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Anyways, i is not simply the right clicking not working. It is command+left click to select all of a type of unit that is not working either. Severely impacts setting hotkeys
This whole command clicking business needs to be a toggle or something -_-. All the mac users who use a keyboard/mouse (the majority, I think) are SOL if they use their command keys as ctrl. Since a command click (ctrl + click) is interpreted as a right click, which is meaningless for whatever task is at hand.
Please note that the users in this thread are referring to Ctrl + Click as left click, which is standard OS X behavior and likely was not functioning in 1.5.0.

The key that was just remapped in 1.5.1 was the Command key; not Control. This breaks the Command + Click to select all units of same type on screen, and it does not restore proper functionality to the individuals who used to use Control + Click.

So now the "Select all units of same type" command is broken too.
I'm compiling some feedback about this and sending it up for review. Thanks for the reports.
07/31/2012 02:22 PMPosted by TheGentleman
It does work, but it is horrifically impractical for actually playing, at least for me. It may be a matter of preference, but I can't use that setting in a ladder match.

Honestly coming from someone else who doesn't use a mouse (me!) any sort of trackpad use over a mouse makes competent ladder play incredibly difficult. Try getting used to the two finger right clicking, once you get used to the difference it is much more streamlined than using cmd.
Any updates on this? This screwed everything up for me and I'm also a mouse user. When a building is selected, all kinds of funky crap happens when you're trying to go from that to selecting all similar units via the CMD key. What a retarded patch, it was just fine before all this. Arggggh....
Also having the exact same problem. I have not played a single SC2 game since I haven't been able to Command + Click to simulate a Right Click.

I find it infuriating that most forums' only response has been "get a mouse". This is neither productive nor is it useful when I play far better with my Trackpad + Command/Click to right click than with a mouse or the HORRENDOUS attempt at gesture clicking on my track pad for a right click..

Every day that I'm not playing SC2 is a day that I'm more interested in other games/activities... Epic fail on Blizzards part. Congrats on getting blacklisted by the Mac community.

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