Game crashes on startup after 1.5 patch.

Mac Technical Support
Deleting hear.plugin from the folder state above solved the problem for me
Thanks @Moondog & Rogiel. Will try the workaround until they do something to fix it (if ever).
I'm having the same problem with my PC. And I dont have a Hear plugin. What's going on??
Me too.... Bounces out just as the login screen is about to appear...
I have reinstalled etc.

I have played since the "optimisation" went to play today, and the crash with no error occurred.
I hav an xps btw... Not a mac
Win 7 64
Same problem with bouncing out just as the login screen appears. Was playing just fine yesterday.
If your on Windows, please post in the Technical Support (windows) forums. This forum provides solutions for Mac OS X system, which may not work for Windows.
Same problem here, and I don't have the Hear plugin...

Do I have to install it and uninstall it? :P

Please help!
i'm experiencing the same issue and i no longer have hear installed
Can you provide the crash report ID that is displayed when the crash occurs? I can look up the crashes and find out what is going on.

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