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Unit Name: Guardian
Description: As war continues, the need for combat engineers becomes more and more important for base defenses and siege weapons. A certain team within the Umojan realized that those with psionic talents could be trained to understand machinery better with normal engineers. Using former ghost trainers and chief engineers from within Umojan and Mercenary factions, Guardians are capable of deploying turrets and manipulating machines via a psionic focuser and nano-machines built into a gauntlet on the off-hand. Starts out with a Shotgun and a Scythe Gauss Pistol.
Hmmmm...I'll probably edit the *or* part in the equipment. He needs at least two weapons. Otherwise, well done.
Btw, there is no overlord nearby, just zerglings.
You said one floated in above us.
Negative. That overlord you are thinking off (I believe) is near the behemoth, and flying away from it. The one in the cocoon is back at the cavern.
Oh ok. I'll edit then.
Name: "Harbinger"
Race: Terran
Faction: Umojan (Neutral to both Terran and Protoss factions. Not to Zerg)
Unit: Guardian
Equipment: VSE-16 Siege Engineer suit, "Omega" Gauntlet, Type 5 "Tempest" Sub-machine Gun, Psi-Spear, Inferno Grenades, Grey cloak covering his whole body with the Umojan symbol on the back.
Abilities: Auto-Turret: Deploys a rapid-firing Turret.
Missile Turret: Deploys a Turret with missiles.
Tesla Turret: Deploys a Turret that fires electric volts.
Psi-Blast: Damages and stuns anyone affected
Telekinesis: Lift and move objects with his mind.
Scan: Can read the memories of others.
Hack: Remotely controls mechanical units.
Background: Originally part of the Shadowguard, the mysterious intelligence agency connected to Umojan leadership. He adopted the name "Harbinger" after his home fell due to the Zerg. No other information is available.
Well done Jester. Even gave me more specific equipment to work with.
Yeah, sorry about that. Just say something next time.

Nevermind, is approved.
Unit Name: Chimera Trooper
Equipment: Prototype ASF-2A suit, T-81 Rocket Pods, T- 13 Flamethrower attached to a C-17 Gauss Rifle.
Description: Named after the legendary creature of old lore, Chimera troopers are the shock troopers of the Umojan Protectorate. Fielding weapons heavier than their cousins in the Dominion and the Raiders, their suits are built with heavy engagements in mind. Due to the suit being a prototype, however, the number of Chimera troops fielded are minimal. They also are bulkier and slower than their cousins, and rely on a volatile chemical mix in order to ensure the suit's continued function.
Another well done unit. You is approved.
Zarkun, I have a really cool concept but it will take some time to work out. I will give you a hint though, they will be called Valkyrie. And they are all female.
Go for it.
Zarkun, before I create you do know what a gun blade is right.
Yes, in fact, that's one of my favorite game franchises.
Ok, think of the gunblade from final fantasy 13 and make it like a spear. The Valkyries of Norse mythology used Spears and Swords, but I might make it as a spear. They also rode on horse, so I am going to make them pilots also. They also healed so they will be some kind of healer with other abilities.
That'll work. Race and if needed, faction please.
Unit: Valkyrie
Race: Terran
Faction: Dominion
Sex: Female
Equipment: VIK-755 Armor, Gun-Spear or Gun-Sword, Spirit Class Battle Barge.
Description: The Valkyrie were Female Psionics within the Dominion that excelled at healing and combat, while being able to pilot at incredible skills. They where the VIK-755 Armor that resembles some of the Valkyries of old. They have modified Swords and Spears where they can be used as a gun. They also use the Spirit Class Battle Barges, they carry the souls of the warriors that will be taken to battle, or back home. They are mobile and they are not to be underestimated.
Well approved.
Name: Rebecca Davise
Unit: Valkyrie
Equipment: VIK-755 Armor, Gun-Spear, Spirit Class Battle Barge.
Backstory: Classified.
Abilities: Classified, will be shown when in conflict.

There you go Zarkun, Classified since Dominion and special groups. But I made it where she will show some of her powers at a time.

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