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StarCraft II Streaming Technology has arrived with Patch 1.5!

As with any new technology there may be issues encountered by our players as they go through the patching process. With that in mind, we’ve created this forum topic as a place for players to post any Streaming Related issues you’ve encountered as well as to discuss how you feel Streaming integrates with StarCraft II.

Please check out our blog article What You Need to Know About Patching 1.5 for more information on the patching and streaming process.
An issue I am actively experiencing:

Game reaches playable state (1GB left to download!) so I start the game and log in, it begun a Initializing Data process which slowly and successfully reached 100%. It is not progressing beyond this point (Still shows the Initializing Data screen at 100%), if it is doing something it isn't informing me that that is the case.

In Task Manager it sits at around 495MB of RAM and 9-11% CPU Usage, there is also very minimal HDD activity and no internet activity indicated by my router. It's been like this for several minutes now and continues to not progress.

It would be very nice if a Blizzard staff member could inform me whether or not it is safe to force termination of the game at this part of the process and reattempt it.
I don't feel the need of such a patching process. I mean, why playing if your game is half up to date? I understand if the game is big such as WoW, but not for a game like Starcraft? Will the patches be really big to have the need of doing this way?

All the unit modification and balance will be done in the "core" process? And editor related patches will be in the "Playable" process?

I don't get it. This game has to be up to date whenever a new patch is out, the editor and the game.

However, maybe I'm wrong and it is clearly usefull to many of us, but I'd like to know what it changes, what is "not important" to make the game works, etc.
Hi Huginncord

Can be please elaborate on what you mean by Streaming Technology?

Few questions:

1. What is the goal of the streaming technology change?
2. What exactly has been changed / altered / added?

I've heard this was meant to improve load times. I do not care about load times. I care about perfomance in game. This streaming technology has absolutely ruined gameplay for me and many others from looking around these forums.

I find the problem to be in game sounds, such as those the units emote when they are produced from a building or when clicked on. "SCV ready" for example. These sounds are what cause the [lag (freeze/ stutter) ]associated.

Please think twice before you start streaming game sounds and what not!
Not sure what caused this lag issue in 1.5, but I will say I'm extremely tired of getting flamed repeatedly in games just because of the lag that my system did not generate prior to the patch. Maybe this patch works great for folks with solid state drives where their drive access is almost fast enough to replace RAM altogether, so loading models, sounds, etc. as needed doesn't slow them down, but I would venture to say that many of us can't afford to buy new PCs as frequently as you apparently expect. If you don't make this playable, many folks' love of this game will get overridden by not being able to properly play, plus 12-year-old trolls' constant flaming.

I was one of the people who played the first Warcraft, bought Starcraft and Brood War when they came out, and waited over a decade to sink my teeth into this game. Some other people are better at playing it, some other people have better hardware, but nobody is more loyal to the game and your company than those of us like me.

I want to play; please let me.
wtf is streaming?? why did you have to diablo 3 patch this game too ? :(

geforce 560
Maybe this patch works great for folks with solid state drives where their drive access is almost fast enough to replace RAM altogether,

I want to play; please let me.

Nope. Got the best non-experimental SSD on market. This lag is unbearable.

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