Dustin Browder on Queen buff, PvZ, & Br/Infes

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07/30/2012 02:28 PMPosted by Wingblade
MOST Terran units have an ability that you must micro-manage during an engagement. Stim, PDD, HSM, EMP, Siege... Cloak... Snipe... list goes on.

Stim... box units, click hotkey.
PDD... select raven, click hotkey, click location
HSM... select raven, click hotkey, select unit
EMP... select ghost, click hotkey, click location
siege... select tanks, click hotkey
cloak... select ghosts, click hotkey
snipe... select ghosts, click hotkey, click unit.

See the pattern? Terran micro is the hardest, but not because of the spells/abilities. It's the splitting, the focus firing with tanks, not their abilities. Spells and abilities are the easiest things to use in general when it comes to micro.

It's the two combined. You said it yourself... "Click -> Hotkey, Click -> Hotkey"... AND split/ focus, attack in, back out, etc...

Those "Click -> Hotkey" abilities aren't just ready and waiting while you split your army. You're going to have more than one unit type in hotkeys. You have to tab perfectly or screw up completely and lose the engagement. Each unit has a different ability on different hotkeys.

You proved my point by trying to argue against it.

When the battle happens... Terran has only a few seconds to HSM, Stim, Cloak, EMP, Siege, or split... If you have to do more than one and screw up, you better have Master+ level micro if you expect to break even.
"Or I see that tournament suddenly ALL ZERG"

Uhh, it's getting awfully close: http://i.imgur.com/WL1rr.jpg
Fix the balance, Justin Bowser.

All I ever see from you is pure idiocy. Stop posting. Kthxs.

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