Patch 1.5.0 Bugged for mac..? or just me

Mac Technical Support
Pressing play then... nothing. sometimes when I try to reopen it it says it's already open, which it's not. if i force the issue it tells me that it couldn't open and i should reistall... it's bee 3 reinstall and nothing.
First off, from reading all the posts, I would say not to bother reinstalling! I would wait for Blizz to find what is wrong and update the update ^^'. I've read that that ppl are able to get it working after restarting (Though this did not work for me) It means that it's not the patch being installed incorrectly per-say, it's more that things are not pointing in the right folders/files.

I'm sitting tight and just reading posted and waiting for a patch of the patch. Post here if you have the same problem ^^V,, Let Blizz know, but be nice.
Seems like the entire mac client is basically broken right now... Is anyone able to play on a mac?
I'm on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and it seems to be all fine for me... in fact now i can play on medium shaders which i couldn't do before this patch.
I get the same "internal error" message as a lot of you...
i did a restart and was able to play for an hour. i then shut down my imac and tried to play later but was back at the same problem of being unable to run the game.
Same as everyone else SC2 was working fine until they went offline and i installed the update. Then I tried getting on my Diablo account and had the same problem. I think its a problem with the blizzards mac operating system and needs a patch for this patch.
I have exactly the same issue. How frustrating !
This happens every time a patch hits for mac users this is ridiculous
I get an internal error occurred message. Why is there no reply on this thread on how to fix this crap?
This happened to me so I tried following the fixes recommended in the support forum. Now it give me "a internal error has occurred..."
For mac users with the new patch it will only work with 10.6.8 or better anything less and your out of luck.
I was saying boourns...
im running 10.6.8 and its giving me the same internal error message.
Same here...trying to play it on my MBA 3rd gen and it's giving me the same error msg. Blizzard plz fix this.
This is for "Internal Error" only. I was able to get it SC2 working, this is what I did. Please note your username will be different.

1. Navigate to /Applications/StarCraft II
2. Right click the launcher.db file and open with TextEdit.
3. Change the .... to enUS
4. Navigate to \users\AntKillsKids\Library\Application Support\Blizzard\StarCraft II
5. Copy your Variables.txt and save it to your desktop.
6. Now Delete the Variables.txt from \users\AntKillsKids\Library\Application Support\Blizzard\StarCraft II
7. Start Starcraft 2

I've tested this on 3 different Mac's and worked for all 3, and many different users did these steps and it worked for them as well . Let me know if this works for you.
Man I was playing starcraft 2 alllll night two nights ago. Leave for work 2 nights in a row come back all of a sudden my desktop icon is gone, every time I attempt to load the game it trys to patch again...than it asks for my admin password to make changes to the files so if I enter it I either get an error message telling me to check my internet connection WHILE im on the internet btw...or a completely different error message in BLZPTS0000J I submitted 4 different support tickets to technical support..and all they are telling me is OH were getting alot of these try this and try that but NOTHING is working!!!! Its amazing how little they seem to care btw I just want to get back on my game...does anyone else have any idea's on how to fix this crap?!?!?!
Has this issue been resolved for you guys? I tried opening a ticket for mac, which the support service staff ignores, and send me things to try on a windows os. I can't believe I'm the only one with a mac client that's failing.
I opened a support ticket with a blizzard memory bug/crash which led customer service to conclude my ISP was blocking traffic. I wonder if they even bother to read what is in the tickets. bah, this is so frustrating.

Apparently there's an entire forum thread on issues with 1.5.x

Blizzard Downloader malloc: *** error for object 0

Starcraft II install does not complete patch/updates after installing [StarCraft 1.15.2 enUS Installer] The following memory error is seen in system.log:

Aug 14 03:10:06 amal [0x0-0x11a41a3].com.blizzard.downloader[18238]: Blizzard Downloader(18238,0xb0842000) malloc: *** error for object 0x1d783a0: pointer being freed was not allocated
Aug 14 03:10:06 amal [0x0-0x11a41a3].com.blizzard.downloader[18238]: *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
Aug 14 03:10:06 amal[216] ([0x0-0x11a41a3].com.blizzard.downloader[18238]): Exited with code: 1

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