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Normally I'd only say backstories could be classified, but I guess I can allow both. Give some basic abilities though.
Heal (Self explanatory)
Spirit Guide (The Valkyrie inspires nearby allies and give them moral bonus)
Warrior Spirit (The Valkyrie will be able to radiate energy that increases damage and speed for a certain amount of time.)

How are these for basic ones?
That'll work.
Unit Name: Combat Medic
Equipment: TOE-S4 Medical Armor, Scythe Gauss Pistol/Hammerhead Revolver, combat knife, Optical Flares, Nano-machine Grenade
Description: Medics were usually attached to squads entering combat, but they were often focused upon due to their ability to heal and being unarmed. Certain leaders decided that the extra training required for the use of pistols for the medics, along with their usual training using the medical equipment, was worth the risk to improve their survivability. Although the Medivac replaced them due to their ability to transport and their flight, Combat Medics are still the preferred over the Medivac due to being easier to train, and produce their armor.
Wow. Ok, new character limit of two. I don't want anyone over extending. However, units are still welcome.
Crymson, how many marines do you have guarding the Barge? If you do even read this thread....

I'm assuming about thirty-two marines plus Tank support?
You can ask that in the actual thread you know. He's more likely to see it.
8 Marines per squad. Right now all four squads are at the barge. Along with two siege tanks and the weapons mounted to the barge.
>.< Fair point. Or I could just PM him and not clutter the thread up.
Edit: At least, I think I can PM him.....
Unit Name: Fire Kin
Equipment: Nothing other than a powerful shield and little armor.
Description: Powerful High Templar that have focused their Psionic energy into fire. The Psionic storms turn into powerful fire storms and they fire out small balls of flame.
Approved I suppose. I like the thought.
Pyrokinetic unit. Hm.
"Why should Firebats have all the fun?"
Question, is Zerg allowed to use ALL the units they have/had(SC2+SC1BW units)?
Jester, can you tell me how many died from the zerg attack. lol, I wasn't paying much attention, sorry.
I will allow BW and up.
Uh, lets see....
4 Zerglings left.
8 Roaches left.
8 Hydralisks left.
All Hunter-Killers are alive.
No Banelings left.

^This is zerg force when they fled.
Terran has three (?) deaths and 4 troops injured or crippled.
Unit Name: Tyrant
Equipment: Depends on mutations
Description: An Infested Terran with a special strand of the Hyper-Evolutionary Virus. In situations of stress, they can mutate to grow appendages. Although the mutations vary from each Infested, the new appendages can increase the durability of the individual, along with completely healing them of any current wounds. Certain ones have been seen to be able to split Tanks open, or do head-to-head psionic battles with Templars. There is a limit on the amount of mutating that can happen, and reaching that limit can instantly kill the host.
Ok here is my idea:

An unknown object sends out a psionic signal, leading the three factions to an Icy Planet.
The goal of the RP is to find a crystal, which is sending the signal. There is a hostile race of creatures, almost as powerful as the zerg, inhabiting the planet. Every so often, a blizzard starts up on the planet, freezing everything (Except for the creatures) while it goes. Every faction has a way to counter this "freeze" , however, there is a problem. In order to figure out how to do so, they have to raid and destroy a major base belonging to the race of creatures.
Also, unknown to all of them, a powerful archon (Who I will be role-playing) has created hybrids, different than the others, but still as annoying.
He seeks the crystal to perfect the design for his race.
The Zerg seek it, because they think it will speed up their evolution, and create different zergs for them.
Different terran factions (Dominion and Kel-morian) seek it because they think it will unlock hidden potentials within them. Others(Umojian and Raiders), to protect it and keep it away.
Protoss factions will either seek it because it is a Xel'naga crystal(Normal) or to help eliminate others (Tal'darim plus their sub-factions)
It's a good idea. If you don't mind, I'll use Cayl after he becomes a Knight Errant.

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