DDR3L SDRAM (upgraded)
128Gb Flash Storage
Intel HD4000 graphics
13" model

Post a screen cap of the best configuration for the macbook air 2012 !!!!!!
Just realized there's a Mac tech support area in the forum. If anyon enlightens me on how to move this thread,I will.
Awesome !@#$ dude!
I have the same Macbook Air as you, did you ever figure out the optimum settings?
With the Intel HD 4000, which I have on my 15" MBP w/ Retina Display, at 512 mb you should easily be able to run everything on medium or even high. I have the 1024 GeForce video card that I made sure to buy for this game, so I expect to be able to play on high or possibly even ultra. However, I know that MBPs can get super hot with higher graphic settings.

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