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#.O $>! Gh;( ^.V -+/_ @~.1

On a completely different topic:

I am quite definitely not insane. Maybe. Possibly. Sorta. No. Ok, kinda. Yes. What was I talking about?

Hi wffawer :D

And I think all of them are awesome (about Zanon's question). Personally, I would need to read the previous stories/RPs they were all in to make a decision. I will get back to you in a year or so &.& Farewell, my friend, for I shall be exploring the old country.
(Puts on lab coat and glasses)

Alright, lay down on this chair. Let me pull up this chart to measure how insane you are. Anger issues, pessimistic and talks to himself...

Well sir, I am sorry to tell you this but you are not insane. On the bright side, according to this chart by the Medical B.S. Association, you are suffering from something called cynicism. Gimme a moment to pull out this 4000000 page medical text book...

Here is what you need to cure it according to this guide:
1- Drink water, lots of it. Hydration is a must to keep yourself lucid.
2- Stop blaming yourself, blame others so you will feel happy about yourself.
3- Write your thoughts on a notebook especially concerning things you dislike. If someone you hate mysteriously dies, then feel good about it since that person probably had it coming and was a douche too.
4- Get someone to tickle you.
4.5- Get HBRB to tickle you.
5- Learn to laugh at other people's misery. Put that frown upside down.
6- Instead of talking to yourself, talk to an inanimate object. That way, you are at least conversing with someone other than yourself so you will no longer hear voices in your head.
7- Watch clips of cats on the internet.
8- There is always HBRB's asylum to look forward to if your symptoms do not get better.

With this, your diagnosis is complete. Now go laugh at something. The payment will be your liver and half a kidney. Thank you very much and come by again for "Smylez's 100% Totally Accurate Not False Assessment and Treatment of So-Called Insane People." Copyrights pending...
Everyone is leaving...
And when Borderlands 2 comes out you might as well consider me gone.
I like RPing and all....
But Bazillions of guns...
Wub wub.
Joy puke.

And those aren't even the best adjectives.
Hell, most of those aren't even adjectives!
Well of course not. That's a clown question, bro.
07/31/2012 12:43 PMPosted by smylez
There is always HBRB's asylum to look forward to if your symptoms do not get better.

Everyone lost their livers in that place. It was horrible.
07/31/2012 12:43 PMPosted by smylez
4000000 page medical text book

I doubt that. You realize that could possibly be a mile high? But I'm not taking the time to do the math.
But I find it a weird coincidence that you use the almost exact number of pages that could be contained in an 8 GB Compact Flash card... Or was that not coincidence?
"Why do you hate me?" I kill Zarkun again. I start chewing on a Mind Shredder Popsicle.
I am actually quite sane indeed. And wfawwer, how was Europe while we are talking.
07/31/2012 12:48 PMPosted by ShadowFury
I kill Zarkun again. I start chewing on a Mind Shredder Popsicle.

You just answered your own question.

Also, Ima add that I don't hate Raven.
So that's two people I don't hate.
Patient shows signs of irrational thought processes. Shows disbelief at the sight of a 400000 page medical guide book when it was clearly shown to him. Unable to face reality. Mentions an 8 GB Compact Flash Card...this means the person is most likely living in an alternate world in his head as these things don't even exist.

Perhaps I have made a wrong diagnosis? Doesn't matter, I got my liver and a half kidney. HBRB will get his share soon enough.
Guess what guys :D Nukester didn't leave -.- He just went to troll the other forums. He pretended to know a Blizzard employee, and then made extremely vague spoiler statements in this thread:

I hope he just stays away from us -.-
The sane refer to themselves as insane. I am completely sane.
The insane think they are sane because they are insane.
I don't know what I am. For all I know, I am some form of sentient robot sent here to observe the behaviors of humans, so as to expand my race's massive collection of knowledge.
Random Comment Time :D : Mmmm, delicious soup C:
I am ashamed of you, Nikola. You should know better than to make an absolutely random comment.
I ashamed of you Draconus. The bar exists for the purpose of making random comments.
But....but D: The soup is delicious. I am stating something truthful for once!

And I have a weird train of thought >.> The soup statement actually related to something in a thread XD
I like poor mans stew. It has cabbage, chicken broth, ham, and potatoes.

And for a more serious note. I may not have internet access tomorrow so you might not see me until Thursday.
*I stand up and shoot ShadowFury in the head.* Kill me...

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