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Name: Jared Hunt
Race: Terran
Faction: Raynor's Raiders
Unit: Entity
Equipment: VYN-300 Combat/Survival suit, new EMS-99 assault rifle, Shatterer combat pistol and Rayon energy blade, Psi scythe.
Abilities: Hypersonic pulse- Stuns enemies for a short duriation
EMP round-drains shields and temporarily reveals cloaked units. Also disables electronics for a short time.
Cloak (Semi-Passive)- Becomes invisible. Operates much like a Dark Templar's due to the training done on Shakuras with them.
Psi Choke- Uses psionic energy to silently collapse an opponents wind pipe.
Abilities-in-progress: Ethereal blades-Creates blades of pure psionic energy that fight with Jared. Can only maintain for a few seconds now and the blades are imperfect.
Blink-At Naaris's behest, Jared has been trying to learn blink. Can only move a few inches as it stands.
Backstory: Jared was one of the first Entity's created with the programs inception. He knew the original Entity, Hunter Zios, leader of the Headhunters, and a good family friend. He contacted Jim with the idea to instead of using Tosh's method, sending them to Shakuras to train. The result was the Entity, and with a new generation came new gear. He carries a Psi Scythe that was a gift from his teacher, Naaris, the same Dark Templar who trained Hunter. Is lethal at all ranges, but especially melee. His scythe tears through armor with ease and he is an incredibly skilled stealth combatant and infiltrator. Due to his training, he strongly disagrees with the continued use of spectres, but understands due to the length of time it takes to train Entitys. Despises ghosts, and tolerates spectres.

Name: Athazual
Race: Zerg
Faction: Orathas Brood
Unit: Hive Matriarch (Beta Huge Queen)
Equipment: None, but uses scythes similar to pygalisks and stronger than normal spines. Gets access to powerful psionic abilities later.
Starting abilities:
Mutant Larva: Worm-like creatures that can survive off-creep. Spawns in sets of four.
Creep Tumor: Spawns a generator of Creep, a fungas-like organism that terraforms the surrounding area
Shockwave: Sends out a burst of energy, knocking individuals away and stunning them.
Dark Swarm: Fires a cloud of bugs in a small area, making anything under it immune to ranged damage.
Psionic Sensor: Can detect Psionic individuals, but can't pinpoint location.
Zagaris Blades
Acid-dipped Spines
Later abilities:
Swarm Pod: Buildings become temporary nests to a swarm of small suicidal bugs.
Bio-Plasma Blast: Fires a blue energy blast at a target.
Infest: Infests a creature/character, turning them, unwittingly, into a slave of the brood.
Razor Swarm: Summons flesh- and metal-eating bugs to consume anything in a target area.
Distortion: Fires a ball of black energy at an area, nullifying abilities and cloaking for a small time, or until they leave the area.
Implosion: Turns a random target into a living time-bomb.
Backstory: A queen recently modified by an unknown source, featuring mutations to her body, enhanced psionic abilities, and an intelligence and individuality. Originally part of the brood belonging to the Queen of Blades, she was sent along with a newly created brood to investigate an unknown signal. When the brood had reached the signal, however, they were engulfed into a giant battle with creatures from the void. Although the brood sent was wiped out, Athazual seemed to survive, acting on her own accord.

Unit: Dark Templar
Name: Malak
Race: The race with technology that can turn a planet inside out if they really pushed it. Protoss.
Faction: Bears no symbol, and owes his allegiance to the Nerazim tribes and his master, Zeratul.
Equipment: Psi-Blades, Warp Scythe which can be dismantled into two Warp 'Axes'. Shurikens he charges with Psionic Energy. Heavy armor. Khaydarin crystal amulet to hold his memories.
Backstory: He completed the Shadow Walk easier than almost any other Nerazim and is one of the youngest ones to complete it. He forged his warp blade himself to fit his needs and created all of his shurikens. He had his amulet forged so he would not die without his memories being stored. He is still an apprentice, he was sent to help and to be taught how to control his Blink skills better. He has always has had an anger towards Zerg because of the death and destruction they had done to the Protoss.
Abilities: Blink and cloak.

Name: Kevin Devine
Race: Terran
Faction: Dominion
Unit: Scout Class Infantry
Equipment: MGR (Miniturized Gauss Rifle) Hell Raiser Stickky bombs and Scythe Pistol. Suit allows him to sprint extremely fast for shor distances as well as Cloak him for a small amont of time.
Backstory: Drafted into the military a year ago and has finished over a year's worth of training. He has a a fear of Zerg that is only surpassed by his hatred for them. This mission was the first real mission hes been assigned to.

Name: Commander Azu
Race: Dark Templar
Faction: Dark Templar
Unit: Corsair Pilot
Equipment: Single warp blade
Abilities: All abilities of a normal dark templar
Backstory: Azu is among the finest corsair pilots in the Nerazim fleet. Although his piloting skills are formidable, he did not train as much in areas like ground combat.

Name: Leon Stukov
Age: 23
Race: Terran
Sex: Male
Rank: Major
Unit: Shadow
Equipment: HWI Spec Ops environment suit, TSR-77 Sniper Rifle, Ender combat pistol, katana.
Unit Background: A Shadow is a secret Black Ops unit that is equipped with an Ender combat pistol, TSR-77 sniper rifle, and a katana. They have special environment suits and they have psionic powers.
Backstory: Classified Information.
Name: Gary
Unit: Observer
Faction: Nerazim
Race: Robotic Protoss
Equipment: Enhanced Shield generator. Cloaking field. Phase Disrupter. A slower engine.
Backstory: An experimental observer to test the effects of a more war ready, yet still cloaked Observer. It is still not as effective as Dark Templar for sure.

Name: Zaros
Equipment: Adamantine Katana, AGR-14, shotgun, a Ghost hostile enviroment suit and a CMC-300 Marine suit.
Alignment: Serves only himself/
Backstory: Don't feel like it.
Class: A powerful Psionic. I would say Ghost/Marine if I have to choose a unit.

Name: "Harbinger"
Race: Terran
Faction: Umojan (Neutral to both Terran and Protoss factions. Not to Zerg)
Unit: Guardian
Equipment: VSE-16 Siege Engineer suit, "Omega" Gauntlet, Type 5 "Tempest" Sub-machine Gun, Psi-Spear, Inferno Grenades, Grey cloak covering his whole body with the Umojan symbol on the back.
Abilities: Auto-Turret: Deploys a rapid-firing Turret.
Missile Turret: Deploys a Turret with missiles.
Tesla Turret: Deploys a Turret that fires electric volts.
Psi-Blast: Damages and stuns anyone affected
Telekinesis: Lift and move objects with his mind.
Scan: Can read the memories of others.
Hack: Remotely controls mechanical units.
Background: Originally part of the Shadowguard, the mysterious intelligence agency connected to Umojan leadership. He adopted the name "Harbinger" after his home fell due to the Zerg. No other information is available.


Name: Rebecca Davise
Unit: Valkyrie
Equipment: VIK-755 Armor, Gun-Spear, Spirit Class Battle Barge.
Backstory: Classified.
Abilities:Heal (Self explanatory)
Spirit Guide (The Valkyrie inspires nearby allies and give them moral bonus)
Warrior Spirit (The Valkyrie will be able to radiate energy that increases damage and speed for a certain amount of time.)
Remainder Classified, will be shown when in conflict.
I edited the post slightly to add the Aquatic capabilities. Just for continuities sake :/
New Units-


Light Scout: Wears the new CMC-200 Scouting armor. Is lighter and faster then your average marine, but is also only armed with a rifle and pistol. One of the drawbacks is they carry less ammo, and are therefore usually armed with the GHR-12 sniper rifle and a Scythe combat pistol. Many are known to also carry swords or knives as well.

Heavy assault Troop: Most armored of any Dominion or Raiders soldier, carry's a mini-gun into battle that is equipped with a miniature ammo factory with nanobots that constantly create ammo so it never runs out of ammo. Wears the new TRI-100 Heavy Assault armor. Heavier and slower then a marine. Has been known to keep walking even after receiving a direct hit from a siege tank.

Entity: The newest in Raider infiltraiton units. Equipped with the new VYN-300 Combat/Survival suit, new EMS-99 assault rifle, Shatterer combat pistol and Rayon energy blade. They've received months of training from Zeratul and his Dark Templar and no longer require special implants to channel psionic energy to cloak. Can use cloak, EMP round, Hypersonic pulse, and each one has created unique abilities to fit their personalities.

Shadow: When the Dominion first encountered the Entity in combat, they assumed ghosts would be sufficient to handle them. They couldn't have been more wrong. Three of the new Entity class infiltration units easily dispatched the number one ghost team sent to eliminate them. The Dominion's answer was a black ops unit known only as the Shadow. Little is known about the Shadow besides their armament and environment suit. Armed with the TSR-77 Sniper Rifle, Ender combat pistol, and a katana, and clad in the new HWI Special Operations suit, the only way to detect them is their psionic signature.

Guardian: As war continues, the need for combat engineers becomes more and more important for base defenses and siege weapons. A certain team within the Umojan realized that those with psionic talents could be trained to understand machinery better with normal engineers. Using former ghost trainers and chief engineers from within Umojan and Mercenary factions, Guardians are capable of deploying turrets and manipulating machines via a psionic focuser and nano-machines built into a gauntlet on the off-hand. Starts out with a VSE-16 Siege Engineer suit, "Omega" Gauntlet, Type 5 "Tempest" Sub-machine Gun and a psi knife, although some are known to prefer spears.

Chimera: Named after the legendary creature of old lore, Chimera troopers are the shock troopers of the Umojan Protectorate. Fielding weapons heavier than their cousins in the Dominion and the Raiders, their suits are built with heavy engagements in mind. Due to the suit being a prototype, however, the number of Chimera troops fielded are minimal. They also are bulkier and slower than their cousins, and rely on a volatile chemical mix in order to ensure the suit's continued function. Equipped with Prototype ASF-2A suit, T-81 Rocket Pods, and a T- 13 Flamethrower attached to a C-17 Gauss Rifle. Their versatility is well established by their looks alone.

Valkyrie: The Valkyrie were Female Psionics within the Dominion that excelled at healing and combat, while being able to pilot at incredible skills. They wear the VIK-755 Armor that resembles some of the Valkyries of old. They have modified Swords and Spears where they can be used as a gun. They also use the Spirit Class Battle Barges, they carry the souls of the warriors that will be taken to battle, or back home. They are mobile and they are not to be underestimated.

Combat Medic: Medics were usually attached to squads entering combat, but they were often focused upon due to their ability to heal and being unarmed. Certain leaders decided that the extra training required for the use of pistols for the medics, along with their usual training using the medical equipment, was worth the risk to improve their survivability. Although the Medivac replaced them due to their ability to transport and their flight, Combat Medics are still the preferred over the Medivac due to being easier to train, and produce their armor. Usually equipped with TOE-S4 Medical Armor, Scythe Gauss Pistol/Hammerhead Revolver, combat knife, Optical Flares, and a few Nano-machine Grenades.


Hive Matriarch: The Matriarch is the epitaph of Zerg Queen genetics. She has been around for so long that her tail has become like a manta ray's crest, she is the largest queen around, and the larva she spawns can survive off creep. She's seen the coming and going of several Zerg species and has managed to mutate some of their abilities into her own DNA. For example, she saw the arrival and dismissal of the Lurker, and managed to mutate Dark Swarm into her list of abilities. She managed to create a unique ability called Shockwave to buy herself time to escape or attack. She's also managed to mutate her spines so that they are covered in armor melting acid and her claws into scythe like blades called Zagaris Blades. As she ages, she learns things like Swarm Pod, Bio-Plasma Blast, Infest, Razor Swarm, Distortion, Implosion.

Plague-Eater: Only one such creature exists, and it's name is Calek. Born a hydralisk and fused with a lurker and a spectre, he has learned to use abilities that scare even the mighty Queen of Blades. His armament are many of the things used by his fellow Zerg, but modified to fit his needs. He has kept his Subterranean Spines, but all his other weapons, for lack of a better term; his scythe blades and spines; are poisoned. He is fearsome beyond any other Zerg creature but perhaps the Hive Matriarch, but only a fierce battle would determine that. He is currently alone, but perhaps he will find a way to contact his brood...

Swarmlord: Swarmlords are created via the infestation of ghosts, although they usually end up serving the Swarm. However, one of them was present with the activation of a Xel'naga artifact that deinfested even the mighty Queen of Blades. He now hides among other Terrans, giving the story that he's been completely cured and is now once more just your average ghost. This isn't true, as he is constantly followed by Broodlings which he claims to have just tamed. He also is very secretive and distrusting. How much truth is there to this Swarmlord's story?

Tyrant: An Infested Terran with a special strand of the Hyper-Evolutionary Virus. In situations of stress, they can mutate to grow appendages. Although the mutations vary from each Infested, the new appendages can increase the durability of the individual, along with completely healing them of any current wounds. Certain ones have been seen to be able to split Tanks open, or do head-to-head psionic battles with Templars. There is a limit on the amount of mutating that can happen, and reaching that limit can instantly kill the host.


Remnant: No one knows where these strange Protoss came from, or even if they really exist. All that is known is that they attack any threat to their brethren. Some of the crash survivors theorize that they caused the strange energy pulse that knocked everyone on to the planet.

War Observer: The Dark Templar learned from the Fall of Aiur that unarmed observers weren't able to protect themselves when an enemy capable of detecting them exposed them. They also learned that an armed observer sent into a fledgling enemy base could cause untold amounts of damage. Unfortunately, they are still proving less effective then the Dark Templar themselves.

Fire Kin-Powerful High Templar that have focused their Psionic energy into fire. The Psionic storms turn into powerful fire storms and they fire out small balls of flame. Because of this, they wear less armor and a far more powerful shield.
Nice story behind the Shadow.
Added. I had to think of something, the Shadow is now Dominion unique.
You forgot Gary the War Observer.
I'm working on it, just give me a moment. I don't only RP here.
Should we just suggest new classes here as well?
Probably. In fact yes, yes we should.
What does Calek look like????
I don't have a description of his physical appearance, sorry.
I posted it in the main thread. And I had it in the "Academy Character Descriptions" thread.
There's a thread for Academy Character Descriptions? How did I not know this?!
It was a while ago. It was so OwlFeathers could create a class photo.
Oh I read that.
I'm still working on that by the way, but I'm kind of a perfectionist, and so it's taking quite a while. However, the background is completely done now, and I have just started working on the characters.
Hey, Cayl wears a red and silver painted armor and has a beard and goatee.
thanks for the work on the swarmlord back story
Not a problem.

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