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Bliz, stop trying to steal all my personal information with your conniving spyware, and just let me play the game without all the lag.
Its been a couple weeks, but heres my weekly reminder that the game is still broken post 1.5 patch for many of us due to low fps. Wheres the fix???? Its been months!!
This thread started OVER a MONTH AND A HALF AGO, BLIZZARD. I just tried to play SC2 and it's running just as these people have described. This is unacceptable. People pay for this and they can't even play it. Even when I run a private game against AI I have the same FR cycling issues on the lowest settings and my comp specs are more than high enough to handle this game.
FPS used to be over 100 when I have the Chinese client installed. Now with the US client with 1.5.3 patch, the game runs pretty SLUGGISH! Even when the graphics settings are switched to the lowest.

Several days ago, I couldn't even log into the game straightway. It took me 3 minutes or so just for waiting in front of the monitor.
Just wanted to add that 1.5.3 still does not help framerate at all. In fact, in certain arcade games (mineralz evolution) the FR is ridiculously low -- sometimes 1-2 fps if the game lasts for longer than 1.5 hours.

Also, it now takes EVEN LONGER to log in -- after entering credentials, the game will momentarily freeze with "Authenticating" and then finally continue running after about 10s of delay.
has this been addressed yet??

dear blizzard... get off your a$$es and fix this sh!t.. people paid good money to get the "online" experience since you decided to be a$$holes and rip out LAN play... at least give us something playable...

or you can always allow us to roll back the patches as someone seems to have been drunk at the wheel when fine tuning the latest one....
my mac loads it so slowwww with the new patch. plays fine but the online load screens are so bad
Same issue here. Blizzard FIX THIS!!
This is something that is being investigated by our bug forum people. If you've tried the basic troubleshooting steps here, I would recommend posting in the bug report forum so they can get more examples.

Bug Report:
i have a good gaming computer for starcraft 2 and i dont know why but lately the past 2 weeks its been running 1 fps? idk why i have really good signal and all my other games run fine
seriously wtf im getting super pissed to im running on a computer that I was playing in custom ext-ream graphics on phantom mode no issues at all but now i cant even move my freaking units in low 1 fps to zero im going back to aoe3
its ever since patch 1.5
I am still experiencing extremely slow game play. Has a solution to this problem been found?!?! It has been months already...
This is unplayable. Ever since the patch, I get ridiculous glitches/freezing in the middle of games. It'll freeze for about 3 seconds even now and then. There's no way I can play ladder games with this kind of stuff going on. Seems to happen especially when I need to micro.

FYI, I have a top of the line Macbook Pro from 2011 (i7 and 8GB ram).
I'm still having major performance issues ever sense upgrading to 1.5 :( WTF this is my favorite game of all time and I can't even play it. I have all the settings as low as they go and I still only get 0-5 fps during engagements. I had zero problems before this patch and could play long 4v4 games with minor issues.

I can't just go out and buy a new PC (I wish I could!), but I would love to play some more sc2. The 1.5 beta ran great then this POS came out.
basically, blizzard did not use their brains again, they create a game so HUGE and CHOPPY BUT do not consider that 90% of the kids who play this game have a !@#$ PC/Laptop .... its pretty sad because now blizzard is forcing ppl to spend money on upgrades or a new pc/laptop to run these games..... STARCRAFT 1 WAS THE BEST
This is now patch 2.0+. If you're experiencing low performance, let us use a new thread to track this issue. I haven't heard much reports of this now, but that doesn't mean the issue isn't happening. Having a new thread can ensure we're using fresh data with newer resources available.
You know what's even worst?? Since I've updated WoL to the Hots UI and all, my Ableton Live doesn't run correctly. It was fine before, now it just laggs like hell and I can't use it...

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