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Location: Korahal
Time: Not long after the liberation of New Folsom

Jonathan Lancer sat up in his bed and covered his face with his hands. Had it really only been a week since he had murdered that Dominion officer? people like Dominion officer Ravek who blackmailed marines for his personal benefit deserved to die in his opinion. Either way Lancer would have ended up in prison, He knew that not paying his wages to Ravek would result in that snake spilling the beans. At least this way it was his own choice. It was better than dealing with Raveks continuous crap about the stupidest things anymore.

His cell door opened and a two marines stepped inside.
"You are to be escorted to the wardens office."
Lancer stood and was "escorted" to the wardens office, one of the marines knocked, and there was a faint "come" The marine pushed the door open and the other shoved Lancer in and the door shut.

The warden was watching the sky outside the window, he said
"Jonathan R. Lancer" He swiveled around in his chair. "we both know why you are here, and we both know the punishment. But your skills would suggest that such a punishment would be a waist. What if I were to tell you there was an alternative?

"Go on"

"I have the ability to recommend specific prisoners for the reaper program. It's hard work and little pay, but after two years your free to go, your record clean. You can take my offer, or take the death sentence."

"Well, I'll do just about anything to avoid death, I'm all in."

"You have to understand, your suite will stay on you, and there is a kill switch in it. Step out of line and we resocialize you, The second time we kill you. There is no going back son, there is only survival or death for the duration of your service. Are you sure you would like do do this?

"Yes, one question though, are the suites nice?"

The warden smiled
"sure there nice, but it really matters of what you think of your new cell. Ill have some marines escort you down to your room, tomorrow morning a transport will take you to a supply depot where you will choose your suite. Good luck Jonathan."

I believe that entry forums should look like this;
Reaper or Dominion officer:
Other race: (optional, please only a couple)
Brief history of character: Optional

Name: Kalus Lamanos (I'm so good at coming up with unique names :D)
Rank: Marshal
Class: Reaper
Hobbies: Meditatation on his past
Description: 6' 1", bald, dark skin, latin descent, dark grey eyes.
History: Was a marshal for a small Umojan colony before the Dominion had found them. The Dominion came and wiped out his whole colony. Had become a reaper after he torched a whole Dominion settlement using guerilla warfare tactics. Was captured and put in the reaper training facility known as the Icehouse immediately after his crime. On one of his patrols, he was intercepted by zerg. Only he and an injured marine survived. Kalus killed the marine out of pure spite for the Dominion. He was resocialized, but his memories still haunt him. (I know it was really long, but please indulge me this once)
The next day on transport to armor supply depot #12

Jonathan was sitting in the back in handcuffs. There was a guard on either side of him.
Jonathan wondered what his new freedom would be like, and if the suites we well equipped with environmental control and such. Jonathan felt the transport ship start to descend, they were almost there.

The transport hit the ground and Jonathan was escorted out. From the looks of it the supply depot was just like any other. The difference was that this one was filled will reaper equipment. The Quartermaster opened the door and walked out.
"So, this is the new reaper? Well son, we got the best reaper armor around! please come in."
Jonathan walked in followed by his escort, There were rows and rows of reaper merchandise.
"Take your pick son, I believe that the holo-projector over there will show you the different types of reaper suites and their descriptions."
Jonathan turned on the holo-projector and instantly a holo-projection of three suites came on. From the description, Jonathan found that the first reaper suite was equipped with extra armor and faster engines, the cowards suite. The second was more comfortable because it had superior E control, a versatile HUD, locking joints for if you felt tired. soundless motors and quiet engine, and shock absorbing armor. There were some more less interesting features as well. The third suite was specialized for combat. But it sounded far less comfortable.
"I choose #2" Jonathan said.
The quartermaster then lead Jonathan to the desired suite.
"Understand that this suite will stay on you for two years. You should treat it nice."
After that the Quartermaster lead Jonathan to the suite up area, and Jonathan was pushed inside. He walked to the footprints in the middle and the process began. Robotic arms brought armor parts and other arms connected them. within 40 seconds the helmet was put down on Jonathan's head. He was a reaper.
Free inmate? I'll take it.
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