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MMkay. You want to start it, or should I?
It's your idea, you do it. I'll be JDM, Junior Dungeon Master, to enforce your will.
Be a henchman for him ^.^
Not quite. Just help make sure when you say something, it get's followed. Cayl is not a fan of the hybrids, Dominion, or Tal'darim and he's technically his own faction.
Having trouble making a title.....
Hmmm...go with the Three Way War.
But it's more than three fighting.
Well then....Unending war?
08/09/2012 09:25 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Description: Powerful High Templar that have focused their Psionic energy into fire. The Psionic storms turn into powerful fire storms and they fire out small balls of flame.

some body used my academy idea before I posted. I have been ninja'ed at geologic speed.
Unit Name: Tyrant
Equipment: Depends on mutations
Description: An Infested Terran with a special strand of the Hyper-Evolutionary Virus. In situations of stress, they can mutate to grow appendages. Although the mutations vary from each Infested, the new appendages can increase the durability of the individual, along with completely healing them of any current wounds. Certain ones have been seen to be able to split Tanks open, or do head-to-head psionic battles with Templars. There is a limit on the amount of mutating that can happen, and reaching that limit can instantly kill the host.
Added. I didn't do it originally, cause I thought it was dead.
Testing function: Beta 17-05. Please wait.....
Test complete.
Constructor: Bipedal construction platform that uses Nanomachines to build.
Seeker-bot: Small, easy to kill mechanical tripedal drones that can be outfitted to fight any enemy. Size ranges.
Ohm Bot: Suicide fodder with twin machine guns that fire 10mm explosive caseless armor-piercing rounds. Suicides by detonating reactor, causing AoE.
Apmlifer: Anti-armor unit using a direct energy laser that detonates when at full target charge. Can deploy nano-machines that Hijack or slow machines.
Volter: Anti-infantry unit with a special rifle that does neural shock and burns to the target. Has an ability that shuts the platform down and disrupts the five senses of nearby organics.
Hertz: Infiltrator with hidden blades, a Shock SMG, chemical gases that cause addiction to it, with the end result being organ rupture, and a special nanoweave to mimic humans perfectly, or reflect light.
Vector: Support specialist with a built-in repair field using nano-machines, can fire magnetically propelled magnesium grenades, and make a magnetic pulse to lift enemy mechanical units. uses a powerful Railgun.

Anti-matter Tank: Tripedal hover platform that fires bolts of exploding Anti-matter, good against infantry and air targets.
Vartus: Bipedal walker with Pulse cannon for vehicles and a Flamethrowers for infantry. Deploys drones that have a Disruptor Blaster that disrupts enemy troops with burns.
Ismel: Support mech that uses mortars and chainguns to suppress enemies. Uses Repair Fields, can change ammo, and can aid the weapons systems of others.
Karal: Hover tank that uses missiles. Can deploy for extra range and shielding but not be able to move.
Zakel: Quadpedial walker using six indepdant pulse blaster. Can hold allies within to fire out. Can deploy to self-repair and hold more allies.

Harvester: Self-explanatory.
Varkus: VTOL Transport that allies can fire out of. Has a Minigun firing 20mm explosive caseless rounds that is nose mounted.
Hades: Recon/detection ship with cloaking. Fast enough to outrun anything.
Zavul: Mobile repair platform that can deploy to use nano-machines to repair everything. Can deploy enhanced shielding on allies, and can stun enemies.
Tarval: Durable fighter, using Dual Plasma Cannons to deal with air units. Can unleash swarms of missiles at any nearby enemy.
Hades: High-speed gunship using strafing rockets and a minigun smiliar to the Varkus. Can unsleash a sonic pulse to disrupt enemies and stop missiles.
Kevtul: Slow moving siege platform, using missiles filled with material-eating nano-machines which activates upon detonation. Can unleash the nano-machines at close range to defend itself.
Omega: Heavy Capital ship. Is able to reflect missiles back to their user, and can deploy to use a massive 250mm gun. Uses Pulse and Plasma cannons to fight.

Post your thoughts.
Well done, youngling. I should type up Cayl's whole faction...
You used "Hades" twice.
"Seems a little powerful...."
I would create Calek's Brood if I had the time and patience XD

Until then, I just have normal Zerg :P
"I should eventually make an entire brood for Garblad...."
I'm about to create Cayl's faction! Shall post in a thread for RP factions.

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