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Hey-o, developers and junior map modders alike! (Warning:this post may contain severe noobish questions. Please cover your eyes if you have category 5 noob sensitivity.) So I'm making this unit, Right? And the concept is that it infests all that it can and blows up what it can't, right? So, anyway, I tried adding on a virophage on the unit's back, but instead of going there the virophage appears under the unit and just sits there on its !@# doing nothing and sliding with my unit. Why? Also how do you set a attack animation for this unit? ( I replaced the baneling with this unit, took the baneling model, up scaled it, and deleted the volatile burst crap and replaced it with my own attack. It still deals massive damage when it is killed. )( also I would like to make the unit be able to load units, but still have them attack inside of it. Can anyone tell me how to do this stuff? THX SOOOO MUCHO!!!!)
Anyone know( this is completely irrelevant ) an easy way to get a new portrait? I'm fking sick of this one!!!
And how can u( if possible ) make it possible to build on a unit's back?
When I go to play my map in arcade and I click play, it does not open a lobby, but instead just says "waiting for players" as it does when I am doing people vs AI. How do I fix this? The map is called "Da Battle of 300"
Changes I make to my map's lighting do not apply when I test the document.

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